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    posted a message on Internal client error: java.net.UnknownHostException: session.minecraft.net
    Man I Hope ANy1 Will Help Us HOw To Solve This Problem....(*sigh*)
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    posted a message on Multiplayer Error (Internal exception: java.net.Socketexception: Connection reset
    Same Problem Here But Windows Xp Adn Minecraft 1.2.5 can't login to other server even there's people on the server.i need help guys in fixing this!
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    posted a message on A Minecraft Problem!
    Hello Guys!
    B2stHunter Here!
    Guys Can Any1 Of You Help Me How To Fix This Problem ON Minecraft IN My Comp.This didn't happen when 1.7.3 was release but it started in 1.8 and lates version of minecraft.Please Help Me How To Fix This I Really Need Your Help Guys.Here's The Video:
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    posted a message on [!READ THE OP!] Buying Minecraft Gift Codes for Others!
    Hi vexx32 I'm B2stHunter A Player Who played On The Same Server :D Pirate User Of Minecraft......I've Been Searching Free Minecraft Giftcodes That Don't Need To Complete A Survey And This Is The 1 That I Saw And Hope To Get Minecraft GIftCode:\ I Would Like 1 GiftCode So I Can Be Never Be A Piarte User I Anymore,I Wanted To Be Premium Becuase All My Life I've Been Playing This Game For 3 Years And Those 3 Years I Was Using Minecraft Cracked Version.I Wanna Enjoy Much Aboue The Epic And Awesome Game Called Minecraft.Im 15 And Those Years On Playing Minecraft Cracked Was Enjoyable But It Is More Enjoyable If I Have Premium To Play On A Premium Servers And Change Skins.And Btw God Bless You If Your A Catholic.You Have A Pity To Those Who Needed Premium Account On Minecraft!YOUR A GOOD PERSON AND AWESOME AND COOL Because Your Giving Away Free Codes :D !Hope I Have One Too :D !Send Me A Message On My Forum Account In This Site If I Have 1 Giftcode;)
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