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Hello. I am a big fan of simulation and sandbox games, especially urban ones. My favorite games are Anno 2070, The Sims 3, SimCity 2013, Banished, Tropico 4, Minecraft, The Sims 2, Cities XL, and SimCity 4 --- in that order.

My cities in Cities XL try to compete with OmniCorp so when my city is successful in my eyes, my profits are as high as possible (so high tax income and high token production combined with sneaky trade deals). I am a Tycoon in Anno 2070 and try to maximize profits as much as possible -- including farm production and citizen happiness tax income by improving the environment on islands with residents or farms (islands with no farms are industrial wastelands comparable to Strindberg Inc.).
Reading, playing strategy/simulation/sandbox video games, listening to music, swimming, biking in Summer
Location Greater Seattle Area

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