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    Not a farming mod

    Late last year I was reading a trashy Xinxia novel and I thought to myself how amazing it would be as a minecraft mod. As the only way this was ever going to happen was by me making it myself I decided to once again try to work out how forge works. I really did not expect to get very far, but defying all expectations I have actually completed most of the base framework and added in a number of features that (seem) to be working bug free.

    For those that don't know what "Xinxia" is, you can just think of it as an idiotically convoluted magic system with incredibly over-the-top power scalings that make DBZ look tame in comparison. Rather than mana they use "Qi", and rather than magicians they're called "Cultivators". "Cultivation" is what is done to, basically, increase their power level.

    So, obviously, the main feature of this mod is to allow players to become cultivators. There are two different, mutually exclusive, approaches to cultivation, both of which currently have their core framework implemented to some level in this mod.

    Flying Swords

    An external cultivator holds Qi inside their body and uses it to affect their environment. This can range from controlling external objects - such as flying swords (pictured above - the first thing that I implemented and something that I'm far too please with myself about) to more typical mage-y things like shooting fireballs.

    External cultivators continuously expand their capacity to hold QI through cultivation, which in turn increases their strength as Qi is used both to fuel their techniques and to protect themselves from harm. Once strong enough they can even use Qi to effect their own bodies, allowing them to fly.

    This is the most typical cultivation style, and what I had planned to focus on first, but life often does not go to plan.

    One Hungry Cultivator

    In most Xinxia an internal cultivator, rather than hold Qi inside them to use externally, uses that Qi to "forge" their body and make it stronger. However, lets be honest, slowly "leveling up" your body for various stat boosts is pretty boring. So, I took some artistic license here which... kind of got away from me and ended up with, if I'm brutally honest, spore in minecraft.

    So, an internal cultivator in this mod uses Qi to transform various different parts of their body into different, more specialized forms. No one option is "better" than another, they just do different things. Although if you heavily armor yourself at the cost of your health pool and then give yourself poison running through your veins, well, that's on you.

    Internal cultivators have no Qi pool, as all of that Qi is used to forge their body, and therefore have no techniques. However, they can use their different body parts to perform actions that no normal player can. Although they do not consume Qi, their Qi forged bodies do consume significantly more stamina than normal bodies, often requiring them to forge different bodies parts to provide alternate solutions for their increased hunger demands.

    Although they cannot fly (unless they forge themselves wings... in which case I guess they can) internal cultivators can reforge their body to provide various different methods of locomotion much faster than those of a regular player, and can do this much earlier on in their cultivation progress than external cultivators.


    Warning: You do not want to attempt this in first person

    Other Stuff

    There are way too many things I want to include in this mod, definitely more than I will ever actually get done, and yes these include mobs, items, dimensions and all that sort of stuff. I have done absolutely 0 work on implementing any of this stuff however, as I have chosen to focus on one thing at a time, and obviously the first thing to do was the actual cultivation system. Honestly I have gotten a lot more done than I had originally thought possible and am past the days where every day had a new challenging system for me to try to implement. I am now quite confident that, regardless of how much I do complete, I will be releasing something.
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