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    Quote from Gamelord»

    Isn't it a bit silly to assume that I won't know the content of a mod before I play it?

    No. The only thing silly here is assuming you're some kind of authority on a mod you've never tried. Feeling the need to post in a mod's thread to let everyone know you haven't played the mod is also pretty silly. This isn't something normal people do.

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    Or maybe the right approach is to simply not dedicate yourself to making snide entitled remarks about someone just because they won't drop to their knees to suck you off.

    The only person acting upset that they aren't being worshiped is you. He didn't seek you out and ask for special treatment from you. You're the one who chose to seek him out, make unsolicited demands of him, and then berate him for not giving you special treatment. Pretty narcissistic.
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    Quote from lelorius298 »

    I guess you somehow missed these parts:

    Quote from AzDroneX »The only thing that matters is if FC reads it and thinks "that's dumb and it'd take hours to implement" or "that's true and it'd be a simple thing to address", or whatever might be in-between. Obviously, both are valid conclusions depending on his personal vision for the game, his development constraints, and his own preferences.

    Quote from AzDroneX »As players, it's not our job to try to convince him (or anyone else) about what's best for his own game; our role as a player shouldn't go beyond offering potentially useful feedback, based on our firsthand experiences. I'm unsure why you would feel otherwise.

    Whatever FC does or doesn't do is out of your hands, as it should be. If the players could directly control the game's development, the game wouldn't be worth playing. I feel confident that whatever FC does in the future, it'll be something he decided on his own, and won't be a result of someone with less knowledge of the game than him (which is everyone) arguing with him about it.

    On a side note: You should try pressing Ctrl+A to highlight everything inside the reply box before you copy it; alternatively, you can use [quote] tags, where [quote=theirNameGoesHere] specifies who you are quoting.

    Quote from FlowerChild » -Added the ability to dye wolf collars with Dung, because...you know...who am I to discourage people from rubbing Dung all over their pets?

    Lmao, beautiful. First sheep, then wolves... perhaps next time, ourselves? Steve would probably like that, though.

    Quote from FlowerChild »
    If you'd like to say thanks for this release and help contribute to the further development of Better Than Wolves, please consider making a donation:

    I want to highlight this so it's harder for potential patrons to inadvertently skim past without noticing. You deserve it man. All these releases are coming at a breakneck pace, and the content is as consistently stellar as it ever was.

    To other users: On PayPal's site, I'd advise changing the option from your bank account to your credit card. Your bank account is the default payment method regardless of what settings you change on your PayPal account, but it (apparently) takes up to a week to clear (like a check), while the credit card payment is instant.
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    Quote from ivanovic»

    Don't be so disparaging

    But then you immediately proved him right with your wall of text. The fact you're suggesting "not designed for mass appeal" equates to "failure" just demonstrates how horribly flawed your logic capabilities are.

    On a side note, my friend's co-op BTW server has between 10 and 20 people on at any given time, depending on the time of day. I generally play with people through LAN, but sometimes I check out his server to see what they've been up to. Not sure where you're getting your numbers to begin with.

    At any rate, this is pretty simple. If you want to play a mod where all the features are optional: go play one. No one is stopping you. They are everywhere, since it's the easy/lazy way to approach game "design". That's why different games exist, so that everyone has something they like.

    I'm not sure what you think "messianism" means, by the way; I guess you're probably using it to mean "thinks he is the messiah". Do you know what's *really* narcissistic? Choosing to play a game that no one asked you to play, and after you realize it's not something you *personally* like, you demand that the game be changed to suit your personal preferences. And then you throw a tantrum when it isn't. How terribly egotistical do you have to be to think every game in existence should cater to you specifically?

    Go find a game you like, the way it is already, and play that. I enjoy BTW, and so do many others; we found a game we like the way it is. That's why many different kinds of games exist, because there are many different kinds of players who enjoy different things. All you have to do is, you know, play new games until you find one that's perfect for you. It's really not a hard concept.
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    Quote from FlowerChild
    Do no mock the ocelots. They are absolutely perfect as they are :)

    I would never! They're the only thing not trying to kill me (or be killed by me) in this savage land. Although, I'm sure a few of them bit the dust when I burned down the jungle, but that's a price I'm willing to pay to help alleviate the spider problem.
    Quote from lelorius298hey FC, any plans to add a blue dye alternative? i know it was talked about a long time ago, and the main reason for not doing it was that there werent any good forge-friendly implementations that made sense

    since that's not a problem anymore, i wonder if it might still be on the table

    edit - found the relevant thread http://www.sargunster.com/btwforum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1153

    It always struck me as odd that one of the dyes was neither renewable nor farmable, considering basically everything else is, even important ores (via the crucible). I'm luckily not such a huge fan of the color blue that I want to use it in my decorations/sails that badly; I don't consider "blue" to be a special color worth so much more than all the other colors. I would never consider wasting lapis lazuli as dye when it has multiple functional purposes.
    Quote from jecowa »
    I think being able to sleep through the night should be disabled, but I think hardcore respawn should be optional. That feature is too frustrating for people new to the game. I don't like the current minimal penalties for dying, though. It kind of defeats the challenge of dealing with hunger. Maybe the player could only have 3/10 hearts upon respawn.

    That's the point. Part of progression is overcoming that frustration. Large-scale infrastructure is something you never consider normally, but here it becomes a natural part of advancement; it's something you develop because you as a player want to, not because the tech tree required you to (and as a result, it makes you as a player want to reach SFS that much faster).

    In the meantime, it allows you to flex your creative muscles in determining the best way to approach the problem, and it's also extremely satisfying when you've finally overcome that challenge.

    As for my favorite features (I don't think I'll manage to pick just 10), they'd be:

    1. Hardcore Bedding/Spawn
    2. Hardcore Stratification/Ores
    3. Hardcore Buckets
    4. Hardcore Movement/Bouncing
    5. Hardcore Darkness/Torches
    6. Hardcore Tools/Weapons
    7. Hardcore Hunger/Melons/Fishing
    8. Hardcore Info
    9. Hardcore Hell/Sinkholes/Nothing To Worry About
    10. Hardcore Beacons/Chests
    Honorable mention: Hardcore Headwear (finally making it so oceans aren't lulzy levels of safe!).

    I'd like to give Hardcore Sinkholes its own spot, as it makes spelunking quite a bit more exciting in many instances, but it can also be considered part of Hardcore Hell, and there are already so many features competing to get on this list. Hardcore Sinkholes is definitely awesome though.

    My reasons for including Hardcore Bedding need no explanation, I hope; beds are one of the worst features in vMC.

    Hardcore Spawning incentivises you build/explore above ground, and Hardcore Stratification does the same for underground (not to mention the fact it's making your mob traps more efficient). The fact you can't effectively mine the stone around diamonds without a diamond pickaxe was absolute genius in that regard. And you actually need to explore more than five feet into a cavern to collect enough ore, thanks to Hardcore Ore.

    My appreciation for Hardcore Buckets cannot be overstated. I spent two hours yesterday making an elaborate irrigation system for a new base; a base whose location was chosen specifically because of the nearby water source. I'm always surrounding important source blocks with cobblestone/bricks to protect them, rather than mindlessly filling them in like I normally would have.

    And while I absolutely love these complex aqueduct systems, I think my personal favorite project might be constructing a Nether Portal pre-diamonds (maybe because I get far fewer opportunities to enjoy it). Pools of lava large enough to make a portal this way are mostly near bedrock, and requires a bucket, so I'm typically in the iron->diamond stage by this point. This method doesn't work on the Nether side, of course. But man, there's a certain sense of accomplishment when your depth tests finally locate a suitable-sized pool of lava, and a growing sense of power/success as the portal itself starts slowly taking shape in front of you.

    The rest of the features either make me want to explore, or make the exploration itself a lot more rewarding, exciting, and generally fun.

    I guess the exception to that reason is the Hardcore Beacons/Chests, which needed to be on the list for the sheer amount of content they add to the game, and the especially awesome implementation of the Obsidian Beacon. SFS is a nice goal to work towards as well, and really gives you time to make your automation processes efficient while still rewarding you for doing so.

    I have to say, thanks for making such a great mod. It's brought me a great many hours of enjoyment, and I would have abandoned MC long ago otherwise.
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    Quote from jecowa»

    How does hardcore stratification create an incentive to explore underground, and how does help with mob traps?

    Because you can no longer mine a hole straight down and start stockpiling iron/diamonds. Because of the stratification, it's far more efficient to explore caves, and mine exposed ores. In the case of diamonds, every other alternative is far more difficult and time-consuming. In the process of exploring, you're forced to light up more dark areas underground, which in turn makes your mob traps work better (higher probability of enemies spawning there instead of somewhere else).
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