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    I thought Id write a message about the connection problems we where having since we got the xbox one and minecraft.

    I went through a lot of post on the internet and it seems a lot of people have problems because of the NAT being

    STRICT, MODERATE, OPEN . I tried so many things like port forwarding, resetting router, it was endless. I could not

    get my NAT to open on my Rogers Cable Hiltron Modem/Router. I tried one last thing which was to assign the

    xbox IP that it showed in the XBOX ONE Network Settings and set this in the DHCP as an assigned IP ( that is

    what I keep my xbox on, a static IP I set up on the router, then I put the XBOX ONE IP ( in the DMZ . I went

    back up stairs and the xbox said NAT OPEN ! , then we tried a test run with the sons friend, and bam, working, tried later

    in the day again, bam, working, so I am writing this to say I got the NAT OPEN by putting the xbox one in the DMZ with

    an assigned IP, that way the xbox is always on the same IP, and always that IP is in the DMZ. So far so good, I will

    write back if this has 100% solved the problem, but the laughter in the bedroom all day was great ! with the xbox and minecraft

    working together and getting the children hooked up without the conenction not being able to work.

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    Please add


    Im 9, looking to try my online minecraft

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