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    Just thought I might mention this because it's kind of funny... (Wish I had taken a screenshot of this). I added Taint Crawlers (the little spider guys) to the spawn list for the Tainted Biome so that they'll spawn naturally like other mobs, and I had a Spiderjockey spawn riding one.

    You know how sometimes you'll see a fat guy riding a really tiny little bike? It looked like that :D

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    Somewhat odd question - But does anyone know how to farm vishrooms? They can be placed on mycellium but after a while they just "pop" off the ground.

    EDIT: Slight update - I just tested putting one down on mycelium with a lamp of growth nearby. The lamp sprinkles its magic shiz on the shroom (I see the particle effects) then it instantly pops off the ground. So, the growth tick is causing it to pop for some reason.

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    I know Azanor is busy with TC 5 release right now, but I thought I might add some comments about the mob ecosystem in the Tainted Biome (I've been playing around a lot with this for a modpack/map I am making).

    First off, as most people probably know MC has a hard cap of 70 hostile mobs in the 17x17 chunks surrounding the player. I've found that if you leave spore spawning on, this quickly fills up with swarmers and spore pod thingies, effectively making it so that other hostile mobs will not spawn (I wanted undead to also spawn in my Tainted Biome).

    Anyway, the next thing I did was turn off the generation of these entities and then I manually added in the swarms and taint spiders to the spawn list for the biome. This actually worked, but I noticed one thing - These two mobs observe the light level restrictions for hostile mob spawning. They probably shouldn't do that if they are in a Tainted Land.

    After that, I thought to myself - Boy wouldn't it be cool to spawn Tainted Creepers? They look really awesome and exploding taint is fun! So I added these guys to the biome spawn list as well, but unfortunately I discovered that Tainted Creepers, like spore spawners and stalks, never despawn. So the biome quickly fills up with them and chokes off every other potential mob spawn.

    This got me looking a little bit more intently at the other mobs and I discovered that Taintacles also have this "feature" of never despawning.

    Anyway, this got me thinking and I while I respect that Azanor probably has bigger things on his plate, "playing in the taint" might be a bit more fun if he could make a couple of modifications (or add some configuration options here).

    - Enforce a minimum distance for spawning the tainted monster generators and taintacles so that they don't overrun an area and completely choke off other spawns.

    - Allow Tainted Creepers to despawn like normal mobs.

    - If a tainted monster is added to a biome directly, let it spawn regardless of light level so long as they are outside (exposed to open sky) and standing on a tainted block (fibrous taint, tainted soil, etc).

    Oh, also one other thing I noticed - the Crimson Cultists structure with the obelisk tends to very frequently spawn without a sinister node. I think this should probably be almost ALWAYS a sinister node? I've run across about half of the obelisks having normal or tainted nodes (I'm pretty sure sinister nodes, like pure nodes, are immune to being tainted, so I think those tainted nodes were normal ones that were corrupted).

    I don't know if anyone else has any observations about the tainted biome, but this is what I've been able to come up with so far...

    EDIT: I almost forgot to add too, I've been fooling around with the taint resistant blocks from Forbidden Magic and they work as advertised, but in the process I started putting glass blocks around my buildings for windows. Normal (vanilla) glass and glass panes work as expected - no taint spread to them, however Thaumcraft warded glass isn't as resilient - taint spreads to it. It would be nice if the warded glass was as effective as stopping taint spread as the vanilla glass is :D

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    Quote from Kitsune116»

    Hey Anazor, on the topic of TC5, would an Essentia combiner be out of the question?

    I honestly think this would take some of the fun out of Thaumcraft. Some essentia is hard to source by design - take Auram for instance. It is made of Praecantatio and Aer, which if you could combine aspects, would be really easy to get just from Greatwood logs (centrifuge the Arbor into Herba and Aer and logs already have 1 pt of Praecantatio). Basically every greatwood log would give you 1 pt of Auram, and there are A LOT of greatwood logs in a tree...

    Anyway, usually the best way to get Auram is to either make a mana bean farm or a wisp spawning trap in a magical biome. Both of which take some kind of effort and give you a sense of accomplishment when you get them working correctly. I really prefer working towards this to the idea that there is a magic box that I put essentia into and get out the essentia I need.

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    posted a message on Im making a minecraft 1.7.10 mod and i am wondering how to make a machines that us rf (redstone flux from thermal expansion)
    For people who are interested in a short and simple answer - any files you put in src/api should not get built out into your mod by gradle with the latest version of Forge.
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