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    Quote from Ironspiderman»

    Maybe a spaceship or something?

    That would be cool.

    You could also post it when you're done.

    This is a nice idea, how about having it landed on another planet, completely not earth-like? Easy way out is of course to do something like Mars, but I would suggest something different, maybe with life on it!

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    Not too bad! The balcony is very large, looks like it need some poles for support in the corners!
    I would make a path to the water and build something there, maybe a sandy beach or a boardwalk

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    Life Tree densification

    Today we are working on giving the Life Tree a more natural and dense look.
    We can see from the trampoline how sparse the current branches are.

    Denser tree ‒ Start

    I head up with bed, shears, shovel, axe, oak saplings, oak leaves and dirtblocks and get going.


    I place the grey bed to sleep and grow the first tree right in the face of the owl... not very considerate.

    Tree misplaced

    So I'll have to chop it down, which is good because we need logs to make wood blocks!

    The trees are very small...

    Too small trees as branches

    I branch and grow them on top of each other

    Thin and tiny

    It still looks very thin and tiny, I think these will be better at the ends of the large branches,
    and then I can build custom ones closer in to the trunks

    As I walk around I start to feel more an more that the proper way to grow the tree branches
    is to sculpt manually.
    I decide to go down and have a look at progress so far from a distance and get oak logs.
    As I look for the waterfall to slide down I notice my work replacing oak logs with blocks from the
    interior has blocked it!

    Blocked water

    Carefully replacing the blocking logs the water can run again.

    Sliding down the fall

    Sliding down waterfalls, this is the way to live!

    There are only eight oak logs in the cabin, so I have to go and farm some.
    Half a stack will have to do as it gets dark before I have collected any more.
    Heading back up to the trampoline lookout point, how is the progress so far?

    Middle tree

    The look has definitely improved!
    It seems like the tree would benefit from more branches around the upper middle.

    I take a break to walk outdoors and get inspiration for another post.

    For the remainder I mostly build custom branches, only planting a few trees.
    Looking from the trampoline again, I notice what I suspected, that the planted trees look very 'pasted in'
    without trimming them. See that tree-branch just to the right of the blue crystal in the front?

    Densert tree ‒ almost there

    Now look at this final screenshot, isn't it nicer like this?

    End trim

    There's still some work left at the uppermost branches, but for now, it will have to do. There are other things we want to make happen, and varying tasks is a good way to avoid exhaustion!

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    An Unexpected Visitor, Minecraft Botany continued and something Red (but not dead)

    I was having problems with lighting issues in Minecraft version 1.14, but now after almost a month without playing, I updated to 1.14.1. Would it work?

    As the game loads I am really happy to see it performs much better! During the time since the last update I have played around a bit with the Tree Spirit Challenge by Lilariel in version 1.6 and got inspired to take this approach to improving the Life Tree. Since it is night time when the game loads I go to sleep in the Forester's cabin

    When I step back outside in the sunshine I am surprised by a voice nearby...

    I turn around and suddenly ... :o

    there is THIS BLUE GUY standing there with a llama! What?!? I didn't build a village... or wait... I kind of did... but I thought it was only populated by me and fictional characters!

    Wandering trader picture 1

    After closer inspection, its two llamas. :blink:

    Wandering trader - two llamas

    So I decide to talk with him. Turns out he is a wandering trader! And he got pretty things for sale! :D

    Wandering trader trades

    I sprint into the Life Tree and up the stairs to the emerald branch. Corn flowers and fire coral blocks are the rarest things and the priority! Packed ice is pretty cool (no pun intended), but very expensive... for that price I'd almost expect blue ice!

    Back again, Mr. Blue is still there and I buy four corn flowers. If you have read this world journal from the beginning you know that all the flowers in the valley got rearranged to a more realistic placement in the post Trees, lights, a lion and Minecraft botany.
    So naturally the corn flower deserves the same treatment!

    I look it up on Wikipedia (mm, those photos!). It turns out it is not the corn plant flowering, which I initially thought, but rather a flower or weed common in fields of corn in the broader sense, as grain! I think the genus part centaurea in the latin name, centaurea cyanus is curious. Is there a connection with centaurs? The genus (family) consist of basket-shaped flowers. Either way the corn flowers are very beautiful and I place them around the wheat plantations in the valley.

    Four corn flowers placed along the stream

    Four flowers don't really fit the description of a weed, so I decide to go back to the trader who is still around and buy another eight. I want to buy eleven to have fifteen in total, but the trader seems to be out of flowers, so I buy another fire coral for the remaining three emeralds. I go back and plant the lovely little 'bachelor's buttons' (another name they have). As I am about to take a second screenshot, the sun sets, so I sleep in the Wizard's Hut. Maybe I should consider getting a bed of my own?

    Anyhow, here is the valley with eleven corn flowers added. Not all are visible, since at least one is down by the river inlet in front of the hobbit-styled home, but I think they definitely add some life and interest to the wheat fields, which I felt were a bit too 'mono-croppy' :farming247::farming247: for the theme of the valley and world. What do you think?

    Eleven corn flowers placed. View along stream

    A closer look down the valley

    Zoomed view of corn flowers placed along the stream

    Speaking of the hobbit-styled home, that's close to where I put coral blocks, in the water around the mangrove tree. Let's just imagine the lakes and rivers around are closely connected to the sea and the water is salty enough!

    Here's a view from the shore:

    Fire corals : view from shore

    And a closer look:

    View from fisherman

    Finally, I trot back north past the stone mason, the shop and around the forester's cabin, east uphill, then south through the pine forest and up the cobbly path to the highest hill where the trampoline is to get an overview of how Flower Valley looks at the moment.

    Here is the view towards the north. Oh, and I am dressed like a carpenter. I should draw some more fitting skin!

    Valley with corn flowers. Overview towards the north with

    As I look at it, I notice I forgot about the wheat fields around the Animalist's hut, they are visible in the top right of the screenshot, behind the pines and dark oak trees. Hm... I think I'll just remove them, and I will find something else more interesting to put there! (feel free to leave me any suggestion, I'd love to oblige, as long as it fits the natural/peaceful/organic/mystical mishmash!!)

    Finally northwest. In these two screenshots I think you can see almost all locations in the valley, with the exception of the mines. And the caves and rooms of the Adventurer's Hub and any other interiors of course!

    Valley with corn flowers and fire corals placed. View towards north-west

    That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this little update!! I'll get around to spicing up the life tree in the next update! I have also been thinking about detail and depth.. maybe some of the houses will be further modified.. There's one I'll tear down and transform.. can you guess which one?

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    1.14 Updates - Functional blocks: Barrel, composter, loom, lectern and various tables

    I snuck in a little bit in the previous update, but this will be the first official post where I add things I try related to new additions in the last Minecraft update. Naturally due to the pacific nature of this world and my play-style, they will mostly be decorative, despite the title.

    To start off, I craft the various tables and put them in the places I find most proper. Now if only I had a turn-table for the disco, that would be flipping!

    The balcony where the larger world map is seems like a natural place for the cartographer's table.

    Cartography table on balcony

    The smithing table is also a no-brainer. I also put a grindstone here, you can see it on the wood pillar above the iron block in the back. It can serve some nice purposes, for example to get books back from enchanted books for which I have no use.

    Smithing table at ... smithy

    The dyer is where banners are made, so the loom finds a room here. Or actually not, because I want to place it outside and since it is raining I realize it needs a little roof to protect it a bit, which I add with acacia half slabs.

    Loom at dyer

    In the rain I also add a composter in the back of the farmland and a barrel to the roof on the general store, where the crafting workshop is.

    Composter in farmland
    Barrel at workshop

    Going down and indoors, the furnace in the store's kitchen gets replaced by a smoker, specialized for cooking food as it is. Of course, only veggies are allowed to enter the oven, we don't kill and eat our fluffy friends.

    Smoker in general store

    The final addition is my favorite, the lectern. It is now holding the Flower Valley poem, in what might be my favorite place in Flower Valley and b³O at the moment, the Poet's Corner. What's yours?

    Lectern in poet

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    Quote from Crossfirekira»

    I tend to like stripped dark oak for this sort of thing. It has very slight green undertones that give it a mossy look. Since the tree is very old and probably has been struck by lightning, dark patches would make sense.

    Hm..that gives me an idea, I think I want the whole tree a bit more mossy... I'm quite depressed lately, feeling like I want to become a little rock myself overgrown by lush greenery... not sure how to do it yet though (the mossier tree, not become a rock ^^ )...

    We have 1.14, so I'll be trying some new things related to it. Here I'm made the roof of the animalist's hut a bit smoother by replacing full blocks with stairs:


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    I started playing on an SMP server. It's taking a while getting used to playing on a higher difficulty than peaceful and I've died quite a few times.

    My own base so far is not much more than a cave and mine-shaft in a swamp with crops growing outside.

    At spawn I built a little zen temple. I don't have any good screenshot of the result, but here is one during the construction. The temple has a timer so the visitors can sit an meditate for five minutes, before a bell sounds.

    battle for the temple grounds

    I have been building small houses in the town of a friends base:

    3 little houses

    Only the house in the back has a specific purpose so far, it is the guest house where I sleep and also store some materials for crafting redstone.

    My first farm will be an attempt at an ice farm, in form of a UFO hovering over the swamp. The farm will be made by filling the beam underneath with water, which will hopefully freeze above height level 100.

    half a beam

    I'm around two thirds up so far, but the material requirements are growing as the size of the circumference increases each level. I think this build will look really nice when finished.

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    posted a message on Vegan mode

    Ok let me make this clear... I am not Vegan or even vegetarian but I can understand why someone would be. But vegans in MINECRAFT... A VIDEO GAME?!?!?! That's just stupid... animals in Minecraft are not living things they are simply lines of code in a PC. I can't believe society has gotten to the point people are trying to protect lines of code like this my goodness hahaha. Like no offence but this is the worst idea I have ever heard.

    The boundaries between real-life and lines of code are not as clear as we'd like to think, if we sit down and examine them a bit.

    In fact, from a certain perspective, humans and other animals are the most advanced robots ever constructed, or, a more accurate description might be; self-assembled from/with the environment. Pretty cool I think!

    Some simple examples to illustrate how people are robots:
    Habits are sets of instructions taught at some point and then repeated without requiring conscious awareness, like running a computer process or program in the background. We have thousands of them to take care of how we move, recognize things, speak etc.,

    At a larger scale, people buy into and enroll in programs; cultural, educational, social and so on, built and maintained by mostly unchallenged shared collective thought-structures.

    If we look more closely, since everything was thus once taught, there is nothing that really says what a thing in our direct experience truly is. Taken to its conclusion, any statement about an object or action in existence boils down to holding a certain idea as truer than any other, even if it is never absolutely true and thus ultimately arbitrary.

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    Quote from user-100151321»

    If you strip the spruce logs it looks really good

    I tried before with stripped oak and wasn't happy, but that was because they were too bright, so I listened to your advice!

    Here's a screenshot of the same location in my previous post, with the spruce logs stripped

    Life Tree, mixing in stripped spruce logs

    And I think you are right, it looks promising, thanks a lot for the tip!

    This reminds me, I should play around more in creative mode, just figuring out material palettes. It is a great time-saver.

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    Replacing oak logs with oak wood have made the Life Tree look a bit too plain for my taste. As an experiment, I introduced spruce wood, what do you think? Any other ideas for how to make the tree more realistic and life-like?

    Life Tree spruced up test

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    I've been continuing replacing oak logs with oak wood in the Life Tree in my survival world, something I started after updating it to 1.13

    To show you the difference, here is a screenshot with the left branches mostly done, and the right still left to do

    Life Tree log replacement process

    I'm so used to seeing the logs that it looks a bit odd to me with only wood textures.

    But I also feel the tree now becomes a bit too plain, A large old tree might would perhaps have more cracks and openings, which would require more detail so maybe I will experiment with mixing in some dark oak, spruce or carved logs, as well using other leaves.

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    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Looking at possibilities for 'improvement':

    One thing that occurs to me is adding a landing pad/launcher to make the castle more accessible via elytra. [It being a gateway to the end, this seems apropos…] (Possibly on one of the other sides of the pillar to avoid distracting from the staie balconies? Assuming that would not clash with the house(?) visible at lower left in the 2nd pic…)

    A landing pad and launcher is a really great idea!

    And how about some tower going out on the side of the mountain wall?
    An attempt to sketch how I imagine it:

     mw | /_\
     mw | | |
     mw | | |
     mw |/ /
        | /
    Could also have some walkways around the mountain side
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    posted a message on Ideas for improving my End Castle (housing an end portal and not much else currently)

    Hi indiahawker! Here's what I would do:

    To make the build fit in better in the mountain, I would make a gradient using several blocks. In the screenshot I have used gravel, andesite, cracked stone bricks, sand, sandstone and endstone to transition into endstone bricks.
    Then for the purpur blocks, I would use them as accent blocks in a third layer, I'd also add more depth in general by mixing in sandstone stairs and slabs (and maybe there are endstone stairs and slabs in the upcoming 1.14?). I would also make the walls a bit less monotonous by mixing in some endstone with the endstone bricks.
    Directly applying my build style from the screenshot into your world would probably look too messy to fit in well, but I think the principles behind the ideas can be used.

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    Quote from Rakk»

    Hey buddy, Rakkinishu here (I know right, my account got deleted and so did my posts, feelsbad). Took a long hiatus off Minecraft, about a year in fact, and was surprised to stumble upon your thread again. Just snooping the survival forums as you do haha. Glad to see you're still at it though!

    Hey Rakkinishu, good to see you again and thanks for livening up this thread with a comment! With Batman as your avatar instead of Confucius it seems you've taken a more direct approach to teaching philosophy! Reality check with a slap in the face is like being poked with a stick by a Zen master. I got that slap at the end of last summer... Still, today I was just thinking about how to be more of a mystic again, not just in Minecraft but for life in general, without losing grip on 'normal' things. I want the best of both worlds... How to make something positive out of everything one does, to really have an impact?

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    New world download which includes all thirty or so Flower Valley builds (I honestly don't know how to count them) and the Acacian Ascendancy!

    Here is the link:

    b³O [for Minecraft version 1.13.2]

    I hope you enjoy, and don't hesitate to ask me anything!

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