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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Whooo Hooo!
    I see that the vanilla game has been updated, just in time for Holloween.
    Work on AMCO for 1.7.2 will begin shortly, as soon as enough mods are updated.
    Meanwhile I've been very busy trying to finish off the 1.6.4 world some friends and I have been working on.
    I hope to include a world download shortly.
    Below are some screenshots.
    I still have a few finishing touches to do, then I'll post this world for download.


    This is world spawn. Path to skeliton grinder is to the left, and our first fields and hut is at right:

    Here are some shots from down inside the grinder.
    There are tons of secret passages hidden down here.
    Can you find the hidden farms, fishing area, and slime generator?

    Stepping through the portat brings you to the Nether Hub.
    Some friendly monsters have set up shop.

    Here is the portal to my base, and our version of Etho's "Death Games"

    We play with no regen enabled. Becon Base is where everyone comes to heal up.
    There are some really cool transportation paths set up to some other bases there.

    At night I kill Endermen and Creepers at the Hunting Grounds.
    Alternating nether fence and normal fence lets players in and out, but not mobs.

    Stepping through the "Sky Ship" portal gives us a view of the spider grinder (for potions), and vertical reed farm (for paper trades).

    The spider grinder has a "MushRoom" for fermenting spider eyes.

    And more alternating fences to keep the spiders from falling on you while brewing (notice the spawner at top).

    Here is the "Sky Ship" itself.

    It's near a huge automatic wheat farm we call the "Aqueduct".
    There are lots of farms and pixel art in the area.

    Breeding stocks are held in the upper levels. Baby animals fall to lower levels to grow and await harvest.

    Here is the pig farm, with super massive "Sheep Farm of Many Colors" looming in background.

    Here is a better view of "Baby Jail" our combonation trade center and iron farm.

    We've also set up some mini-games. Here is the race track, archery range, and Sumotori areana.
    Complete with working scoreboards that pump sand upwards to increase each team's score bar.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Greetings all.

    Sorry to have been away so long.
    This summer was super busy for me.
    And, I've been playing a lot of vanilla minecraft with some friends who's computers can't handle many mods.
    We've done some pretty neat builds.
    Perhaps I'll include pictures and/or video in my next post.

    Anyway, I am still alive, and still planning to update this pack.
    A 1.7 update to Minecraft looms, so I'm holding off investing my time till then.
    Mojang usually does something special for Holloween.
    I wonder if we'll see 1.7 before that.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Sorry to have been away for so long everyone.
    Things have been very busy for me lately.
    However, I am still alive, and still planning on an update to 1.6.2 soon.

    For those who are haveing ID121 trouble, please read back a page or two.
    Mostly the solution is putting the 'ToJar' files from the server download into your client.
    Except the np and nq class files.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Well dang.
    I am not sure why some are still getting ID 121 errors.
    After gettting Server and Client files to match (except np and nq), you should be able to start the server.
    It might complain about ID 121 mismatch between world and game, but you should be able to ignore it.
    The game will then convert the world to match the server.
    Then you should be able to join the server, because server and client files that describe ID 121 match.

    Might all be a moot point, because I'm starting to work on AMCO for 1.6.2 this week.
    So, if you're having trouble you can just wait for the next update.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    My last few replies were a bit grumpy.
    Perhaps I should not post at 3AM. :)
    Sorry about that everyone.

    Quote from JCSiuffi
    Well, I have a mac (not-premium) the Minecraft never start the screen rest with "Mojang" screen after it star run the minecraft... Somebody help??
    Please post an error report.

    Quote from Hsaret
    Hello there, as i tried to start a server for AMCO, i got this error: ...
    [A very nice error report attached]

    I tried switching the view distance in server.properties, but no luck apparently Triple Edit: It worked, changed view distance in both server.properties and options to 3 and it worked :) hope this helps
    Thanks a ton for the tip.
    I will include that server.properties setup as default for next revision's download.

    This usualy is caused by not starting with a fresh copy of the game.
    'Modloader' (which is not included in AMCO) is not compatible with 'Forge' (which is included in AMCO).

    Quote from pstrand
    and hey guess what mods you can put in this modpack slabcraft mod 1.6.2 http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/slabcraft-10a-145-forge/ staircraft mod 1.6.2 http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/staircraft-10a-145-forge/ guys this is for the owner's modpack
    Thanks for the mod suggestions with links.
    Linked suggestions are the best way to get someting you want added to the pack.
    I'll be sure to check those out.
    However, the pack already has additional stairs and slabs, so no gaurantees.

    Quote from MrArO
    When I enter the server it says id121 is mismatched between world and game how to fix that? I'm using Rev4a
    ID 121 is Endstone, which I modify to change it's colors and embed huge EnderEyes:

    (I also add these huge EnderStatues using 'Ruins' by AtomicStryker, which has nothing to do with ID 121.)

    Just a few more goodies found only in AMCO.
    Sort of an Ender Over Haul if you will. :)

    Anyway, I have to redo the code every time I include an updated copy of 'Forge' because I need to modify the Block.class file.
    Something has gotten confused between your client and server.
    Perhaps the server is still running Rev4 while client is still on Rev4a. Dunno.
    Regardless, you can fix it and be sure the client ant server are identical by:
    Copy the "ToJar" files from your client download to your server's minecraft.jar.
    Except the np.class and nq.class files!
    Those need to be different between client and server. Everything else needs to be the same.

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    IF I can get the installer to work on my system, then yes, AMCO for 1.6* will come with an auto installer.
    Problem is that the installer requires me to include a .zip inside of another .zip file.
    Some systems (like mine for example) do not like that and files get corrupted.
    If that is not fixed, then no. A manual install is better than a buggy auto-install.

    "Help! Like, blah, blah, blackscreen, ya know, and stuff, blah." really is not enough information for anyone to work with.
    Please post a proper error report as the front page asks (the latest .log file in your "crash-reports" folder).
    Myself and the other forum members would love to help, and are really good at it, but we have no super powers.
    We need to be able to read your error log in order to figure out what is wrong with your system.
    That like just makes so much sense now and stuff kinda-sorta, right?

    About 85% of the time "blah, blah, blah" type crashes are caused by not starting with a fresh copy of the game.
    Usually if reading and/or following instructions about posting a crash log was too difficult for someone, then the install instructions were just too much to deal with as well.
    It's sorta like a reading and/or understanding and/or following instructions and/or too-cool-or-lazy-to-do-it type of thing or something.

    Prehaps there is something in our water (or our culture more likely) that is making it more difficult for some.
    Bad News: The concentration seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. :)
    Good News: Post an error log and those of us who remain unaffected will probably be able to help out.

    Best of luck to everyone.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Thanks for the tip and kind words BlockMistress!
    I'll make that change to the game and include it in the next revision.
    You rock!

    Also, I made a mistake about the revision number in an earlier post.
    Latest version of AMCO is Rev4a, not 4b.
    There is no 4b, sorry about the confusion.
    Download links on the front page say 4a, which is correct.

    I have not started working on an update for Minecraft 1.6.* yet.
    Not enought mods have been updated for me to craft a decent pack.
    Vanilla changing from 1.6 to 1.6.2 so quickly, and rumors of 1.7 on the horizon do not help matters.
    Dont' worry though, when things settle down a bit more AMCO will be updated (I want horses too.)

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Not sure about the box in top right, but I think it is 'Convienient Inventory'.
    Flickering over the top of the minimap like that is annoying.
    Anyone know how to move/delete that?

    'Better Dungeons' is really hard on World Gen.
    'Ruins' also adds my custom buildings to the world, like the floating castle.
    However, it is not that bad, neither is 'Ars Magica', which you'll might actually turn back up to find the Archmage's Tower (very rare).
    World Gen is a one time lag hit, once the new terrain is generated it is on disk and doesn't take up any more CPU power.
    And, there are a few things exploring players can do to reduce lag:
    • Reduce render distance fron 'Normal' to 'Short' and/or reduce graphics from Fancy to Fast. This mostly just helps with rendering, not world generation lag. However, less resources for rendering means more for wold gen.
    • Press <esc> when first entering an unexplored area. This will open your inventory. Now the system knows the player won't be moving, so it puts more resources on world generation instead of rendering.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Thanks for the 'Treepacitator' settings TheHammerDone.
    Most people just write in with bug reports:
    It's like :cobblestone: , very common.
    Don't get me wrong, :cobblestone: is valuable. Castle of Arrrg is built from :cobblestone: . Keep sending the :cobblestone: everyone.
    However, folks who actualy have bug fixes, or better yet an improvement for the pack, are like :Diamond:
    I'll try to get your changes into the next revision of the pack.

    I also had trouble with 'Crystal Wing', which is why it is not included.
    There are several other teleportation methods included in the pack though.
    Most reccomended is 'Enhanced Portals'.
    It allows portals of any shape.
    You portals connect to each other, from anywhere not just the neather, by giving them the same frequency.
    And, you can color them. Pretty sweet.
    Check out the "Sheep Farm of Many Colors" or the "Portal Room" in the Cliffs of Insanity demo world to see how they work.
    I've also come up with a nice optimized set of mods for servers, that's the server download you big silly. :)
    Seriously though, that is the set of mods that works well on the machienes my friends and I maintain for testing.
    Looks like your system has fewer resourced though.
    You are free to disable any mods you like.
    I do that in testing by simply moving them back and forth between the "mods" folder and a "mods-disabled" folder.
    'Forge' can't find them if they are not in the "mods" folder, so moving them is a good way to disable without deleting.
    You might want to disable 'Millenare' for starters. It adds a lot mobs that never despawn.
    If you come up with a set that works well for you I'd love to hear about it.
    I wold probably post your work as a "light" verson of the pack.
    AMCO-light, for smaller systems, is a great idea.

    Glad to hear you are up and running TheFoilist.
    Thanks for writing back into the forum and letting us know.
    Most folks do not, so it's really hard to tell if I've actually been able to help sometimes.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Mouad_mouhib, TheFoilist2, and others:
    OpenGL: Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator GL version 1.5.0 - Build, Intel
    Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'fml,forge'

    Type: Client (map_client.txt)
    Texture Pack: SpaxStyleAMCO.zip
    Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    Vec3 Pool Size: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null
    This type of error report usualy comes from having 'Modloader' and 'Forge' installed at the same time.
    Or from installing AMCO for 1.5.2 into Minecraft for 1.6.2.
    That's what "OpenGL is modded, client brand changed (from 'Modloader') to 'fml, forge'" means.
    AMCO comes with 'Forge' but not 'Modloader' (which is correct).
    Perhaps you did not start with a fresh minecraft.jar file, and used an old one, which still contained 'Modloader'?
    Please try reinstalling, begining by renaming your .minecraft folder and downloading a fresh 1.5.2 version of the game again.
    You can get a fresh version of 1.5.2 in the "Older Versions" section of the minecraft download page here:

    Good luck
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Quote from fenomen1212

    I tried to make a serer with amco but after i double click minecraft_server i get the following error.
    I did as the instructions sayed
    <included a nice error report in "spoilers" which says:>
    2013-08-02 08:42:59 [WARNING] To start the server with more ram, launch it as "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar"
    2013-08-02 08:43:05 [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpected exception NoClassDefFoundError
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/entity/EntityClientPlayerMP

    Also sometimes i get something like this
    <included another nice error report in "spoilers" which says:>
    Not 100% sure, but your error report looks like 'Forge' is not being installed in the right place.
    Gotta be carefull about that.
    For servers, the minecraft.jar file you need to edit is in the server's root directory, not the "bin" folder.
    I've also corrected some client-server issues in Revision 4a (uploaded a short while ago).
    So you can try downloading and installing the latest.
    Also, the server download contains a helpfull StartServer.bat file to start the server with more RAM.
    However, you'll have to modify it a bit, to point to the correct folder on your system.
    That sould clear up the "start server with more ram" issue.

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together

    Im trying to download this on another comp for my cousin, and the download link sends me to a 1.2.5 link... When i download, various files 'no longer exist' when i try to move them, some files ALREADY EXIST in minecraft, and it says that codechickencore is not for 1.5.2 when i start...
    I made a mistake when naming the download files.
    Should be 1.5.2, not 1.2.5.
    We also noticed some errors in the server download:
    • Some mods were included that shouldn't be, like the MiniMap.
    • And some files missing from the "ToJar" folder, like the custom colorizer, which causes ID121 errors (endstone is 121).
    • 'Portal Gun' has been causing some trouble for backwards compatibility of old worlds, so I'm removing it for now.

    Quote from Sprilly

    Can you add Flans and Jammys furniture mod ?
    And mayby Galacticraft ?
    Nice Work ! :D
    You can already make your own custome furnature with 'Mine Painter' plus a whole lot of other stuff too:

    However, a lot of people have been requesting 'Jammy's Furniture Mod', so I'll check it out.
    'GlactiCraft' was not allowed in mod packs.
    However, that's recently changed, so I'll see about adding that one too.

    Mouad_mouhib and TheFoilist2,
    Both of your error reports mention:
    "Vec3 Pool Size: 1866 (104496 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 1602 (89712 bytes; 0 MB) used"
    This is a new one for me, and I'm checking it out.
    First guess is something is up with your video card settings, or memory allocation.
    Could you please write back and let us know wether you are using Java 8, or one of the LaunchMinecraft.bat files.

    Revision 4b:
    A new download, Rev4b was just posted.
    Just a few client-server fixes in it.
    If you're not having trouble you probably don't need to re-download.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Just checking in to make sure everyone is able to download and install.
    Looks like things are going well.

    'Better Skys' is part of 'MCpatcher' Sergei.

    Thanks for the kind words DarkXeno.
    They are the fule that keeps ACMO's engine running strong.
    Glad you are enjoying it.
    Most textures are from 'Spax' or 'Inspiration' texture packs.
    However, I also do quite a few myself:
    Coral, Flowers, Gems, Glass, Obsidian, Exrta Tools and Armor (be sure to check out the chainmail/fire armor), etc.

    I also create most of the templates for the 'Ruins' structures, like the floating castle, pirate ship, and pyramid and wells.
    And I wrote the custom colorizers for stone, sand, snow, water, leaves, endstone, and grass.
    Pluss a bunch of other stuff (be sure and try the pictures, they fit together to make big gears and stuff. Right-click to change them).

    And there are a lot of pictuers included that you can put over doors to make really nice entrances:

    As far a I know AMCO is the oldest mod pack, and still the only one out there with all the extra custom touches.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    AMCO for 1.5.2 has been updated to Revison 4.

    Here's what's new:
    Updated about 2 dozen mods.
    'ChocoCraft' adds new bird mounts. Fly, swim, run fast depending on color of the bird. Tame them with the new greens.
    'Logistic Pipes' adds all kinds of nifty new pipes. Now your machienes can be smaller and smarter.
    'HD texture fix' is back in the works, which means:
    'Better Skys' provides great sunsets, distant clouds, stars including North Star, galexies, nebula, and meteors.
    'Connected Textures' makes lots of things look more realistic/less repetitive.
    'Better Glass' removes those annoying borders between adjcent pieces of glass. Very nice.
    Leaf and water colors are less grey and more colorful. There are some new Colorizer pallets too. Inspired by CubeWorld.
    All the ores got thier unique names and textures, which makes mining and caving more interesting.
    Now we have a good chunk of the Periodic Table to play with instead of 4 types of Copper and Tin and 2 tyes of Lead and Silver.
    'Ruins' and 'Battle Tower' spawn rates were tweaked a bit.
    'Kenshiro' and 'Special Mobs' were identified as a source of trouble for some users so they were removed.
    A "ReadMe.txt" file is now included in the download to help with install.
    And lots of other stuff too...

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    'Kenshero Mod' is not used very often, and is causing problems, so I am removing it from next update.

    Ore diversification needs to be given a chance.
    I agree that having multiple different types of "Copper" and "Tin" that have the same names and only slightly different textures is annoying and confusing.
    The most common suggeston for dealing with this is to make them all look exactly the same, or eliminate the duplicates.
    However, I think the problem is better solved the opposite way:
    Give each type of metal/ore/ingot it's own unique name and look.
    So, that's what I've done for the next update.
    Have a preview look of the nifty new HD textures for ores, ingots, and metal blocks:
    Dispite the new looks and names, all the ores still have the same functions, and are still interchangible.
    So "Copper", "Manganiese", "Magniseium", and "Birsmuth" all still make everything the various types of "Copper" used to.
    Don't worry, 'Not Enough Items' will still show all the recipies correctly (including new names and looks).
    And, you can still consolodate by making the various ingots into nuggets, then converting back to "Copper" ingots (or is it "Magniseium?) :)

    I've also been able to adjust the greyness of blocks, like leaves and water.
    So, now colors have even more "Kerplowie!", as I intended.
    And the custom water colorizer and 'Better Skys' are working again now too:

    Just a few more finishing touches and testing to go.
    Revison 4 for AMCO 1.5.2 should be posted in a few hours.
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