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    This villages seed has everything to make for the most epic survival seed I have yet to find for Xbox One. Not only are you spawned right next to a village with a blacksmith, but there are actually 15 villages on this map. 15! With 9 of them having blacksmiths, one with an abandoned mineshaft underneath, and another with a desert temple spawned in it. You’ll also find a couple of ocean monuments, a few desert temples, abandoned mineshafts, and even a jungle temple. I’ve included the cords for you. Enjoy!

    Seed -5932184224810181111 Map Size: Large

    Village at Spawn w/Blacksmith

    X:-252 Y:75 Z:148

    2nd Village w/Blacksmith

    X:-203 Y:65 Z:-434

    3rd Village w/Library & Above Abandoned Mineshaft

    X:590 Y:70 Z:278

    4th Village w/Blacksmith

    X:2362 Y:66 Z:-233

    5th Village w/Blacksmith

    X:-2202 Y:70 Z:-2218

    6th Small Village

    X:1903 Y:76 Z:-2235

    7th Small Village w/Library

    X:1662 Y:68 Z:-1468

    8th Large Village w/Blacksmith

    X:1316 Y:72 Z:-1849

    9th Village w/Blacksmith & Pumpkin Patch

    X:243 Y:68 Z:-1937

    10th Village w/Desert Temple

    X:-731 Y:70 Z:-1849

    11th Village w/Blacksmith

    X:-2357 Y:68 Z:-665

    12th Village w/Blacksmith

    X:-1900 Y:68 Z:-421

    13th Village w/Blacksmith

    X:-1846 Y:65 Z:372

    14th One Man Cabin “Village”

    X:1895 Y:68 Z:1028

    15th Large Village

    X:757 Y:73 Z:1232

    Abandoned Mineshaft (below Village)

    X:610 Y:29 Z:309

    chest in minecart

    X:591 Y:26 Z:327

    mob spawner w/chest

    X:587 Y:26 Z:330

    mob spawner w/chest

    X:595 Y:25 Z:274

    chest in Minecart

    X:590 Y:28 Z:284

    2nd Abandoned Mineshaft

    X:1535 Y:27 Z:457

    Chest in Minecart

    X:1558 Y:24 Z:446

    Chest in Minecart

    X:1554 Y:20 Z:429

    Chest in Minecart

    X:1569 Y:21 Z:441

    Mob Spawner

    X:1508 Y:21 Z:392

    3rd Abandoned Mineshaft

    X:2478 Y:42 Z:-1000

    Chest in Minecart

    X:2448 Y:48 Z:-1010

    Desert Temple Near Spawn

    X:-411 Y:65 Z:42

    2nd Desert Temple

    X:-763 Y:65 Z:-2358

    3rd Desert Temple

    X:-2502 Y:69 Z:-1428

    4th Desert Temple (In Village)

    X:-731 Y:70 Z:-1849

    5th Desert Temple (Near Village)

    X:602 Y:70 Z:1170

    Ocean Monument

    X:87 Y:62 Z:250

    2nd Ocean Monument

    X:-2281 Y:62 Z:-890

    Witchs Hut

    X:-2205 Y:69 Z:1178

    Jungle Temple

    X:1830 Y:79 Z:1341

    End Portal

    X:916 Y:42 Z:566


    X:936 Y:46 Z:572


    X:931 Y:46 Z:584


    X:923 Y:24 Z:572


    X:918 Y:24 Z:558


    X:917 Y:27 Z:545

    Will it work for TU43?
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