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    Quote from Foxface

    The Dark Knight himself.

    I think this just ended the thread.
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    It gets the point across.
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    1. Alpha had the Nether almost since the beginning.
    2. Instant health was also in Beta up to 1.8.
    3.The mobs were more dangerous because the combat was so glitchy.
    4. Herobrine isn't real.
    5. The "bright green grass" thing stopped halfway through Alpha.

    Also, Minecraft has gotten much better since Alpha. Pistons made redstone much more useful, enchantments made strip mining actually profitable, the XP system actually gave players a reason not to die, and wolves and cats gave the player something to search for that they couldn't find underground. Now, animal breeding actually punishes those who kill all their animals the first day, and the new mobs (Endermen, dragons, silverfish, squid, wolves, cats, magma cubes, and blazes) can keep players on their toes, as each one's completely different from the others.

    In Mojang, things change for the better.
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    Upload the unfinished version, so we can critique you as you go!
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    The world record for most sugar glass bottles smashed on the head in one minute is 56.
    The world record for most backflips off a wall in one minute is 55.
    Giant squids fertilize female giant squids by stabbing them with their longer tentacles.
    The highest body count in an episode of Invader Zim was 30 in the episode New Hamstedam.
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    No pics, no clicks.
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    That was awesome. The acting was great, the sound was fantastic and so were the effects, and you somehow got the lighting perfectly for the scene in his office. Diamonds to you!
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    You have no wheat.
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    Just sayin'
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    Cool design. It looks just bumpy enough to be really hard and puzzley.
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