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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Installer trouble has been isolated to how files are compressed on my system.
    Seems to work fine when compressed on MadCock's system.
    As a test I deleted everything, and used the fixed installer to rebuild the pack on my system.
    Works fine now. Links on front page now point to installers that should work for everyone else too.

    World generation is a continuing problem for lots of people.
    Removing 'Better Dungeons' from your .minecraft/mods folder clears the problem up in most cases.
    Seems like we shold be able to narrow it down to a particular type of dungeon it adds, and just remove that one.
    Thanks for your paitience everyone. I'll be sure to let everyone know when this is nailed down better.
    Following the link and launching from the "PermGen" batch files mentioned in the "known bugs" section also helps.

    Good luck,
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    OK, installer glitch was my fault.
    I used .rar compression instead of .zip.

    MediaFire link was broken for a few minutes while I made conversions to .zip.
    Everything should be all fixed up. Download at will.

    <edit> Found another problem, but MadCock and I are working on it right now.
    Please stand by.

    I had a look at your error report.
    It contains a lot of unexpected end of file stuff.
    Perhaps that means your previous download was corrupted.
    Please try the latest download and installer.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    You are correct, there seems to be somethin wrong with the installer.
    I'll check that out and fix it pronto.
    Looks like you've figured out the manual install ok though.
    World generation can be a problem because of all the new stuff being spawned.
    That makes some systems run out of memory.
    Try running the game from one of the .bat files linked to in the "Known Bugs" section.
    If that still doesn't work try disabeling some of the mods that add things durring world gen, like 'Ruins', or 'Better Dungeons', or 'Harvest Craft'.
    Disabeling them will mean the things they add will not appear.
    However if you generate the world, exit the game, enable the mods, and restart the game, then they'll only be missing near world spawn.

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    AMCO for 1.5.1 had been updated to Revison 5

    Firstly a huge thanks to MadCock8338 for providing a new installer, and helping me get 'IC2' running.
    He also set us up with an update checker.
    From now on the game will tell you if there is a new version of AMCO available.
    MadCock is the author of the DNS modback, which is loaded with technical/machiene mods.
    We are teaming up to improve both packs.
    Stay tuned for for some videos of MadCock and I teaming up to explore new mods in the near future.
    Very cool.

    Explosion Bug has been fixed.
    'Forge' includes a new method for explosions.
    My custom colorizer code did not include it previously.
    Now it does. Party on.

    Lots of Updates this time:
    'Tinker's Construct'
    'Modular Power Suits'
    'Treepacitator' has been tweeked to hollow out redwoods without killing the leaves.
    'Damage Indicators' now works with servers.

    SpaxDBcraft texture pack has been added. Very nice.

    And plenty of other minor tweeks and bug fixes.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    I see the bug with the explosions too.
    It's because the block.class file is being modified.
    Apparently the latest version of 'Forge' adds a new method which the modified file does not have... yet.

    Madcock8383, the author of DNS modpack, has been super helpfull getting an installer to work.
    It's pretty sweet, and he's even configured it to work with AMCO's install.
    He was also able to help me get 'Industrial Craft 2' working too.

    I am also able to see the world-gen crashes a lot of others are reporting.
    That's frustrating, but good news:
    Now that I can see the crash I can work on figuring out what causes it.

    That stuff will probably be fixed, along with getting multiplayer support working again, in the next day or two.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Thanks again for the tips Trevail.

    Sorry about the errors some are having.
    I am still not able to duplicate them on my system yet.
    World gen can take a long time for me, but does not crash.
    I was able to recreate "Cliffs of Insanity" world many times before selecting a really good clone to include in the download.
    I'll also play around with permgen fixes tonight to look for settings to reccomend for those with smaller systems.

    In the mean time, here is a list of mods that affect world gen:
    'Tale of Kingdoms'
    'Harvest Craft' (which has 30-40 mods in it)
    Most of MatrexsVigel other mods like 'Gian Muhsroom Spawn', 'Natural Melon Spawn', etc.
    'Battle Towers'
    'Better Dungeons'
    And probably a few others I'm forgetting right now.

    If you are still having trouble making a new world, try moving a few of those out of your "mods" folder.
    Start with the last 5, they were all added/updated in Revision 4.

    'Tinkers Construct' is having a tough time because 'Industrial Craft 2' is not working yet.
    Prehaps deleting its 'ic2' folder will help, prehaps not.
    We have to do a similar thing to get 'Elemental Tinker' to work with 'ThaumCraft'
    I'll also look into that tonight.
    Come to think of it, maybe that's what is causing 'IC2' to crash on my system.

    Everything in your error reports that starts "mod_<modname> {not available} <modname>" is from something on your system that is not included in AMCO.
    I am not sure how mods like 'Airship', 'Somnia', and 'Mystic Ores' and the others are still on your system.
    After all, those haven't even been updated to 1.5.1.
    Perhaps you are using some kind of installer that is remembering old mod configs?
    Hard to tell, but be sure and write us back if you figure it out.

    'MCpatcher' has trouble with some texture packs. Not sure why.
    My guess is something about some of the partly transparent blocks.
    I would isolate it using a "binary search":
    1) Create a copy of the texture pack, but with only half of the textures.
    2) Load the modified texture pack. Does the game still crash?
    3) If no: The error must be in the other half, modify the pack to only include that half next time.
    4) If yes: The error must be in this half, which is good, cut out half the remaining textures and try again.
    5) Keep checking for crashes and cutting in half untill the bug(s) are isolated a single texture(s).

    Even if the texture pack had 1000 textures in it, you can isolate the problem in under 9 tries this way.
    For examle, one of the mods was conflicting with 'ThaumCraft' install last night.
    However, I was able to single out 'Elemental Tinker' from >120 other mods in only 4 tries using this method.

    Good luck everyone.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Your non-optifine error report complains of 'Better Dungeons'
    Try deleting that one if the batch files to help with world gen do not work out for you.
    (link in my previous mail)

    Your optifine error report contains tons of errors from mods that are not included in AMCO (and therefore probably conflict).
    Try clearing out your "mods" and "config" folders, and rextracting the "Extract to minecraft FOLDER" files again.

    Good luck
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Quote from kola
    Am I the only one still not getting Bibliocraft? I've redownloaded, re-everything'd..............I think it's just missing. (Oddly, as before, the config for it is present.)
    Good catch. I'll add that back into the next revision.
    Also, I used the better version of 'Optifine' durring compatability testing.
    Not sure if it is compatable with all versions or not.
    Depends on your system, which is the main reason that mod's author does not grant permission to include it.

    Quote from BursBurs
    Seems to freeze on "Building Terrain" for me with Rev 4, anyone know what's up?
    Quote from Mortal335
    ok if you take out battle towers the game creates worlds Also multiplayer does not seems to work, alot of null errors
    Trevail was kind enough to write me a PM about these kind of world-gen errors.
    Problem is the game is not getting enough memory to build up all the new stuff durring world gen.
    Good news is there are several batch files available to help clear this up.
    Read about it and get a fix for your system here: http://www.dnstechpack.com/batFiles

    Madcock has offered to redo an auto-installer for AMCO.
    Perhaps a world-gen fix can be added to that.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Quote from BursBurs

    Yo, awesome mod pack. My favourite by far. Why oh why isn't it available on the technic launcher? I'd seriously marry you if it was.

    Sorry if this has been previously asked and answered or if it's a stupid question, but i don't have the patience to sift through 252 pages and i'm pretty new to minecraft mods.

    Anyway, thanks for putting this beast together, can't wait until tinkers is fixed!
    Many of the mod authors require links to thier websights when they grant permission to include thier work.
    Technic's auto-downloader sorta violates the spirit of giving proper credit.
    No worries though, an extreemly nice volunteer is putting an installer for AMCO toghether.

    Quote from Prototype556

    Thanks for the reply Aarg! Question though, how do I remove the mod from the server, I deleted it in my .minecraft folder (mod) and it's still giving the error. Thanks!

    Ah, nevermind, fixed it.

    EDIT: Still says I'm not white listed even though I have it set to NO and I even tried adding my name to the list.
    Not sure. Rev 4 was just posted. Perhaps that will help.
    Perhaps not thought: I have not had time to test it myself yet.
    You are free to try it out though. Good luck.

    Quote from PantherX

    Awesome job getting all of these mods working together.

    I have a quick question; I tried using a different texturepack and got a crash for my trouble, How can I go about using a different one? I've been using PureBDCraft for so long now that using something else is just weird so I'd really like to try and make it work.

    There are patches for a lot of the mods (made by the BDCraft community) in your pack it will work pretty well...once I figure out how to to get it to work that is.
    Provide a link and I'll go check it out.

    oh, and ...

    AMCO for Minecraft 1.5.1 has been updated to Rev4!
    - with special settings to hollow out giant redwoods. Thanks Yorple!

    are all included now, and there are updates to
    'Better Dungeons' - hopefully clearing up "Null Pointer Errors" for some folks.
    'Enchanting Plus'
    - hopefully allows multiplayer now. Delete this one first if your server crashes.
    'Damage Indicators' -hopefylly displays correctly in multiplayer now, but won't break anything if it doesn't.
    and a bunch of other tweeks, fixes, and details to numberous to list including.
    'Optifine' support. Install that first, then download and install the version of AMCO that requires 'Optifine'

    Multiplayer might work, but I did not have time to test it yet.
    If someone wants to drop the normal "Extract into minecraft JAR FILE" into thier minecraft_server.jar to test it out they can.
    Write back to the forum and let us know how it went and/or post an error report so we can help get it going.

    Have fun everyone.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Ooof! May bad:
    Sorry about 'Goblins' still being in the server download.
    Just delete that one from the server's "mods" folder as Yorple points out.
    I'll fix that shortly.

    Mod Updates:
    Lots of great mods have just been updated, like 'ThaumCraft', 'Goblins', 'NEI' ,and others.
    All of the bsprks stuff ('Damage Indicatros', 'Treepacitator', 'Crystal Wing', etc.) has been updated too.
    Hopefuly I'll be able to get all of those going later today.
    'Forge' has also been updated, which means I am able to get 'BuildCraft', 'Forestry', and others working on my system now.
    I might even be able to get a pre-release version of 'Industrial Craft 2' running today too.
    Chickenbones mods have been updated too, so maybe we can have 'NEI', 'Ender Storage', and 'Chicken Chunks' next revision too.
    Those go great with the mechanical mods.

    Don't worry Volans,
    AMCO will not lose it's fantsy feel (especially if I can get 'Goblins' going for the server edition).
    The technical mods don't add much to world generation, except the occasional oil flow.
    On the surface everythign will still be overflowing with all the new plants, trees, natural colors, and fantasy-looking structures.
    If folks want thier worlds to look technical they'll have to mine the materials and build the machienes up themselves.
    Or, if some people are totally against the technical mods being on thier system at all, they can just delete/move them from the "mods" folder.
    It is best for me to maximize the number of quality mods I'd like to include, and let people simply anything they don't like.
    (Sorry about 'BaconCraft': it fits and works just fine, but does not add enough quality stuff to make the grade.)

    More about Fantasy vs. Tech:
    I also hope to include my steam punk pictures and 'More Paintings' next revision.
    They are a great way to merge the natural and mechanical themes.

    Optifine Compatableity:
    I'm also looking into a way to make AMCO compatable with 'Optifine' while still including MCpatcher.
    I am not allowed to include 'Optifine', and still feel 'MCpatcher' is a must-have because of 'BetterSkys' and 'Custom Animations'.
    Usually those two don't get along well, and 'MCpatcher' is not liking the latest verson of 'Forge' either, but I'm working on it.

    Most of the features you'd like have been in AMCO since Rev1
    There are already lots of ways to teleport:
    • 'Portal Gun'
    • 'MystCraft'
    • Enhanced Portals
    • The teleportation wand from 'Goblins'
    • Warp arrows from 'Ropes Plus'
    • The power gauntlet from 'Modular Power Suits'
    And there are a few ways to protect your base:
    • Hire hunters from the guild in 'Tale of Kindoms'
    • 'Utility Mobs' lets you build lots more goloms.
    • 'Portal Gun' also has automatic turrents you can build.
    • I might also add 'Castle Defenders', but had trouble with it last revision.
    Your system is complaining about 'Better Dungeons' and/or 'Millenare'
    Try disabeling them by moving/deleting them from your "mods" folder.

    Wish me luck everyone, with enough of it I might be able to post revison 4 later today.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    AMCO for 1.5.1 has just been updated to Revison 3

    I'm super excited about this one.
    Multiplayer support is finally up and running for the first time in AMCO's history.
    Yes, just get a fresh install of your minecraft_server.jar and drop AMCO's files into it.
    And plunk thoes other files into the servers folder where they belong.
    Super easy; just like setting up your client/singerplayer game.


    Oh, and yes, I will include 'Thaumcraft', 'BuildCraft', 'Forestry', 'Industrial Craft 2', and lots more techie mods as soon as a stable version of 'Forge' that supports them is out.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Greetings all, I have lots of exciting news.

    Server problems seem to have been worked out.
    We were able to set up a few servers and play for several hours this weekend.
    Mods that were causing trouble were:
    • 'Goblins', which is too bad. I miss those pesky little guys (and all the magic items).
    • Everything from bspkrs, which includes 'bspkrsCore' and all mods it supports, like:
    • 'Starting Inventory' server games will not let you start with stuff, not a huge deal.
    • 'Damage Indicators' still shows if left installed on client side, which is handy, but does not show damage going down.
    • 'ReiMiniMap' can not be installed on the server side, but still works fine on client side.
    • 'TreeCapitator' does not work on either side, which is a bummer for us hollow redwood fans.
    So, those mods will be removed from the server version of the modpack.
    The other >110 mods seem to be working just fine.
    Yes, that's right, over 110 mods working together now, and that's after disabeling almost half of 'Harvest Craft'.
    (Nothing against MatrexsVigil's stuff it's just that >250 food recipies clutters up the 'Crafting Guide' too much.)

    More 32x32 textures:
    It took many hours of editing, but I also finished new textures for everything added by 'Gems Plus'.
    That's tools, weapons, armor, gems, ores, blocks, glass, and sand (14 items and blocks) for each of the 18 colors in the mod:

    You'll especially want to try out the Phenixorite sword (dark orange) because has fire aspect for free.
    And the Garnite pick (dark red) because it is hard as diamonds and much easier to find.
    There are other effects too. Some gems are only as hard as stone, others iron, etc.
    'BiblioCraft' has also been added to the pack.
    That lets us build all kinds of desks, shelves, potion racks, and armor stands to show off all the new bling.

    Mod Updates:
    Some bad news here.
    'BuildCraft', 'Industrial Craft', and 'Forestry' have all been updated.
    However, they all require 'Forge .650' or later.
    All the versions I've tried so far have a crash whenever explosions happen because the "explode block" method is missing.
    I'm sure that will be corrected soon, and I'll add those machiene mods as soon as it is.
    Don't worry though, 'Thermal Expansion', 'Applied Energies', 'Modular Power Suits', an a bunch of other mechanical mods are working.
    They will all be in the next update.

    Speaking of the next update, when is it comming out?
    In a few hours, so stay tuned.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Oh, almost forgot:

    You can make almost any typed of carved structure you want, including furnature, by using the amazing MinePainter' by Hypercross.
    First craft some chisels (a stick with stone, iron, or diamond).

    Then you will be able to carve all kinds of blocks: stone, wood,
    Diamond chesels remove an entire layer, iron ones remove an entire row/column, stone ones remove a single cubet.
    There are 8x8x8 cubits to each block, so fairly intricate carvings are possable.
    There are also hinges, so you can make custom doors/cabenets/shutters:

    And you can use schematics to capture/reproduce your favorite creations.
    You can also make canvis and paint whatever design you like using all 16 colors.
    Totaly awesome, and probably the most under-rated mod out there right now.
    Besides all that, Hypercross is a super-nice person too!
    Visit the 'MinePainter' forum to learn how to get the most out of this great mod.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together

    Thanks a ton for all the advice and config files everyone.
    You'd be suprized how much that helps out.
    Historicaly the download-to-comment ratio is about 1/100 (about 1% of the people who download AMCO also post a comment).
    And, only about 1% of the comments are solutions (most are ether thanks/greatjob or problem/bug-report).
    So we are really having a soluton-storm right now.
    Special thanks to Lazzdar and Yourple.

    I'll do some experimenting this end and probalby go with something that does not cut down bark/roots and still uses up your axe durability.

    Sorry to those who are having difficulty.
    I have not been able to reproduce Video/rendering glitches being reported by some.
    Seems like not starting with a fresh install to me, but it is hard to tell without a proper error report.
    I have seen some block-breaking lag reported by AMCOfan36, but it always clears up by reloading the game.
    Usually that likd of lag indicates the system is running low on memory.
    I've found that reducing the render distance helps on my laptop.

    A bunch more PMs have come in granting permission to include more great mods in the pack.
    I've been strugeling with mods that require an update to 'Forge', the latest version of that, and MCpatcher.
    The latest version of 'Forge' crashes when blocks are destroyed by explosions, and conflicts with MCpatcher.
    MCpatcher is highly desireable because it fixes problems with HD textures.
    However, I think I've hit upon a stable configuration now (install order matters) so we are up and running again.
    I also spent a few hours yesterday on more 32x32 textures.
    7 of 18 sets of tools/armor/glass/sand/ores/gems added by 'Gems Plus' are done, only 12 more to go...

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Better 1st/3rd person view might not make it:
    • It is not updated yet as you point out.
    • It modifies how things are rendred, which can conflict with MCpatcher (which adds 32x32 graphics support).

    'Custom NPCs' is very cool, but I just don't have the time to write the custom programing it requires.
    However, most of the mechanics it adds are already in AMCO, or will be in next update.
    • 'Millenare' does a good job of adding NPCs you can talk to and accept quests from.
    • 'Vending Machienes' will allow players to set up shops and buy/sell with other players. It will be in next update.
    • You can get mobs to gaurd your base using FatherToast's amazing 'Utility Mobs'.
    Looks like I need to add the book that tells people how to build the goloms from 'Utility Mobs' to 'Starting Inventory'.
    Same with the 2nd book from 'TinkersConstruct' that shows how to smelt and use all the custom alloys.

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