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    I'm definitely getting a Borderlands 2 vibe.
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    Moar Metals and Minerals Mod
    Our apologies for the delay of updating the Moar Metals and Minerals Mod. We've decided to wait until the official mod API is released, as this will allow us to update the mod easily and quickly. We have not forgotten about the mod, and it's just going to be much easier for us if we wait until the API is released. We will most likely end up rewriting the entire mod, as the code is so outdated now, as it is, but it'll be easier to write it once the API comes out. Thanks for your patience.

    This mod is finally out of Beta! (Took long enough..) It is the result of a LOT of hard work and effort on our part to make it as compatible and high quality as possible.) We did our best to iron out the bugs in the mod, but due to lack of heavy testing, we may have missed something. Notify us if you do find anything, please! This mod is currently for Minecraft version 1.5.2. The latest update, "The Lapis Update" Adds some fancy new tools to your arsenal, and they are pretty special. They use a Blaze Rod as a stick, instead of regular old wood. The next update for the mod will be released shortly after the release of the mod API.

    You can follow the development blog here.

    Thanks to everyone for 10,800+ total downloads so far! :D

    One of our main goals for this mod was to differentiate it from the other "More ores" mods. We think we've done that, by adding unique ores that spawn in other realms and Salted Foods. We are completely open to suggestions about the mod, so don't hold your comments! The most current version of the mod is Moar Metals and Minerals Version 1.0
    If you're feeling generous, then feel free to donate! It would be much appreciated. :)

    Here is the version 1.0 download for Minecraft 1.5.2 Note: Please report any bugs immediately!Lastly, have fun!
    Downloads Below:(Version 1.0)
    Older versions (For whatever reason)
    All below versions are Beta!(Version 1.9.2)The Below are for Minecraft 1.4.7!(Version 1.9.0) [1.4.7](Version 1.8.3)(Version 1.8.2)(Version 1.8.1)(Version 1.7) (1.4.5 Compatible)The below are for Minecraft 1.4.4!(Version 1.7) (1.4.4 Version)The below are for Minecraft 1.4.2!(Version 1.6.2)(Version 1.6.1)(Version1.6)(Version 1.5)(Version 1.4.1)(Version 1.4) [Broken](Version 1.3.2) [With Textures](Version 1.3.2) (This version won't work!)The below versions are for Minecraft 1.3.2!(Version 1.3.1)(Version 1.3)(Version 1.2)(Version 1.0)
    Current Features (Detailed Explanations)
    • Bismuth Ore: Spawns below level 48
    • Bismuth Block: Decorative Block
    • Bismuth Tools: 250 uses, fast as gold
    • Bismuth Armor: Nearly as good as diamond
    • Bismuth Chunk: Used in crafting Bismuth Tools, and armor. 2 are dropped from the ore
    • Copper Ore: Spawns below level 128
    • Tin Ore: Spawns below level 128
    • Copper Ingot: Obtained by smelting copper ore
    • Tin Ingot: Obtained by smelting tin ore
    • Bronze Ingot: used in crafting Bronze tools and armor
    • Bronze Block: Decorative Block
    • Salt Ore: Spawns below level 70
    • Salt: Used as an ingredient in salted foods. Confusion if consumed by itself
    • Bronze Tools: Equivalent to iron
    • Bronze Armor: As good as chain armor
    • Witherite Ore: Found only in the Nether, drops two witherite powder
    • Witherite Powder: Drops from Witherite ore, used for crafting witherite ingots, and a fuel
    • Witherite Ingot: Used for crafting Witherite Tools and armor
    • Witherite Tools: 1200 uses, Slower than Bismuth
    • Witherite Armor: Nearly as good as Diamond, very enchantable
    • Amethyst Ore: Spawns below level 70
    • Ruby Ore: Spawns below level 70
    • Sapphire Ore: Spawns below level 70
    • Salted Pork: Obtained by combining salt and pork; gives haste effect
    • Salted Steak: Obtained by combining salt and steak; gives speed effect
    • Salted Chicken: Obtained by combining salt and chicken; gives jump effect
    • Salted Baked Potato: Obtained by combining salt and baked potato; gives strength effect
    • Amethyst Sword: Deals as much damage as iron; 350 uses
    • Ruby Sword: Deals as much damage as iron; 330 uses
    • Sapphire Sword: Deals as much damage as diamond; 400 uses
    • Emerald Sword: Equivalent to other swords
    • Experience Ore: Spawns below level 70; glows faintly; drops bottle's o' enchanting
    • Achievements: 4 In game currently
    • Unique effects on Salted Foods
    • Fortune Picks now work with every block in the mod
    • Ender Tools: 3000 uses; very enchantable; twice the speed of gold
    • Ender Armor: Far more durable than diamond
    • Ender Rod: Used instead of sticks for the tools
    • Amber Block: Decorative block
    • Amber Sword: 380 uses; deals as much damage as iron
    • Amber Gem: Drops from trees rarely
    • Lapis Tools: 250 uses; uses Blaze Rod in place of sticks
    Version 1.0 (The Lapis Update)
    • Now no longer Beta!
    • Added a new Achievement
    • Heavily optimized some code. (May result in slightly higher frame rates)
    • Changed Salt Ore being called Salt
    • Fixed Bismuth Armor making you invincible
    • Some BugFixes
    • Fixed Salted Baked Potato Texture not working.
    Version 1.9.2 (General Release Update)
    • Updated to 1.5.2
    • Added a new Achievement
    • Changed a lot of how the code works (You won't notice this)
    • Changed a misspelling of "Experience"
    Version 1.8.3(General Release Update)
    • No new features, sadly
    • Changed Ender Ore to Endium
    • Updated to 1.4.7
    Version 1.8.2(BugFix Update)
    • Various bugfixes (Now 100% bug free! Woo!)
    • Minor texture edits to Witherite powder and armor
    Version 1.8.1(BugFix Update)
    • Gems now only spawn in certain biomes
    • Amethysts spawn in jungles
    • Sapphires spawn in Taigas
    • Rubies spawn in Deserts
    • Tweaks to Salted Foods
    • Can no longer be fed to wolves
    • Lowered saturation (Time you can go without becoming hungry again)
    • Potion effects are lessened
    • Witherite Dust can now be eaten (Beware, it inflicts the wither effect!)
    • Salt Ore now drops between 3 and 7 saltx
    • Fixed Ender Ore not spawning in the End
    • Amber is now twice as rare as apples
    • Fixed Amethyst dropping 6 amethyst gems
    • Fixed some item ID conflicts (Including the emerald sword glitch)
    Version 1.7(The End Update)
    • Added Ender tools and armor
    • Added Ender Rod
    • Added Amber that drops from trees
    • Added Amber Block
    • Added Ender Ore
    • Added 3 new achievements
    • Updated to 1.4.4
    Version 1.6.2(Fortune Update)
    • Made fortune enchanted pickaxes work with all blocks in the mod.
    Version 1.6.1(Tweak Update)
    • Made Witherite drop two Witherite Powder instead of 1
    • Made Salt drop 6 instead of 1
    • Made Experience Ore glow slightly
    Version 1.6(Experience Update)
    • Added Experience Ore (Drops Bottles o' Enchanting)
    • Made ores give experience when mined
    • Changed the vein size for Witherite Ore
    • Changed The vein size for gemstones
    • Made gemstones far less common (They were very common before)
    • Added achievements!
    • Changed the effects that Salted foods give you
    Version 1.5(Food and Gem Update)
    • Added Ruby Sword
    • Added Sapphire Sword
    • Added Emerald Sword
    • Added Amethyst Sword
    • Added a use for Salt (Finally)
    • Added Salted Steak
    • Added Salted Pork
    • Added Salted Chicken
    • Added Salted Baked Potato
    • Made Salt edible
    Version 1.4.1(Spawning Update)
    • Made Ruby Ore naturally generate
    • Made Amethyst Ore naturally generate
    • Made Sapphire Ore Naturally Generate
    • Fixed the mod not working
    • Resolved severe item ID conflicts in 1.4
    Version 1.4(Gemstone Update)
    • Added Sapphire Ore and Sapphire Block
    • Added Ruby Ore and Ruby Block
    • Added Amethyst Ore and Amethyst Block
    • Added crafting for Bronze Block
    Version 1.3.2(General Update)
    • Changed the number of Witherite Powder Dropped to two
    • Made Witherite Powder a fuel
    • Changed the sound for the bismuth and bronze blocks
    • UPDATED TO 1.4.2! (Woo hoo!)
    Version 1.3.1(BugFix Update)
    • Added crafting recipe for Witherite Ingot (Sorry bout that...)
    • Made lots of texture changes (Bronze stuff is much better now)
    • Fixed the Witherite Pickaxe not being craftable
    • Fixed the Witherite Hoe actually being a sword, despite being named "Hoe"
    • Added The Bronze Block
    • Fixed Bronze Armor texture not working properly in V1.3
    • Added smelting recipe for Witherite Ingot, in case you obtain the ore using silk touch. therefore, you don't have to mine as much of the stuff. :)
    Version 1.3(The Nether Update)
    • Added Witherite ore (Found in the Nether!)
    • Added Witherite Powder
    • Added Witherite tools and armor
    • Added Witherite Ingot
    • Added Bronze tools and armor
    • Added Bronze ingot crafting recipe
    • Fixed Bismuth Armor texture not working properly in V1.2
    • Nerfed Bismuth Armor(Making it slightly less durable)
    • Increased damaged dealt with the Bismuth sword
    • Changed the depth at which all ores (except Bismuth) generate
    Version 1.2(The Ore Update)
    • Added Copper Ore
    • Added Copper Ingot
    • Added Tin Ore
    • Added Tin Ingot
    • Added Salt Ore
    • Added Salt item
    • Added smelting recipes for copper and tin
    • Added Bismuth Armor
    • Added the Bismuth Block
    Version 1.0(The Bismuth Update)
    • Added Bismuth Ore
    • Added Bismuth Chunk
    • Added Bismuth tool set
    • Enabled Bismith Ore to naturally generate
    NEW VIDEO!Old Video!
    Guess what? Me and Gladosguy are going to do a Let's Play Series, with the Moar Metals and Minerals Mod, so check out our channels in the future for that! Should be great fun!My ChannelGladosguy's channelUpcoming Features (This is not totally accurate)
    Upcoming features in V1.1Definite:
    • A very special block (No details will be revealed yet.) ;)
    • SMP support(God, this keeps getting delayed..)
    • Various tweaks and edits
    • "The Redstone Update"
    Probable (May take longer to develop than the above ^)
    • user requested features (only some!)
    • Wither potions(This is hard)
    The New Lapis ToolsShot of armors, with the updated Witherite Armor TextureA great shot of every item in the modEnder Armor SpritesAll the new items in V1.7The Ender ArmorNew Items added in V1.7This shot shows the blocks, including the Experience Ore and new Ender OreEvery Item so far.A new screenshot, with Exp ore on the right!The new gemstone ores, gems, and blocks in V1.4!The Bismuth Ore, Block, and ChunkThe Bismuth tool setThe Copper ore and ingotThe Tin ore and ingotThe Bismuth Armor SpritesThe (Fixed) Bronze ArmorThe Witherite Ore, Powder, and IngotTin Ore smelting recipeCopper Ore smelting recipeThe Bronze Ingot crafting recipe (NOTE: It must go in that order! (Copper on top, Tin on bottom!))Salt Ore, and SaltThe Witherite Tool setThe New Bronze Block! And the Bronze tool set.The Witherite Ore crafting recipe (If you obtain the ore via silk touch, just smelt it.) ;)Just showing off the items and ores.The new Witherite armor.The Bismuth armor.An older shot of itemsAn even older shot!The very first picture of the mod.
    So, post any suggestions in the comments, and have fun with the fancy stuff in the mod! :DHow to install: (PLEASE INSTALL MANUALLY FOR BEST RESULTS)
    1. Download Modloader
    2. Download the latest version of Moar Metals and Minerals
    3. Make sure you have an archive program such as 7zip or WinRar
    4. Unzip the Modloader file
    5. Extract the files into your Minecraft.jar
    6. Delete Meta_Inf (Crucial Step!)
    7. Unzip the Moar Metals and Minerals File
    8. Extract (drag and drop works too) the class files into your Minecraft.jar
    9. Take the textures and put them in the respective areas in the Minecraft.jar textures file
    10. Make sure you deleted meta_inf
    11. Open Minecraft
    12. Enjoy!
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    Quote from UnhandyFir9

    Anisotropic Filtering is the level of detail the textures have. The less the amount, the more pixelated textures will look around the image, the more amount, the more smooth/realistic it looks around the edges.
    You're thinking of Antialiasing. AA makes edges smoother. AF has a similar function, but not the same. It affects things further away.
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    This topic is outdated! Please head to this link below for the current topic:

    Hey, everyone. This mod is currently under development. It is called the Moar Metals and Minerals Mod. We have a team of two people. (one member has left, sadly. :( ) Before I list the established (and planned) features of the mod, I would like to note that we will be taking commenter's suggestions into consideration. This does not mean that your suggestion will be added just because you posted it. So, on to the features we will add for sure: (At least in the first, basic release) Have no fear, more minerals/metals WILL be added. It will just take time. Keep in mind that we are only 3 people, and we also have to make the textures for these, too, along with the code. Please give us suggestions for how to make this mod unique from other ore mods!

    Hey! After many hours, the Moar Metals and Minerals mod HAS been updated to it's version 1.3! However, due to ModLoader not being out for Minecraft 1.4.2 yet, the mod is only playable on version Minecraft 1.3.2. As soon as ModLoader gets updated, we will release version MMM version 1.3.2, which will only include some texture changes. Please keep an eye out for the latest version, as soon as ModLoader is up! :)

    With 1.3 being out now, we now have a changelog for it! Look in the spoiler below for it.
    1. Ability to craft a bronze ingot out of copper and tin ingots
    2. Ability to craft a bronze tool and armor set
    3. Witherite Ore! (Also with tool and armor set.)
    4. So, two new armor and tool sets, new crafting recipes, and the bismuth armor texture fix. Enjoy! :)

    We apologize for not being able to update to 1.4.2 yet. This is due to a reliance on Modloader. Modloader has not been updated yet. On the bright side, this gives us time to maybe squeeze a few more features out. Truly sorry for the delay.

    This mod will eventually become part of a mod pack containing (at least) three mods (including this one). Mod pack name has yet to be released.
    Other mods by us: (Note: None of these have begun development yet! They still have threads
    Meals Mod
    Arcane Mod (Sorry, this mod does not have a topic for it yet.) :(
    The modders are Awesomelf44 (Me), and GlaDOSguy.

    Current features
    • Copper (Has only an ingot. (Combine copper and tin to get bronze!))
    • Bronze (The tool and armor set for this is slightly better than iron.)
    • Tin (Has only an ingot, as it is used in making bronze.)
    • Bismuth (Armor, tools, and a block!) (The tools are as durable as iron, and as fast as gold!)
    • Salt (No armor or tools, but it's used in food, however.) (But not used for anything yet..)
    These are just the minerals for version 1.2! Future features will be disclosed at a later time. Keep your eye on the topic. Please post any questions, comments, or concerns down below! Please do NOT tell me that there are many *similar* mods out there. Yes, I know this. I spend a good deal of time on the forums. Hopefully this mod can evolve into something greater. With two creative minds on the job, we have high hopes for this mod.
    Moar Metals and Minerals version 1.2 has been released. Version 1.3 will be released as soon as Modloader is updated.

    Download link right here!
    (Version 1.3)
    Download right here!

    Older versions in the spoiler!

    Install as you would any other mod. (Requires modloader!)

    Pictures are posted below, in the spoiler!

    Please message me if you feel the need to. I will see your message.
    Here's the better video!!
    Open the spoiler for images!

    This is a possible block, called experience ore.

    Salt Ore

    Bismuth Ore.

    Bismuth Sword.

    Copper Ore

    Bismuth Chunk

    The salt powder.

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    I'm surprised that this only has one reply. This certainly caught my eye right away. You thought out your idea really well. I would definitely like to see this implemented. But while we wait, why don't you check out this awesome mod? (Although it isn't quite updated yet..)
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    You do realize that potions of fire resistance allow you swim in lava, right?
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    Probably just a glitch. Keep in mind that it's just a snapshot, after all.
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    Once again, like all your other mods, this one is amazing. It may not be the most useful, but it sure is hilarious. :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    Okay, I see that enderman is a super popular thing to post suggestions about, but can't we at least hold the suggestions until we see what notch has done with them before we start spamming the forums about them when we don't even know how much we will like them yet. Is that too much to ask of anyone? :Sheep:
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    Alright, my post today is about another type of NPC other than animals, villagers, or pigmen. It's about nomads! If you don't know what a nomad is, they are people that roam the country with no permanent home. This means you have a slight chance of a nomad group to set up camp in your front yard. Nomads will settle on any 10x10 area of relatively flat land. Their camps range from 1-5 tents. If you go In the largest tent, they will trade with you. Meaning you can buy and sell resources with them. This is similar to the villages, but these people move around, meaning they will have a more diverse selection of resources to trade. They also make very nice armor and tools, with the durability of iron, but the speed of gold. these can be bought by increasing your reputation with them by trading generously, or buying them with 20 iron ingots, 10 gold ingots, or 5 diamonds. This is full a full set of either armor or tools. If you are nice, and they come to like you, they will lower their prices by as much as 3 ingots/diamonds. So, prices for a full set would be 17 iron, 7 gold, or 2 diamonds. The max price for a complete set of armor and tools combined would be 40 iron, 20 gold, or ten diamonds. the lowest price would be 34 iron, 14 gold, or 4 diamonds. this is because these people are generous, but only if you are the same to them. A wise way to do this would be to follow the nomads, and live as one yourself. You can also buy a portable tent from them, that contains chest, workbench, and furnace, along with a bed and close-able flap. This is my idea. If you have suggestions, questions, comments, then post them below. Sorry this post is so long. :Sheep:
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