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    posted a message on [GLSL shaderpack] Naelego's Cel Shaders

    If anyone still has this somewhere, please reupload or something

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    posted a message on Universal Coins

    Could somebody pick up this mod and upload a working version onto Curse?

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    posted a message on [STORY] The Wastes of Tulloch County (Open world post-apocalyptic wasteland!)
    Oh wow, a continuation of my absolute favourite Minecraft map of all time!

    Really glad you made it, thanks a lot for the effort you're putting into your maps, looking forward for more massive post-apoc freeroam/exploration stuff.

    Also, while it does seem somewhat smaller than the "original" map, I assume it's more focused on huge builds alone?

    This way or another it's amazing nevertheless.

    Is it designed for 1.8 or 1.7?
    I was going to play it with some friends using DNS Techpack or a similar modpack designed for 1.7.10.

    Can you merge it with LFADE onto a single map to create an ultimate open-world post-apocalypse experience?
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    posted a message on A Look at 14w11a
    oh god

    oh my


    mc's been out for 2+ years but it's the best change ever made since the release

    wow like


    the bricks, the bed, the everything

    and it's actually customizable by the packs' authors

    I seriously can't wait, most modpacks are still 1.6.4 even tho 1.7.2's been out for a while, but w/e, I'll play vanilla just for that

    I'll install SEUS on it when it'll be out

    I will have the worst lag but it will look soooooooo pretty

    oh and those "ambient" mobs that are just there for the atmosphere (endermites that hang out near portals and enderchests and auto-despawn after a while after spawning)
    this is just simply amazing
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    posted a message on SXSW and Minecraft
    I associate SXSW with Grimes.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Space Station 13 (Put a Bangin' Donk On it Pack) 32x32
    You know what's really sad?

    Seeing this greatness pretty much dead after these years.
    SS13 and its communities are still alive and well, but the related MC content (resource/texture packs and mods) is not.

    Oh well.
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    posted a message on Community Creations - StarQuest
    >promoting some BUKKIT server on front page when there's galacticraft and various airships mods etc
    >drills made of diamond blocks/chests/furnaces

    hahaha what year is this

    space battles look exceptionally good tho

    but why not just play space engineers or starmade or something instead anyway
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    posted a message on [Custom FTB Monster] Artycraft
    Why does it keep breaking every time I try to edit.

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    posted a message on [Custom FTB Monster] Artycraft
    IP: cheremenin.no-ip.org
    Current Monster version: 1.0.3

    There are no specific rules, just don't grief. Roleplaying and using an IC (In Character) name for MCA is advisable.
    We usually stay at Citrus Flats, the settlement next to the spawn. Feel free to live here, though it's a faction town (see Craft Heraldry). We also have a safehouse system (more in Skype).

    Server is hosted from a home connection, but I have a steady upload.
    30 slots, difficulty is Normal.

    We're playing on Letters From A Dead Earth, a great freeroam/post-apocalypse map. Don't forget to install the texture pack, or else you won't get the whole feel and experience (and you'll see colored wool instead of roads etc)!
    No mod ores? Search for meteors or create a Mystcraft age for mining. Or just find that ugly "newly generated chunks" border and mine there. It's not that far away anyway.

    All mods from FTB Monster are enabled by default (enable a minimap of choice if you want, I personally prefer Zans), and some awesome mods are added on top of that. You can install everything in a few clicks by using the FTB mod manager (Edit Mod Pack > Add Mod, just select the zip/jar and you're done, really). For Flan you'll also need some content packs, they're also easy to install. If you're still having trouble, contact me on Skype/Steam, my nickname is cheremenin. Feel free to join our Skype group.

    List of extra mods:
    Borderlands Weapon Mod
    Pam's Harvescraft
    Flan's Mod (Ye Olde, Nerf, Modern Weapons, Simple Parts)

    (Why isn't this on the FTB forums, you might ask... Well, I don't know either, they deleted my thread.)
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    posted a message on Upload Your Mods, Get Free Stuff!
    I never really liked curse, honestly... But damn it, i love the dev.bukkit interface. Pretty slick and intuitive... And those categories, man.
    Though I don't think many modders will use that. But it's a lot better than making and maintaining a MCF post.
    Also, I assume mods will be hosted by Curse? That's really cool then, because I hate the slow Dropbox/Mediafire etc with 5-second timeouts. I know modders earn money for it, but still.
    And now I have a hope so that in the future, Curse devours the MC client and allows distribution of hosted mods straight from it (one-click downloads, multiple DIY modpacks available, integrated server support (something like Realms), downloading of lacking mods to the clients...). That would be pretty awesome tbh.
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    posted a message on What's with All the Grown Men + My Little Pony?
    the horrible fanbase FiM produced is perhaps the worst thing that ever happened to this already terrible world

    so FiM is totally beyond pointless, and I'm pretty sure even Faust herself once admitted that at some point

    also, yes, i watched two episodes of friendship is useless and i can only say it sucked, a lot

    i rest my case
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    posted a message on What's with All the Grown Men + My Little Pony?
    old stuff > useless FiM
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    posted a message on Need help coming up with new name
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    posted a message on So.... Muse
    >Most of my friends have never heard of them before.

    But i assume they heard of Bieber, Gaga, etc?

    I got introduced to MUSE by my punk friend, and well, since that time I've been in love with them.

    The tapping and overall solo in Newborn is amazing. Nothing extra technical but that's how it works.
    We've been playing Plug-In Baby and Hysteria intros on acoustic and its really fun.
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    posted a message on Metal heads of Minecraft
    The sustain and double bass in Carcass - This Mortal Coil at 2:30 is totally beyond amazing. Classic stuff.

    Wish i could travel to London just to see Decrepit and Cryptopsy live...
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