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    Synthetic Gaming's

    Survive and Thrive


    S&T is a nation based Semi-RP Survival Server. It has been around for over a year and is run by an experienced host and his team. It has a Grey List to ensure the quality of players and a small active community already which are more than willing to help you. There are events to increase RP offer rewards and enjoy yourself.

    Currently, players are helping to construct the city of Lumen, capital of the Lumen Empire. As of now, it is the only government in the world, and rules benignly. Of course, not all are happy with the current emperor's rule, and many would seek to usurp his position and claim it for themselves. There exists a ruleset that allows players to use roleplay and their in-game prowess to assassinate the Emperor, and take the throne for themselves. Of course, then they too risk assassination, if they are not strong enough to defend themselves... Or smart enough to build a loyal guard.

    Once the city of Lumen is sufficiently complete, players will gain the ability to break off and form new nations, opposing or friendly to the Empire.

    Events Include a Zombie Hoard event, A Last Stand Battle arena style event, and many more that are in the works.

    S&T uses a greylist, which means you can connect to the server and have a look around, but can't build anything.
    In order to gain build permissions, you will have to follow the instructions in this thread on the Synthetic Gaming forums (you will need to register).

    If you're interested, please post in this thread to give it a bump, we can't go wrong with more players!
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    This is a community run site, while it might be sanctioned by Mojang it's in no way run by them.
    So, basically, your idea has no merit.
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    1. In-game Name:
    2. Age:
    3. Why do you want to be a part of The Dawn Of Time?
    Seems like a well thought out server, disappointed that it is already well established but I look forward to roaming about and checking things out before I settle down.
    4. What role will you be/What will you contribute?
    I can't really answer that question until I've been around a bit, given that the server is already well established. It will no doubt be dictated by roleplay had in game, or by the predetermined roleplay of my character.
    5. Experience with MineCraft?
    Six months plus admin on a similar style server, been playing since Alpha 1.2 or something.
    6. Have you read the rules, and will you play by them?
    I would never defy the great ultimate bacon.
    7. You're running through the forest late at night, skeletons at your heels. You're running out of energy and you realise you won't make it back to your humble abode before the skeletons tear you apart. Suddenly, a bright light is seen through a gap between tree branches, and you dash for it. You spot a small, wood cabin and dive through the door, slamming it shut behind you. You look around the cabin, and see a small, unlocked chest. There is a sign above the door "Welcome to DarkRaptorLither's House". What do you do?
    Assuming this question is intended to be answered within roleplay;

    I would ensure the door is locked, or barred somehow (there's nothing worse than waking up dead, so they say) and investigate the room more thoroughly. Assuming it is empty of anyone else, I would investigate the chest in an attempt to learn more about this 'DarkRaptorLither'. Apparently there's no bed so, sighing dramatically, I would attempt to make myself comfortable for the night, and sleep. A wooden floor is better than losing my head, quite literally.
    When morning comes, and possessions willing, I would leave a small token of gratitude to the owner of the cabin and continue my way to wherever I was off to in the first place.
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    posted a message on "Scrolls" Lawsuit Goes To Court
    Quote from HastyLumbago

    Ugh, I was going to read through to see if anyone else had made the point I'm about to make, but then I didn't want to read page after page of "This is stupid. Bethesda is stupid."

    It's nice you tried, but this thread (and this forum) is full of idiotic twelve year old (or those who act as if they are) kids who think Minecraft and in extension Mojang are the best thing in the entire world, and will hear nothing against them.

    The article reporting this has (perhaps deliberately) left out important details, which has stirred them all up.

    I enjoy watching idiots make a fool of themselves, and 90% of this thread is hilarious in that respect.
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    I really hope Bethesda wins.
    I hate the little guy.
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    posted a message on MineCon 2011 Premium Sweepstakes Contest Starts Now!
    This thread is so much win.
    I might subscribe to Curse simply in gratitude for a good laugh reading the inane replies to their advertising.
    Ah Minecraft players, you've done it again. :D
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    I had a thread up, but that was months ago (before the forums joined the Curse network >_> ) and I can't find it even if it is still around, so I thought I'd put up a new one.


    Is my youtube channel, I'd very much love some feedback (critique much more so over 'I like it.', though that does make me feel good. :tongue.gif: )

    The music I make doesn't really stick to one genre, though trance is my favourite so much of tends to pull from that. There are also some very game-y pieces on there, so I would recommend giving each song a try before you decide you don't like them. :tongue.gif:

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work, and if not, I hope you can give some critical feedback to help me along!
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    Draw a Zeppelin flying through space, fighting off rabid Nyan cats for galactic supremacy.
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    posted a message on New Horizons (Sci-Fi Roleplay)
    Server is no open for business, come join the fun!
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    posted a message on tnt, can i use?
    ur doin it rong
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    Oh, I totally forgot; here's a pic of the MHMD-3711 Orbital Drop Habitat Module (forums won't let me make an image of it >_>), which will be your new home for a period of time should you choose to join us!
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    The lovely Kronous has got us a new domain, so come join in at http://www.newhorizonsonline.net , where whitelisting has officially begun.
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    It's too small to read.
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    posted a message on How do I spawn wool in smp
    Use whatever give command you have, then use the colon to spawn colours.

    for example; '/give notch 35:5' will give Lime Wool.
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