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    Hi, i've been founding a lot of Gold and Leather gear in loot chests, most of them with great enchantments. But is there any real use for them?
    As we know the durability of those are really low, almost useless. It can be helpful right at the start or when you need it in a pinch, but most of players get a lot of iron quickly so it's unnecessary.
    I used to collect all the enchanted Gold/Leather gear believing it can be upgraded to Netherite later, or i thought we could ''extract'' the enchantments into a book. But i was wrong and i was only wasting my inventory space. I know gold gear can be smelt into gold nuggets, but 2 golden swords take 2 slots only for 2 nuggets, doesn't seem worth carrying when you're exploring.
    So what to do with this gear? It feels bad to leave them in chests and not picking them up, so i take them just for collection... But they could be at least iron or chainmail so it can be useful.

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    Hi, i need some help and hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I'm still a beginner in making a server but i know some basics with plugins. However i don't know much about modding...

    I want to make a 1.16.3 server that uses both mods and plugins (Bukkit and Spigot plugins)
    What exactly would i need to make such a server, step by step? I googled many tutorials but each one is different and uses unique setups, and there are many things being mentioned which i never used: Forge, Sponge, SpongeForge, BukkitForge, Magma, Cauldron, MCPC+, Thermos etc.
    If Bukkit/Spigot plugins cannot be used, are Sponge plugins compatible with 1.16.3?

    Could someone please simplify all the requirements in one place? What would be the best setup to have a lot of mods and plugins installed, available from as many sources as possible, so i have a wide variety of available mods/plugins to choose from? And of course so everything is compatible with each other? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Some additional info: i can always upgrade RAM if needed, but it would be nice to know the minimum RAM i would need for let's say: 10 mods, 10 plugins, 10 players.

    Another question, would the players joining a modded server need to download and install mods manually on their own? Or would the server install all the mods for the client automatically with 1 click? (accept button)

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