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    Quote from Trex1611»

    It only works with weapons. Armour doesn't have durability texturing, however optifine has custom item textures so that way Mithey can still make each peace of armour look different.

    Ah got it. But it isn't mandatory right? Just optional?
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    Quote from Trex1611»

    You only need optifine and it is already really easy to install.

    Why do we need optifine again? I vaguely remember Mithey saying it had something to do with durability texturing but I thought that was implemented in a recent version of MC?
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    Sure stuff in the past is good and all but tbh, people need to learn to accept change and be done with it. Minecraft is Mojang's game after all. Sure maybe we can give ideas and they might listen but saying "I dun liek this plz st0p upd8ting Min3craft lol" isn't giving good feedback :/

    If people don't like the new textures then they can use a resource pack. I THINK we can't give out official textures in packs but if the textures change then the old ones aren't exactly official anymore right? If that theory is correct then someone will make a pre-1.13 texture pack. I personally like some of them but others...not so much, however I will give kind feedback and thoughts, unlike most companies, Mojang DOES listen to their players, even if its only a little.

    People who want to live in pre-1.13 land or even in 1.8.9 land are free to do so, just remember that living in the past will make you miss out on the future.

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    posted a message on 1.12 pack that makes the wool/clay/shulker boxes/etc. the colors they were in 1.11

    The new color brightness of wool and stuff in 1.12 is a bit bright and burns my eyes so I was wondering if there's a pack made that makes them the colors they are now in 1.11?

    If there isn't could one be made? I know many other people out there that hate the new brighter colors of the wool and everything.

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    Its a stone entity in an underground labyrinth and there were multiple of them so...

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    While I do think they should tone the colors of the new blocks down a bit (more specifically the wool) this update is amazing for map-makers since they have a ton of new blocks they can use to retexture for maps.

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    Quote from Mithey»

    It essentially takes place directly after Terra Restore 1. In the intro too you are referred to as someone who has no idea of the history, just like in TR1/TR2. Through out the map you will be told even more about what happened. I'm even considering having some sort of "flashback" story like areas where you go back in time and re-experience certain things that happened in TR/TR2 ^^

    Ah, so we aren't the same person as we were at the end of TR1 (or we are and have no memory)? I guess it makes sense as people may not have played the other 2 maps; and flashback/back in time areas would be awesome, especially for events unseen/unfinished, things that happened between the timeline, or just for pure nostalgia :D

    Nice to know that you've found a way to turn your anxiety into energy too Mithey^^ Just remember to not push yourself too hard~
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    Looking good so far Mithey! The chests and the properties that you're giving them sound like they're going to be fun to encounter!

    Out of curiosity, if you've thought about it or it's important, how far in the future from TR1 is Chunk Restore assumed to take place? Is it directly after or does it take awhile for everything to fall into chaos? And, as far as we, the player, goes, are we referred to as someone who has no idea the history of Nira (TR1 & 2) and that's why we get told about what happened in those maps or are we talked to as if we are the same person we were in them and being told about the past is in a sense of the one talking remembering whilst around us it or through our own flashbacks if something is brought up? Just asking as I remember in TR1 that we are talked to as if we were involved in the events that transpired prior to it (TR2). If the map a sequel to the former then I'm assuming that we'd be the same person but I figured I ask. If you can't reveal though due to spoiling something then that's fine^^

    Keep up the awesome work you are doing and remember to take a break if you need to!

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    Quote from Mithey»
    Another update on Chunk Restore, and there is going to be more updates here no doubt soon as there is still a lot happening! :P

    I went ahead and made a custom leveling system for the map, which of course allows for way greater control than the normal Minecraft leveling system. Each time you kill a mob you of course get experience, or at least most of the time. The amount of experience you get is determined by your level vs the area level you are in. There is a max level cap in place, and it will gradually grow over time. There will potentially be up to 60 levels. Quests whenever some get implemented will of course give experience. Monsters will probably get easier/harder based on level too.

    I've also implemented the custom death system too. When you die you currently lose 10% of your gold currency, and lose 5 Minecraft levels - which is basically another type of currency. In addition if you die more than once within a time frame of 10 minutes the ghost of Coco will be displeased for dying too much and steal a few material items from you.

    I've been getting more of the player base planned here too. It's actually going to be more of a town area that you build up over time. Right now I'm thinking some things it will allow you to do:
    *View achievements
    *Possibly view quests you're currently on
    *Set custom player abilities/traits
    *Restore/expand/change/upgrade town
    *Unlock new items to craft, obtain, or buy
    *Serves as a place of course to safely store your goodies
    *Farm/fish for food
    *Possibly through out the world you can recruit certain NPCs to join your town if you can somehow convince them to
    *Exchange Minecraft levels for materials
    *Possibly an occasional event could happen in the town

    We will see what happens with that over time, there is definitely a lot I can do!

    I think a good portion of items you gain will actually be obtained through a custom crafting system with materials you gain through out the world. New crafting recipes of course could be obtained over time.

    Also btw, with the custom armor textures thing I said the other day, I could technically use the mod to do the same thing with having custom food. :P Food will actually probably be a pretty big deal, especially at first. Also the map will be designed in such a way that you can't just cheese the whole food system by creating a massive farm. You probably won't be able to breed animals in the map, and you will have to use specific already hoed areas to grow crops. I actually think there might not be a single area in the map this time which will put you into survival mode due to how limiting that is for design for me. I actually would really love to get a custom cooking system in place at some point, but again we will see ^^

    As far as map difficulty goes I think the map will actually have 4 difficulty modes this time:

    Casual: Super easy and for those much younger, or people not too familiar with maps/Minecraft, or people who just want to experience things and take it easy
    Normal: Like the name suggests, a fairly normal experience. You will probably have think critically on some occasions
    Challenge: For those looking for a challenge and want to really try to think critically, learn mechanics, and strategize to succeed
    Void: A difficulty mode more so for me and whoever else wants a very extremely tough challenge that will put all your skills and knowledge to the test

    Also unlike before that will be the only difficulty setting. There won't be any regeneration settings, and boss difficulty will link in with the above difficulty. I'm also hoping to have the difficulty actually alter gameplay/mechanics a fair bit more this time too. Mobs might use abilities more frequently, dodging things would be harder, parkour/puzzles may or may not be easier/trickier, etc. to try and have a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

    Anyway, I'm definitely trying for a way more professional and well designed map this time! I might not get to everything I want in the end, but again we will see over time! That's all for now!

    The custom stuff sounds cool, just don't push yourself making everything so you don't burn yourself out ;)

    It'll definitely have cutscenes but whether they will set you into spectator mode or not I'm not too sure yet. The cutscenes in Chunk Restore should be way less laggy too as you shouldn't need to be teleported around as much.

    Cool, looking forward to that :D As for the spectator mode thing, I found it nice for the cutscenes since people's faces on multiplayer won't obscure each other to the point of no one being able to see stuff~ Everything is better without lag too :3

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    New map sounds interesting (though I'm not one for scary-ish things I'm definitely gonna try it :) The RPG map is sounding like its going to be epic when it gets released too so I'm looking forward to that for sure!

    Also, I saw what you said on the 26th and totally understand where you're coming from so no worries there ;)

    But, since I haven't played TR2 since the first 4 areas I decided to play it as far as it went just to experience it. (stuff about my thoughts on the map in the spoiler)

    First off, beautiful, absolutely beautiful.The areas, the story, the cutscenes, just everything really blew me away since the first four areas (which I did again for the fun of it and because I forgot the plot of them XD)

    I think, of all the areas though, everything in Aquaess was my favorite, just for the concept of it everything that happened there and the fact the city was so nicely built~ (the Magma caverns were fun too though)

    Holy hell that cutscene of the invasion though, that just baffles me how you can do that in MC, truly amazing (even more amazing how you basically replaced the entire main area of the city from its original version to that more corrupt and desolate one permanently, that was cool.)

    I feel bad for Exiel :'(

    In short the map was beautiful, creative, and very unique; it definitely felt like a game to me. Sad that slowly its being outdated and stuff but, I do hope one day you return to it. Whether you do or not though, here's to a new year of awesome maps that I get to look forward to :D

    Quote from Mithey»

    Also Chunk Restore is going to be a stand alone map with how it's quite a fair bit different than TR1/TR2. A lot of people that end up playing Chunk Restore might have no idea what TR1/TR2 is and what happened in the story. As such it'll no doubt bring up past events through out it's story, including TR2 events that never got made in time.

    That'll be nice, I'd love to see/learn what happened after where TR2 left off at. :D Will you be doing cutscenes in Chunk Restore like you did in TR2? Because after seeing the cutscene I mentioned above I think that they are totally awesome.

    Hope the bugs you've been having such as the music not being adjusted by the noteblocks get fixed or you find a way to work around them too.^^
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    Quote from Mithey»

    I've been trying to come up with ideas for a main storyline/setting for the new open world RPG map. One of the ideas I'm actually very much considering and liking is actually re-using the Terra Restore world setting. As in for example there being tension between animals/humans/monsters, The Magma Legion being out and about and up to no good, the creatures from the void making more of an appearance, you having to restore the world in some form, etc.

    I might even continue the Terra Restore storyline itself in the map, of course leading off where it was left off in the ending of Terra Restore 1. Seeing how the map would be quite a fair bit different than Terra Restore, I will probably end up calling it a different name rather then "Terra Restore 3". However I would probably keep one word of it like the "Restore" part. :P

    Terra Restore isn't the most friendly map to develop unfortunately, as such a Terra Restore 3 honestly might not ever happen. Not to mention there are some things I'm personally not the biggest fan of with the map type, such as how the map being a CTM and how the player is almost always in survival mode is quite limiting, how combat only focused the majority of the map is with not a ton of variety, how unfriendly the map is for YouTubers, etc. Even though it's still definitely a really good map and obviously no map is perfect!

    So this might be a perfect way of continuing the story and map in some form. Not to mention it would probably save me a fair bit of time thinking up another interesting setting. Also a lot of people would probably appreciate such a thing a lot too. Also there is a lot of "character" to the Terra Restore setting that would be really nice to continue to use.

    The RPG Map continuing where TR1 left off actually sounds like a cool idea IMO, opens up a ton of new possibilities for you to use to expand the world that you have created and the story behind it.^^

    As for the Christmas map, I'm definitely gonna check that out :D
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    Quote from Mithey»

    Some more awesome news for you all! I'm now starting to work on 3 main big projects including: Terra Restore 1 Remastered, Terra Restore 2, and videos on YouTube.

    Terra Restore 1 Remastered includes me updating my very 1st map to 1.11 while adding a ton of polish and redesigning all the systems in the map. This means you will likely see the following when I'm done of it:

    • All areas will receive a lot more detail and a better look
    • Some areas will be re-designed a bit while keeping it a bit similar to the way it was before
    • Gear/loot systems redesigned completely
    • Armor recipes removed (probably) as the map will be designed around keep inventory anyway
    • Possibly a weapon upgrade system similar to that found in a game called Dark Cloud 2
    • All spawners redesigned
    • New custom monsters around the place
    • "Restoration events" added in each dungeon area
    • Boss fights re-designed and made even better, perhaps even an "insanity" difficulty mode for them
    • More map options in general, including multiplayer scaling
    • And a bunch of other new stuff and again polish in general!

    Is something that's in the "Bunch of other new stuff" adding a bit more of the plot into the map at all? Just curious as I think you mentioned it at some point in time.

    Also, started Sad Panda Adventures 2 and have been loving it so far. Although, I did notice that the music doesn't get effected by the note blocks slider in the volume settings. Did one of the MC updates break that?

    Looking forward to TR1 Remastered and the full release or TR2 :D

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    posted a message on Chance Cubes - A Game of Chance and Skill - A Lucky Block Alternative Mod
    Quote from itbrosh»

    You know what?

    At first, this was so cool, it is in a lot of mod packs like project ozone. it had lots of cool rewards, and it was exciting.

    And then I get a vortex explosion.

    Now the thing is that I broke the cube like 50-70 blocks from my base.. completely destroyed!!!

    I have spent over 40 hrs on that save, GONE!

    I just want to know why would anyone add that to a mod?

    A mod is supposed to be fun, and this is the opposite.

    if you have anymore mass destruction REWARDS, please remove them!!!

    Thank you!

    That is why you never open chance cubes near your base unless you go out 500 blocks :P

    Also, not all mods are meant to be fun *coughgregtechcough* idk where you got that memo from :/

    He won't just remove the destruction things just for you, make backups or look into the mod next time.

    On a side note to the mod maker, why did you change the texture of the cubes from dice to pumpkins or an I an idiot?

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    Quote from Endervikin»

    My main question is,does all your maps take place in the land of nira,because i can meet sad panda selling armor in terra restore 2,and in chicken quest the corruption from terra restore 2 is spreading throughout the map,so the question is is it all a part of the large world of nira,or is sad panda and the adventurous scenario maps all different dimensions next to nira and the void world,because all i know for sure is that the stories are entwined together.

    I think those might just be little easter eggs but idk, I haven't played TR2 since the 2nd episode due to wanting to wait for the full release.
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    posted a message on Can you bring a personal backpack to Minecon?

    Stupid question but I'm just curious as I'd like to have a thing that I can put what I buy in and carry some of my stuff (like things I want ppl to sign) in. First Minecon so idk how it works^^;

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