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    posted a message on ERROR: Could not create the java virtual machine.
    Quote from wolflover234

    Dont install the new one- Java 6 is the one you need. Java 7 is having bad problems, And it may or may not of caused this problem. I have this problem to. Un install java, Then re install java 6. *Make sure you install the one that goes to your computer, Meaning if you have 64 bit, Download 64 bit Java 6, If you have 32 bit then download java 32 bit 6* Im learning Java, But this sadly makes no sence to me. The message will change once you install java 6 to: "Could not create the java virtual machine". It's better *Im guessing, Due to the less errors.* But still wont let Minectraft run. Im not sure and I cant help you more then that >:C... Sorry. If I find an answer, I'll tell you C:<
    This solved the same problem for me
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