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    posted a message on [1.4.4] ♔【QuestCraft】× [Hardcore Faction PVP] × [No Lag!]
    Server IP: Questcraft.no-ip.org

    Date Launched: 11/18/12

    Owners: Peter,NobleHero,xPiiNK

    Vote: (Currently Not Availible)
    Donate: To donate do /buy ingame or donate through our website and private message the owner to verify. We recommend doing /buy since its safe,fast, and automatic.

    Server Information:
    Welcome to QuestCraft! This is an Hardcore Faction Raiding Pvp Server. We are currently new so please report any bugs to our forum located in our website. Server is sadly not 24/7 yet so we encourage donating so this server can have 24/7. We hope to get this server up for 24/7 soon so players can have the best experience out of the server.

    Server Rules:

    1. No hacking, flying, x-raying, etc.

    2: No spamming.

    3: No advertising or talking about other servers.

    4: No racial slurs or comments.

    5: No mods such as Flying, Rei's mini map unless approved by the Owner(s).
    6: No disrespecting staff members.

    7: No spawn camping.

    Server Features:
    No Lag
    Pvp Arena
    Great Staff
    Anti-Hacking Plugins
    Amazing packages
    Tons of features
    Fun activities
    Weekly giveaways!
    + Much much more!
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    posted a message on [1.15.1] The "BETTER THAN DEFAULT" resource upgrade - v2.6
    Thanks for updating this texture pack to 1.4.4, i really like it.
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