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    I'm not sure if this belongs here but I couldn't find a "Superflat Worlds" section. So I'm posting it here.

    3;1*minecraft:bedrock,53*minecraft:stone,1*minecraft:lava,4*minecraft:tnt,4*minecraft:dirt,1*minecraft:grass;1;village(size=3 distance=28),mineshaft(chance=0.03),stronghold(chance=28 count=15 spread=2),biome_1(distance=32),dungeon,decoration,lake

    That's the superflat code. You have grass with 4 more layers of dirt then 4 layers of TNT. After that, a layer of lava and below that is 53 stone. Finally, there's 1 layer of bedrock. I also added that all natural structures are more common plus villages are larger.

    ! WARNING ! Use with 2GB+ of RAM. My MC almost crashed with 3GB - it was running at 2FPS. Actually not too bad.

    ! NOTE ! Build up VERY high. I set my base as the top of one of the churches in a village and I got obliterated.

    Hope you have fun with this!

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    I just found a command that allows you to spawn a HUUUGE nuke. Maybe even antimatter.

    /summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionRadius:127,Fuse:0s}

    This spawns a creeper with a huge blast radius that explodes instantly. If it's too big, change 127 to a lower number. Max is 127 though. Anyone withing 254 blocks will be hurt. At least half a heart. At 248 blocks away any person with no armor dies. It's fun to mess around with it and destroy everything in sight with it. You could even make each arrow that hits the ground explode as the nuke! At least that's what I did.

    Fun fact: the explosion is so large you can actually see how the game processes the explosion - it uses raycasting.

    "Now why a creeper and not, say, a fireball?"

    Well, yeah, fireballs can make larger explosions (that can crash your MC if it's that high) BUT can they explode instantly? Don't think so, although I'm not completely sure about that. However, creepers have the Fuse: tag which is useful in this.

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