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    posted a message on When I start my server it causes the internet to cut out/slow down for my roommate but not for me.

    Hey, I started a Minecraft server recently so I could play with a friend across town. I eventually got it working by following this guide -

    Everything is working well except that when the server is active my roommate basically can't use the internet.

    We have a 300MB down and 30MB up connection. I have no issues doing other stuff on the internet while running the server.

    It just effects my roommate and it happens even if there is no one logged into the server.

    Also I did a ping and speed test for my internet before and after starting the server both of which actually got better results when the server was running.

    It seems fine right after starting the server but it appears his connection gets worse and worse the longer the server is up.

    I need to find a fix but have no idea where to begin. Please let me know of any information I can provide that may be helpful and thank you in advance for your help! It is very much appreciated on my end!

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