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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    Quote from Maxance»

    • Minecraft Username: Phob1a
    • I play on PC
    • Age: 23
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: Sweden (UTC +2)
    • How someone should contact you: Discord (Alpha#0035) send me a message with some info on urself to like age country and gender ^^
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: hmm for sometime now but had some breaks due to no one to play the game with.
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: mainly Moded.
    • Any additional things you want to say: I'm actually looking for real friends not only on Minecraft we might like other games and we could maybe play those to ^^

    join this ip EpicArea65.mcph.co i will see you on my server XD i wont to chill.... :farming247: by Mooshim

    version = 1.12

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    posted a message on EpicArea65 100% Fredom server

    on my server EpicArea65

    there is only 2 rules ! ! !

    1 dont greef the hubs or minigames if you somehow get the ability to do so

    2 hacking is allowed but no hardcore pvp hacks

    on my server you can get staff by filling out 5 things and posting your filled out copy on the forum

    ! ! ! Wont Staff ! ! !


    UserName = (RandomGuy124)

    Age = (10)

    Skills = Building (yep) Redstone (nope) PixelArt (yep) Commands (nope) Plugins (world-edit)

    Country = (aus)

    Time-When-Online = (sat-sun) (1pm-3pm)


    there are meny minigames on my server and you can warp to them easy by doing /warps and clicking on them ! ! !

    ! ! ! Ip = EpicArea65.mcph.co ! ! !

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    Quote from MisterSalad»

    • Minecraft Username: S4ladreal
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.): PC
    • Age: 15
    • Gender: I hate it
    • Country/Timezone: Germany / European Time Zone
    • How someone should contact you: Discord(S4lad#8797) or PM
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since 1.3.2
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Play TerraFirmaCraft
    • Any additional things you want to say: I like salad.

    i am on pc and
    i own my own server
    i am online right now so plez join
    ip EpicArea65.mcph.co
    it is 1.12
    and i am making minigames lol

    • Minecraft Username: AubarinoEmpire
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.): PC
    • Age: 13
    • Gender: ... i am not saying
    • Country/Timezone: aus mel
    • How someone should contact you: steam or minecraft or phone
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: all my life
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: run a server and make friends and film youtube vids
    • Any additional things you want to say: i am pro at commands, redstone, mapmaking, building, plugins, i am a long long time player and i am pro at minecraft in almost every way.

    some info about me lol


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    posted a message on Staff needed
    Quote from aalycat100»

    Nickname: Alex or Nemmie
    IGN (in game name):NemmieAlex
    Location: USA Missouri
    Referals from previous positions: I have been from Co-Owner to Head-Admin or Admin and a few times builder on many servers. Sadly, those servers are no longer up. I stopped applying for staff applications a few years ago because I found myself getting bored of MineCraft after playing so long. But now I've started back up 2 months ago and happy as can be. I am very interactive and talkative and will talk up a storm. Very patient with about everything. I love to joke around so interacting with players will be easy for me. Im really social as you can already tell. Now, when it comes to rules broken. What ever owners saying is, if its "3 warnings and you're out" I greatly follow that. I do not play around when it comes down to having a player face punishment. I'm pretty mature with punishments and make sure to give out the reasonable punishment for he/she. I'm as well very well with building. I don't have any screenshots to show you because I rarely apply for building. But, I have been asked as an admin to build things on servers. Since I am in highschool, I cannot get on minecraft Mondays through Thursdays after school times, because one, I swim competiv, and secondly, school work and babysitting. Friday after school times and the week are the only times im able to be on. If im on a week day usually im sick or no school. If theres anymore questions my skype is LemmeAlex. Thank you for taking you're time to read this! Hope to maybe start working with you :)

    i need staff on my server
    and i wos wondering if you wont to be super admin on it / co admin
    if so join this ip EpicArea65.mcph.co
    and i will rank you
    ps i am in aus and i have aus time
    when i am online k
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    posted a message on (White-list) Australian Vanilla Server. Mature Community.

    Language Spoken:english
    Have you been banned before, and if so then what for? i have not ever been banned from eny server for hacking or greefing but some times i wos banned fro no reason by a bad admin =( on some servers.
    Why do you want to join this server?: so i can make friends and help build some cool stuff
    What will you bring to the community?: epic builds, plugin help , command help ( i am epic with commands and i even made a working heli!!!! )

    i am epic at read stone...
    Have you read the rules?: yes
    Do you agree to abide by them?: YES!!!
    How active will you be?: ever sun day and some times in the week.
    Do you agree not to destroy spawn building and abide by building 100 blocks away from spawn?: yes but if you wont i can help add some very cool command effects to the spawn

    ps i am a command god and i can make eny thing you wont me to make

    from a custom boss battle

    to working custom pets

    and even trails like wings and hats!!!!!

    ps if you wont to talk a bit more i have a steam account and i will join chat rooms with it if you wont.

    oh and i have a server of my own that is not white list and has a lot of fun stuf and a lot of players so if you wont we could team and you mite get some more players on it if you wont... just saying

    if you do not wont that its k but i would like to be a staff member on your server eny way k

    xoxoxoxo auby

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    posted a message on NEED STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i do not have discord but i am willing to help just give me the ip and op this username AubarinoEmpire

    i will help with eny problems you are having and i will help build some stuff if you need it

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    Quote from RekNezz»

    Nickname: Diggs
    IGN (in game name): 160ms, I will be changing it back to Pinqeh soon.
    Age: 13
    Location: Perth, Australia
    Referals from previous positions:

    I'm currently a Mod on a very popular server called LastCallPvP. It is a gun server. If you'd like the IP msg me on Skype. I had applied for Mod on that server ages ago and after a few weeks from getting yes or no's from the rest of the staff team. I finally got accepted 5/7 of the Admins said yes. I was very excited to get the staff position on such an awesome server, I had to be a Trial-Mod before I got the position so after a month I proved to be worthy of Moderator. Later on I got to know the staff team and helped the many people that came onto the server.

    I then made an application to become Admin. It had gotten accepted. I strived in helping the server in any way I can, I then later changed my name and lost my rank, but they made me Mod due to them not having enough mods. I was happy with that. So now I'm currently Mod. Hoping to get a promotion in the future. I'm going to be staff on both your server and theirs. Because I'm very close friends with them and because I want to help you too.

    I've also been a Moderator on a mega server. Arkhamnetwork. I've been demoted due inactivity, but that was because I was having family issues. But I learnt alot from that experience including. There is a big difference between mega servers. And small servers. I was a trial for about 2 months. And then a moderator for 4 months because I proved to be worthy. It was a very fun and educational experience to work with such awesome staff members and communicate with the players.

    I've also owned about 2 servers, one was just a free testing grounds for all my CB inventions. And to just mess around with my mates. I then made another free server which I tried to make a small guns server, it didn't go so well. Since it was free and I didn't have access to much ram, and because nobody really wanted to play a guns server because they need a lot of work. So in the end I gave up.

    I then later made a free server, again. This one was going to be a hub server and I felt it was going to be awesome. It was easy to do hub. Then it was just to make the only two servers, survival and factions. I was going to then make it a bigger and better server with more custom servers and plugins. I had gotten alot of staff since people like the idea of hub servers, so I made it a paid server. It went very well I made my money back with 5 donations it laster for about 4 months. But I got banned from doing anything with games due to exams. I had to close it about a week later, none of my friends wanted to host my server while I was doing it, because they also had to do exams. But I made profit which is good with 5 donations. With only survival and factions.

    yo here is my server ip EpicArea65.mcph.co
    you got the job of admin ( admin of chat and helping some other admins when they need it )
    ps if you wont i will give you mega vip as well
    hop on any time
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    posted a message on Staff and Co-Owner Needed!
    Quote from alal8»
    Name: Tell if Accepted
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    IGN: alal8
    Job Applying for: Admin

    Things I want you to know: I am awesome at building plugins redstoning and my matureness is 8/10.

    Thanks for reading! -Alal8

    i have already gotten 1 other admin from this page but what the heck here is the ip EpicArea65.mcph.co you got the job of plugin help guide and admin/builder
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    Quote from Idakat»
    well, im too late but what so freaking ever xD
    Name: Ida
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 15
    IGN: Idakat
    Job Applying for: idk, some kind of staff?
    Any information you want me to know(optional): im cool and im online everyday

    you got the job of admin on my server
    join this ip EpicArea65.mcph.co
    log on eny time
    ps you will need to reply so i can confirm its you
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    posted a message on Staff and Co-Owner Needed!

    i need more staff...

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    posted a message on Staff and Co-Owner Needed!

    hello my server ip is EpicArea65.mcph.co

    i need some more builders


    command guys

    and admins

    i run a dedicated server with minigames and role play areas

    and i need more staff

    if you wont the job

    join my server and say #wont_job_( job you wont )

    and i will ask you about yourself and then i will give you the job you wont

    ps i have a large staff but i can always use more as the server gets bigger.

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    posted a message on Need Builders For Server!!!

    yo i need some new builders for my server ip EpicArea65.mcph.co log on and say this in chat #me_builder and i will op you

    i need more builders so i can start on the servers rp city with over 100 massive builds and many cool redstone things

    so i need tons of builders who can break the rules and make some very cool builds

    ps message me your username if you cant log on for some reason and i will give you the 2nd ip

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    posted a message on Need Command Guys Or Redstoners? Then This Is The Page For You

    Ip : EpicArea65.mcph.co

    2nd Ip : not giving 2nd ip

    Server Name : EpicArea65

    Owner's User Name: AubarinoEmpire

    Gender : m

    Age : 13

    Main Plugins: music world_edit voxel_sniper ...

    VVV Main Server Type VVV

    minigames (:--+:)

    factions (:--+:)

    vanilla ()

    other (:--+:)

    roll play ()


    more about server :iapprove:


    we are just updated from 1.11 so most of the

    plugins are haveing errors but we will

    fix them

    but for now dont greef the hub

    becose there are not pretect plugins

    that are working

    so be nice and you mite get vip rank

    and some cool commands you can use.


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    posted a message on Building a Mansion and Need Advice

    nice build ;)

    if you wont i will make you a builder and a vip on my server

    if you help add to the builds we have

    ip EpicArea65.mcph.co

    ps i will help with it if you wont if you could send the map file to me i could upload it the the server so you could have a

    team help you with it lol

    contact me if you wont to be added to the white list

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!



    owns a mc server

    is good at plugins, commands, redstone, pixel art, building,

    server has ( worldedit , custom tnt commands , a massive hub , custom herobrine summoning command , staff and ranks ,


    likes potatoes

    needs a friend to play mc with cos most of my staff are offline most of the time

    lives in aus

    max 20 players on server

    has steam and mostly talks using steam but can use mc chat if needed

    below this post is a image of me posing for a staff wonted ad

    contact me more to talk

    just join this ip


    ps it is white list at the moment

    but i will open it when the hub is done and i have made the minigame gui custom plugin

    1.12 server

    i keep it updated

    you can sit on chars in my server

    it has a s mode area

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