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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 | Skin fix + Online-mode patch

    This is amazing, thank you so much! Could you potentially port the online mode fix to Craftbukkit 1.7.3?

    EDIT: I was able to write a fix for Craftbukkit using your class file. Unfortunately, I don't know how to recompile the edited class file (/net/minecraft/server/ThreadLoginVerifier.class).

    Here's the edited code:

    import java.io.BufferedReader;
    import java.io.InputStreamReader;
    import java.net.URL;
    import java.net.URLEncoder;
    class cv extends Thread
        cv(ee netloginhandler, iv packet1login)
            b = netloginhandler;
            a = packet1login;
        public void run()
                String s = ee.a(b);
                URL url = new URL((new StringBuilder()).append("http://session.minecraft.net/game/checkserver.jsp?user=").append(URLEncoder.encode(a.b, "UTF-8")).append("&serverId=").append(URLEncoder.encode(s, "UTF-8")).toString());
                BufferedReader bufferedreader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream()));
                String s1 = bufferedreader.readLine();
                    ee.a(b, a);
                    b.a("Failed to verify username!");
            catch(Exception exception)
                b.a((new StringBuilder()).append("Failed to verify username! [internal error ").append(exception).append("]").toString());
        final iv a;
        final ee b;
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    posted a message on I FOUND A STRANGE STRUCTURE

    I thought all these fake Herobrine sightings and buildings were finally behind us...

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    posted a message on HELP ME PEEPS

    Look, I'm not a host, but I'm sure that you will never get accepted with an application like that. You don't specify how you could pay the host back, be it money (eventually) or some other means. Fix your grammar and look at this thread about sponsorship.


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    posted a message on AeronMC - Looking for a Host

    NexusMC is a terrible name for the server, as that's already the name of a very popular server. You'll get very poor SEO and people will believe your server is a knock-off, no matter the gameplay.

    I do, however, like the idea. It'll be hard to find 4GB for free.

    Best chance would be with KZNHosting, their application is: KZNHosting.net/partners

    Best of luck,


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    posted a message on [PSA] Possible Scam Hosts


    I'm creating this thread to let people know of the possible risks of a few hosts, judging by their domain. Several domains are being offered for free by www.freenom.com, and as a result, I would avoid hosts using:

    .TK, .ML, .GA, .GQ and .CF!

    These are the free domains, and anyone can register it without even entering their personal information.

    Thanks to @AvrinTech for this addition:

    I suggest adding to this post. Most scam hosts cannot afford paying for billing software such as WHMCS, so they pirate it. If you ever want to check if a host is using a legal copy of WHMCS Software (if they're using it) then head to WHMCS's Piracy Check Tool and you'll get one of two results.

    Click the "Report it to us", it'll open a ticket and they'll quickly take down the pirated site.

    Or, if you get this message.

    This will prove they use an authorized and LEGAL version of WHMCS, and most of the time proves they're not a scam.

    Stay safe,


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    posted a message on [Offer] Free Server - Let me pay for your server!


    I am willing to pay for a 1 GB server for someone to use. I can help you manage it, and will likely play on it, but I will allow you to do as much or as little backside administration as you want, and I can help if need be.


    • Username
    • Possible Server Name
    • Do you have an existing community?
    • Server idea (PM me if you don't want it to be public)
    • Why you deserve the server over others
    • Anything else you want me to know

    Other Requirements:

    • Skype
    • Public Server
    • Unmodded (EG: No modpacks. Bukkit / Spigot / Project Rainbow / etc. are fine)

    I'll probably decide after a week, so respond as soon as you can :)

    P.S. This may be in the wrong section. I wasn't quite sure where this should go.

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    posted a message on Free Hosting 24/7
    Quote from DrCoolMC1»


    My name is DrCoolMC.

    I'm looking for a server host.

    The requirements: Free, 24/7, DDOS Protected, Reliable, 2 GB at the minimum, and Web Management.

    If you are coming here to offer me something that I have to pay for, I don't need you. I need free.

    If you are coming here to offer me something that is lower than 2 GB, I don't want it. Has to be 2 GB or more.

    Anyway, thats it! Start posting me your offers here.

    You're extremely rude in this post. You're lucky to get 512MB for free, if that. A little bit of respect could go a long way, as you're not entitled to a server.
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    posted a message on Closed

    I believe this is against MultiCraft's TOS.

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    posted a message on Disabling mobgreifing should not disable villager farming!

    I don't think it is really griefing. I have been wondering why they haven't been harvesting.

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    posted a message on Looking for players to join my Realm server
    Hey Jackfitz248!

    Here's the info you requested!

    Minecraft username: Bayside308

    Skype: username: backstab_assassin (Let me know it is you when you message please!)

    Age: 13

    Why you want to join: I love the great communities that grow out of whitelisted servers. Realms is a great example, and I want to be one of the top contributors.

    Why you're awesome: I am good at redstone and won't break any rules. I can build, or jump into lava, whatever you may need. I think I am a fun person, and would love to join your awesome server!

    Thanks for everything!

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