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    : kalebtarrant
    Age: Im gonna be honest, but 11.
    Role-Play Exp.:Played fallout 3, NV, skyrim, and alot of darkRP on garrysmod
    Why Us:I love roleplay, and i've been looking for a server that doesn't require donations do break a block.
    Time You Can Dedicate:If i like the server, i can donate alot of time soon because summer break is coming up


    Name: Barry Ross
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Appearance: Has a beard, hair, he's fit, not so much about him. He looks average
    Fears: Armed bombs and the enclave. Mostly cause their fearsome look of their helmets
    Personality: Mostly a nice guy, tough, and on the fritz near T.N.T or other explosives.
    Occupation: Nothing realy, he does jobs for caps mostly, but if he finds a job that he likes, he'll take it.
    Skills: Good at hand to hand combat, smart, and good at crafting things and blacksmithing
    Nickname (Optional): B.
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): As barry sat in the caravan, he was excedingly happy. He was returning to his hometown, nevada. Then they arrived at a NCR checkpoint.
    Ncr troop: "Passport please."
    The people on the caravan handed over their passports, and 50 caps.
    "damn, i brought only 50 caps." barry said.
    Barry grudgingly handed over both the items, then the caravan headed out.
    Barry: *sighs*
    Lucy: "what's wrong?"
    "nothing." he said.
    They headed out into the sunset, new vegas ahead.
    Backstory (1-2 [b]LONG[/b] paragraphs): He was born on the waste's, raised on the waste's, and he will die on the waste's. His brother trained him in swordplay, and soon Barry became a natural. He became a caravan guard. "good pay, good job." he would always say. His sister would follow along, every and each job. Soon she started her own caravan, and hired her brother. They were very sucsesful. But after crossing the checkpoint into nevada, they were raided by bandits. They took about everything. Even his sister. Now, each day he keeps one eye open for the raiders that day, and the other eye on the road for bandits. "Don't trust the road." He now says. He is currently unemployed.
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