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    Awesome's Awesome Mod
    Awesome's Awesome Mod has currently a set of Cobalt and Energized Cobalt Tools and Armor. Cobalt is a Mythical metal in this mod so it has a higher enchantability than Diamond has but less than gold. The durability is better than Iron at 700 for Cobalt and 800 for Energized Cobalt. Cobalt is slow but is able to mine obsidian, but the ore has to be mined with an Iron Pickaxe. How you make Energized cobalt items is you take the cobalt item you want to upgrade and put it in the middle of the crafting table. Then you make a diamond shape around the item with Quartz Blocks. Then you put Redstone Blocks in all four corners.
    There are currently two biomes in the mod:
    The Mountain Peaks Biome
    The Cobalt Hills Biome
    The Mountain Peaks Biome has a mountainous terrain. Its surface block is cobblestone and the Filler Block(The Block usually between grass and stone) is iron ore. There are no trees and small mini lakes you can find sometimes. Cows and some animals do spawn there though with a chance of a Cobaltian Spawning.
    The Mountain Peaks Biome is a Biome with a forested landscape with small hills and rarely big hills. The Top block is grass with the filler being cobalt ore. The cobalt is guarded by cobalt cows spawning in this biome. The cobalt cow is an animal that is slow but does a lot of damage and will all rush you if they are nearby. Cobaltians Hate Cobalt Cows and so there are many wars in the Cobalt Hills Biome.
    1.6.4 Download:
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    Your IGN: awesomesauce3983

    Where did you hear about the server: chimney1 told me

    Do you understand and accept the rules: yes

    What's our policy on raging: Don't Rage and try again if you lose or something.
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    Bytebaster, just so you know I had the same problem, than I uninstalled and reinstalled ftb launcher and everything worked perfectly!
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    Hello, I have recently donated today and I would like to be able to join a team! Unfortunately, I could not round up a team so I would ask you if you could get me in a team or whatever! Thxs! -awesomesauce3983
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