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    That.. actually sounds quite fun to encounter, and pushes Minecraft towards a more interactive experience.

    I definitely think they it should throw a player back on land for balance - I think most of us would be upset being tossed into one of the endless lava pools lol. Though for experienced players I don't think it would be much of an issue (Based on most of us *hopefully bringing Fire Resistance Potions into the nether) - it's just about finding that balance.

    As an extension on it's initial attack, I think if it fails to grab a player the "Swipe" it makes should destroy blocks, knocking out the safety of the bridge or land the player was on. Assuming it missed the player, chances are that player would not be significantly effected as they would be out of the way (hopefully). It would serve to add that extra rush factor more than anything.

    That really is an interesting idea, I would love to see something like this come to life in Minecraft. Definitely a +1 here :)

    I wouldn't mind having us in the Nether. Just a question, would there be any warnings or things at will tell you one of these are near. Or will it just pop out at random and pull you into the deadly magma ocean?

    I think a unique sound effect would be important for this one. Even if it were something subtle, like a Creeper has - to help it maintain the 'ambush predator' style.
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    Hey Wraklol,

    If none of the above servers have what you are looking for, I think you should give ours a chance. It is called Underworld - we offer grief protection of various forms, and expect our players and staff to give all other players the respect they deserve.

    We run Protection Stones, allowing guaranteed grief-free land, in addition we are able to track and fix any griefing caused outside of protected areas if need be.

    We are a reasonably small server, with players of all ages. However wish to grow - with that being said we do offer much more than simply Survival.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, we're always happy to help.
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    As far as I'm concerned, there's no real way for the game to get better or worse, as long as it is playable. Like the dozens of posts say, if you do not like something added, do not use it, or better yet - do not update.

    Minecraft is an amazing game, and always will be as long as there are dedicated players. We have the ability to modify nearly every aspect of the game through Mods & Plugins. The files are at our fingertips, there is no reason anyone should be forced to play with content that they do not like unless they are simple too lazy to do something about it - and lack of knowledge is not an excuse, people are capable of learning to do this stuff.

    I think the new update is wonderful. I don't think I need to explain why, but the short version is.. they're giving us new toys. Whether we choose to use them or not is in our hands, and I'm positive the things people use these new "toys" for will be amazing. It's opening up a whole new dimension of creativity for us, things that couldn't be done before have become possible. How can that be a bad thing.

    And I wont bother discussing whether or not vanilla Minecraft is getting better or worse, because vanilla is irrelevant in my opinion.
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    posted a message on Underworld 1.4.7 [Survival Games] [SkyBlock] [Survival World] [Mob Arena] [Spleef] [Parkour] [PvP Arenas]

    Website: underworld-mc.enjin.com/


    Survival Games:
    Fight for survival against up to 23 other players. We allow most standard blocks to be broken and used to aid you in your attempt at Survival - Craft your gear, or test your luck and hunt chests for it. Chests restock once during the games. Both rewards and *balanced classes are being planned.

    Maps that we currently run:
    Vareide Survival Games 1
    Vareide Survival Games 2
    Vareide Survival Games 3
    Vareide Survival Games 4
    Vareide Survival Games 5
    Teweran Survival Games 1
    Teweran Survival Games 2

    The ultimate survival challenge, do you have what it takes? You may play by yourself or with your friends while aiming to survival on your island. You begin with the very basics of all that is Minecraft, and must work your way up, testing both your wit and skill. Custom challenges with automated rewards upon player completion are being configured.

    We run a co-op survival world fitted with multiple forms of grief protection to ensure that anyone who tries to tamper with your hard earned belongings will regret it. One of which being Protection Stones, which you start with one completely free - this allows you to place the block and protect a square of land around where it is placed. Protection Stones come with flags allowing you to customize nearly every aspect of your region, including what players are allowed to interact with, or invite your friends to join you!

    We have no world borders and both The End and The Nether are accessible. We also support player based shops, allowing you to buy, sell, or trade your items to another player, in addition to the standard server Shop allowing the purchase and sale of many standard items.

    Mob Arena:
    We currently have two separate Mob Arenas, both unique in their own way, causing players to utilize all of their skills to survive in exchange for money, which is used with our Economy system.

    Compete with up to 20 other players in the Spleef Arena. The objective is to dig the ground out from under your opponent, making them fall. Be careful not to fall into their traps!

    Challenge your jumping abilities across various Staff & Player made maps, from easy difficulty to very hard.

    PvP Arenas:
    Our PvP Arenas offer a class based PvP experience, with predefined equipment to ensure that you do not lost what you have earned.

    A free for all, class based battleground for up to 20 players. The arena tests your abilities in various mini-biomes, each area and prop consisting of both advantages and disadvantages.

    A 4-way team based all out brawl, once again classes can be selected, so you have nothing to lose! Fight alongside your friends to claim victory over your enemies.

    Play with and against your friends in a back and fourth battle to control the opponents flag. To win, capture and return your opponents flag 3 times before they do. If your flag is taken, you must kill them, and return your flag.

    You better watch out, you better not cry.. or you're going to come down with a severe case of instant death by snowballs. That's right, experience the joy of a snowball fight within Minecraft! Now these aren't just any normal snowballs, these suckers hurt. Bad.

    This is currently reserved for the VIPGold+ Rank, which is a Donator rank - Players have a separate Protection Stone limit in this world, to ensure that nothing is griefed.

    Earnable Rank System:
    We allow our players to rank up through 5 earnable ranks. Ranks are earned through dedication and behavior, however there are many things taken into consideration when we promote a player to the next ranks.

    Minotaur - Standard Member Rank
    Centaur - Earning /hat
    Hydra - Earning /back
    Cerberus- Earning /tpa
    Chimera - Earning /tpahere
    Phoenix - Earning /fly

    We have many planned features as well as many changes in the works, we have a very friendly staff and community. The server was started due to our staff being mistreated on another unnamed server - our goal is to make sure that none of the players on our server have to put up with anything like that. We treat our members with the respect they deserve, and the very opposite to those who wish to disrupt the peace.
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