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    posted a message on Pedo Bear in Minecraft: Episode 1 SUPER FUNNY
    This was just a short skit some people and I put together :D

    This is episode one of a new series supported by MineShaft Gaming!See all the adventures of pedo bear and what he does in his free time :D
    If u liked it head on over to our channel we will have a tone of new skits and shorts
    coming out soon!
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    posted a message on Mindcrack like server (no pvp) (no griefing) (whitelist)
    27benbase (in-active)
    Ban history:
    Will you pvp or grief?:
    Not at all
    Do you accept the rules below?:

    Yes :D
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    posted a message on NevilCrack A Mindcrack like server
    Tell me about yourself:
    I will spend a lot of time and put lots of detail into my actions. I will be nice, fair, and honest to those around me. I will make friends and join groups on your server. I love minecraft, and surviving, and using my time to improve my skills. I plan, and think about what I am saying, doing, and building, before I act upon it. I will be trust worthy and loyal to your server and provide welcome to anybody else that likes the server. I am appropriate, funny, nice, and respectful to those around me. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, as this took a long time to make and think about. * Please note: I am not a good speller :(
    What will you be doing on the server:
    Probably around 2-3 hours per day
    How much can you be on:
    A lot :P I will be a dedicated player to your server
    What are you good at in mincraft:
    I have played Minecraft from Beta 1.5 to now. This means I have extensive work in:
    -Redstone (Really Advance)
    -Art (in and out of game)
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    posted a message on Prison Roleplay Server! ~MineShaft Gaming~
    Welcome to the Mine-Shaft Detention Center!
    IP: jail.mine-shaft.com

    The story:

    We are a epic prison Minecraft server and we want you to play with us!
    We have tons of mini-games, adventures, and fun times!
    Come play with us:
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    posted a message on Admin Job

    ***Note: I know I can't spell please don't let that reflect your decision!!!***

    Minecraft In-game Name:



    EST (American)

    Daily playing hours:


    The reason i want to be a staff member is...

    I know what being a staff member is like. I was admin on 4 servers, two of them have closed because of host fail :(. Co-Owner on one (as of this time). I have played Minecraft sceence 1.5. This means I have expecrance with:

    -Redstone (moderate to advance)

    -Tall buildings and towers (advance)

    -Bridge/Roads (advance)

    -Pixel art (advance)

    -playing survivill (I did not know about mods until 1.7.1 :D) (Advance)

    Positive Traits:

    -Experenced admin(advance)

    -Know Plugins (ADVANCE)

    -Nice (ADVANCE)

    -Funny (ADVANCE)

    -fair (ADVANCEEEEEE)

    Some other things I know, usually people don't trust admins at first. Many slack off once they get this high of a rank. I am not one of these people. I do my best to stay out of trouble, I ALWAYS listen to both sides of a story. I ALWAYS listen to my "boss" or the ones higher than me. I know how to handle disrespect.

    What could you bring to the team:

    I could bring ALOT of admin experance to this server. I can be fair and will listen to everybody's idia, complaints, etc. I am very knowledgeable on how MC servers work. This is one of the only games I play so I think I should be considered.

    Do you have any knowledge of plugins or have any experience as an admin:

    As i said, Co-Owner on one, and admin on two others. I have also been mod on all three before I was ranked up to the status I have now. I believe that this qualified as enough experience. I also know you might be thinking "he wont be on this server enough" and actually that's wrong. I give effort to be on all servers equal time and go on as needed.

    Bonus Facts about me:

    I DID own a hamachi server, it was fairly popular, (when I set max slots to 100 then about 45-60 would be on) but that was a while ago. As i said before, I am Co-Owner on one server, which means i have access to console and plugin power. With all that PLUS I am admin on 2 servers (was 4) means i have great knowledge on almost all plugins. in example


    -mob disquse

    -world edit


    These are just simple ones I thought the server would have but I know loadssss more

    Thank you


    P.S. I feel that any rank would be appreciated not just the higher ones
    P.S. too the P.S. (lol) this took me 2 hours to write and think about! All answers are thought out completely!
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