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    Quote from Pavo_Reality»

    Don't worry, this question hasn't been added yet. In the newer update I tried to use a different entity spawning method which overrides the Mo'Creatures spawning and allows the birds to spawn alongside that mod (it would originally conflict and prevent them from spawning). I also removed the config as all the spawns are hardcoded and cannot be edited. I will probably change it back though because I am finding the birds aren't as common as they once were. No idea for the reasoning behind that though.

    Thanks so much for getting back to me - and so quickly too :=]
    It's quite a relief to know that we haven't broken anything by playing around with the config file, and I imagine the scarcity of the new birds is - as you said - because all of the birds are less common than they were.
    I'll keep my eye on this thread, in case you do bring out another release soon.
    Thanks again. Great mod! Keep it up!
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    Please forgive me if this has already been answered. My wife and I love this mod and have been playing on a server with it running for many months now. When we realised there was a new version, we upgraded - yesterday, in fact. It all seems to be working, but we haven't seen any of the new birds yet. This may just be a matter of time.

    However, it prompted me to look in the config file. We were still using the previous config file, with entries for all of the existing birds. So I tried removing that file and allowing the mod to create a new one. It created one, but only with a small number of entries for magpie and phoenix only. I tried editing our old config file, inserting entries for all of the new birds.

    The question is, should I have a config file with all of these entries, or should I just allow the mod to create a fresh one with only magpie and phoenix in it?

    I hope someone can set me right on this. As I said, we both love the mod and it adds a mass of extra atmosphere to our Life in the Woods server!

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    Hi. I just saw your post completely by accident, but maybe I can help.

    You can specify different colours for different parts of the text display. You can find the full description of how to do it about half-way down the instructions here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/62484-battys-coordinates-mod-forge (see the section called "Custom Colours")

    Basically, you create a little file called BatMod.properties and put it in your .minecraft folder. In this file, you can specify various colours for different things.

    Hope this helps


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