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    Once these lands were ours. Living in peace, raising cities, farms, and fighting off the occasional pillagers. Even as first portals to the nether appeared, we could still manage to live a good life. Our armies were fierce enough to hold off the threats of the Nether, and later the End. But it all changed with the appearance of the void. Creatures unknown to us emerged. Entire cities disappeared, places fell to ruin. We were unable to fight back. But just as the suddenly as the void appeared, it disappeared, leaving few places standing.
    But the rise of the void left a stain on this world. Even now, we have been unable to claim back the lands taken from us. However, hope is not lost. Even if we are unable to claim it back, In time others might be able to. Are you one of the heroes who will reclaim the Fallen Lands?

    About Me
    I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha, back when servers needed a lot of ram for just 1 player. Ever since then, I have been helping out others with their servers and once owned a server myself. That server had to be closed due to my financial state, and lack of a trustworthy staff. While I could do this on my own, it would take a long time to get it released. I am a web developer myself, with some bits of knowledge of marketing and software development.

    Server Details

    It will be a towny survival server, allowing players to mine and build everywhere in the world, There will also be ruins and towns to explore. Along with many materials to gather. It will feature a story that will grow and evolve based on the player's actions. However, this server is far from done yet, and we will need a team to get the server released faster.

    Main Plugins
    Magic and Towny. We are not looking for plugins that everyone uses, just because everyone uses them. The fewer plugins we need, the better the server performance will be. I rather not use a plugin than only utilize 10% of it.

    Staff Needed

    I need some staff to get the server up and running. With the right staff, I can take some time to make the website and learn to develop certain plugins that do not yet exist.

    Developer/Plugin Manager (1/3)
    agic is a plugin that is closer to programming than just simply setting something on and off. That is why I am calling this role a "developer", instead of just a "plugin manager". Your job will be to make the spells, items, and tools the server needs. In addition, you will maintain the plugins, keeping it at the right version for our server, and keeping it working. I will be assigning tasks based on your current skills. I do expect that are able to read the documentation and ask for help when stuck. When something is not possible, I ask that you voice it. What I am looking for is someone who does not just default to the plugins everyone uses and instead is willing to look at alternatives. This is the main trait I am looking for. Besides that, it would be helpful if you know a bit about the magic plugin. If you know how to develop plugins, that is a pro, but not a requirement as I am going to learn to do so myself.

    Builder (2/5)
    We really need builders. Our server style is medieval, and we would like builders with a certain proficiency with this style. Your job will be to help finishing the spawn (I want every builder to participate in it), which will be the main city. This city will be a bit big compared to the other things I will ask you to build. Once the spawn is finished, your job will be to find locations for ruins. There might be 1 or two more towns built, but generally, it will be ruins and dungeons. Besides that, you will also be responsible for building areas for events. These will be planned in advance, and if something won't be done in time (Or is unrealistic), I do expect you to mention that.

    Resource Pack Manager
    For our server, we are in need of a custom resource pack. As an RP manager, it is your job to maintain the resource pack and ensures all models are working correctly. You will be making models yourself, and so i hope the way you think fits well for what we want. As a warning, if the RP gets too big, there will be need for a smaller one to accommodate people with older computers.

    How to apply

    You can apply by leaving a message here, or enter our discord (https://discord.gg/JRTK8TX) and post in the recruitment channel.

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