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    Having thought long and hard on the subject, I can assure you that placing faith in any body of ideas is nothing to be dismissed by realists as yourself. The power of faith, of belief, strikes me as functionally infinite. Personally, I'm impressed by people with such a great capacity for confidence, for certainty. If they act on these passions, then my admiration is twofold.

    Of course, I don't mean to imply that the outcome of following faith is always positive...

    just that it's always justifiable, always impressive in its own right.
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    "Gay" as an insult is pretty thoroughly ingrained in society. It's not an optimal state of affairs, but that's how it is; decades - perhaps centuries - of vulgarity have produced this unfair, but completely justifiable affront. It's all about what people have lived with and learned, what's become customary.

    It isn't fair, but neither is blaming someone for it.
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    Absolutely nothing. It's something of a double-edged sword.

    While I'm not given to indulging in unnecessary conflict, the concern has arisen that my stoicism represents something of a decay of character and individuality. For what is the grandeur, the spirit, the je ne sais quoi of a man without passion?

    Don't get me wrong - there are things I care for. I find that my approach to defending them, though, is far from compelling. I'm disconcertingly rational. I don't even enjoy it. Spend enough time harboring true objectivity, and it becomes clear that subjectivity is preferable for the purpose of conducting oneself in the day-to-day.

    Finally, it strikes me as unlikely that many here would actually care for what I've just detailed, but this exposition is more for myself than anyone else. It's nice to have an outlet.
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    posted a message on Worst nightmare you remember?
    Story time, friends!

    There I was, lost in a dark, chilly expanse of colorless sand and uncertain direction. I could only see a few feet in front of me before even the ground subsided to the absolute darkness which defined this suitably nightmarish dreamscape. I found myself holding a shovel, and as I paced around aimlessly, I would occasionally dig a small depression into the ground, poking and prodding as if in search for some who-knows-what.

    I did not know how I ended up in this place, or why I pursued this pointless endeavor with the shovel. It seemed as though I simply could not stop. I was scared.

    Imagine my fear and surprise when my digging yields a sudden result - a violent result. The already-loose sand under me seems to give way and crack apart, rending open an aperture akin to a bloody maw of the Earth below. Panicked, I scramble away, narrowly regaining stable footing at the edge of the newly-formed crevice.

    All falls silent once more. Still stricken with fear, I turn around to view the stunning development in its entirety. The image that follows is easily the most vivid and distinct picture I have ever drawn from a dream. In its solemn morbidity, I am haunted without cease.

    The pit which had opened was about perfectly rectangular. To my best approximation, the exposed gap spanned the width of a few grown men. But it was this chasm's immense depth which most caught my eye. It shot downward a great distance, its inner faces mimicking the features and height of a tall cliff. But instead of a colorful cliff, the drop I faced was greyscale and thoroughly adorned with gruesome attributes.

    Suspended all about the pit's perimeter were innumerable artifacts which summoned death to mind. Caskets, gore, skeletons, and all manner of decay hung loosely from the hooks and mountings of dark design.
    This, still, was not my focal point.

    The bottom of the pit was segmented, split into two. On my left was a solid floor. It was the plaintive, grey sand I'd become familiar with. But to the right, a more hideous image demanded my attention. First, a horizontally-aligned palisade gate. It was aged and breaking; cracks and moss betrayed the inadequacy of its ancient mechanics.

    Below this gate was... nothing. Nothing but pitch, black nothing. The chasm extended into infinity, and the absolute darkness which defined its visage was gut-wrenching. To a more rational mind, this sight would only arouse curiosity, but mine is not a solely rational mind. This nightmare had grabbed my passionate being by the throat and shown me that which I feared the most.

    And that, friends, is nothingness. I stared into this void for what seemed like the longest time. I felt it to be staring back, unseen eyes fixed on me mindlessly, unthinking as a machine or starving predator.

    This image will never leave me.
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    posted a message on People on MC forums that you notice a lot!
    At one point in the past, I was noticed a lot here. Good times. More recently, I haven't been active enough myself to identify any regulars.
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    posted a message on Are you popular/social at your school?
    I go to a private boarding school where everyone's social. It's a beautiful environment which cultivates new ideas and brings out the best in the aspiring go-getters of tomorrow.

    It's a diamond in the rough that is the United States educational system.
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    posted a message on // 011000100111100101100101
    Here's hoping.

    EDIT: I posted fast to win the prize, neglecting to decide whether I actually wanted it or not. I give my prize to the next guy.
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    These two are older, but they should still be applicable.
    The rain beats down at a regular pace, the sun shines nary a beam.
    The clouds disperse in new-found haste as sunlight pierces the dream.
    What was once a painful thought becomes a warming tale.
    Bask in the sunshine you always sought, lost in the glorified veil.
    A lifetime of pain fades away as you sink into the ruse.
    All of your hopes are realized today, what have you got to lose?
    You are the boss, the leader, the chief; adamant, but lost, outside belief.
    The past is forgotten, the future unsure. You march to the end, hopeful and pure.
    In the splendor, you're surely mistaken; to realize your dreams... You must first awaken.

    I gazed at a mirror
    and into my being.
    I needed to know
    what I was seeing.

    My shoulders were broad;
    my chin was held high;
    I was confident
    I could reach the sky.

    But my eyes were dark
    and my outlook dreary;
    they made my face
    look worn and weary.

    I wanted to speak,
    to sample my tone,
    but all I could hear
    was a half-hearted groan.

    My skin was pale,
    my expression was glum;
    I was afraid
    of what I'd become.

    'This cannot be,'
    I spoke aloud;
    seeing myself,
    I couldn't be proud.

    I wiped on the pane
    I hoped to see clearer,
    but that's when I learned
    there are no lies in a mirror.
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    posted a message on Stupidity
    For some time before our exodus, you needed moderator powers to not get punished for suggesting reform.

    Quote from shairn »
    Again, I'd like to add that you shouldn't need an orange name for people to listen to you when you tell them to make constructive posts, especially when it's already in the rules.
    You really shouldn't, but we know that your voice becomes infinitely more important as soon as you do.
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    Quote from Rufus

    I think you need to look up the meaning of the word rhetoric.

    How right you are. Silly me. I must really be out of it.

    Quote from whutsurnaym

    I don't really like the still in that line. Somehow, it doesn't fit for me.

    That makes sense, considering I only put it there to fulfill the syllable quota I was aiming for. I went for two lines of nine syllables, then two lines of ten, and another two of eleven. Afterward, I repeated the whole thing. I'm having difficulty finding an adequate substitute.
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    posted a message on How's My Poetry?
    Darkness veiled her unknowable form;
    bonny, her conduct still kept me warm.
    Spirited, careful, obscure, and unique,
    radiant passion, intrigue, and mystique.
    What was this display I, enchanted, did see?
    Who was this performer performing for me?
    All I perceived were feet, thin and fast,
    dancing a dance like lightning miscast.
    The rest was a blur, an ocean of black.
    It denied me truth, that dark sea of lack.
    Still I sat and watched, and my heart always stirred.
    I'll always be hooked by that sunless galliard.

    I like to improve. I like critique. Can anyone offer it?
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    posted a message on Stupidity
    This is why a number of the forum's earliest members left in favor of a dark, reclusive hole in the internet whose name and location I cannot and have no desire to divulge here. Barring a few petty disputes which arose in its infancy, the place is a haven where we do not have to deal with such baffling inconveniences as outright stupidity.

    I truly wish more people could enjoy it. I am sorry, however, that they cannot.

    I agree with Crontic, but I must emphasize the futility of the cause at hand. As long as there is a medium where anonymity may meet exhibition, much foolishness must be endured. An impasse is observed.

    Quote from "Crontic" »
    Wow. Let me guess your age. Nine? ...
    It's a shame. There cannot be found a single exemplar of innocence in this conflict or any preceding it. This is, nearly to my dismay, why I must remove myself from it.
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    posted a message on I just though of a good trap with pistons.
    Since pistons refuse to push blocks like furnaces and chests, maybe they won't even be able to crush blocks onto players.

    Right now, I'm wondering if the pistons can only push single blocks, or if they could move entire rows/columns all at once.
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    posted a message on PROOF Herobrine doesn't exist.
    Having been around longer than the Herobrine myth, I feel confident in saying it is one of the most tragic downfalls of the Minecraft community to date.

    It's just a story, everyone... why hang on to it?
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    posted a message on WOW WHAT A RIP-OFF!
    Terraria is an awesome game that, having played it extensively, only barely seems to draw from Minecraft.

    They're both great fun, and just because they share some sandbox elements does not mean Terraria is a ripoff. MC is about building and exploring, like a traditional sandbox game. Terraria is largely about fighting and advancing, like an RPG.

    Coming from an ex-moderator, I don't think this is really an issue to be concerned with.
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