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    posted a message on What is your dumbest death ever?
    Well lets just say there was a cactus that I climbed on to get away from a creeper. I had thorns armor on. I thought I was more pricky the prickler. It just pricked my armor and destroyed it.
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    posted a message on Organizing The Tab List.
    Haven't you ever looked at your tab list and been like "That looks REALLY ugly." So I was thinking about an option to organize it. There would be three different options: Alphabetical, Normal (what it is now), and login time. The longer you have been logged in, the higher you are up on the tab list. Please tell me what you like and what you don't!

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    posted a message on Tinting Water.
    This is kinda a simple suggestion, so there isn't much to be vague about. All it really is that if you right click a dye on a water source, it becomes that color. It would dye a 3x3 area. It will stay the same color if picked up in a bucket. If you are drowning in a different color of water, your water bubbles will the the tinted water color. If you want to go back to the same old color, use a piece of lapis. In creative mode, you can take any color of water bucket without having to dye it. Thanks for reading this, have a nice day.

    Requested by fic18: Putting tinted water in cauldrons? You can put tinted water in cauldrons. I never thought of this. Thanks dude!

    Requested by trollsack: Crafting it, dye over a water bucket? You can do that. Thanks for the idea.

    I'm looking for a banner creator because I'm terrible with them! Tell me if you'd like to make one!
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    posted a message on Tinting Water.
    Nice, it would help mapmakers. SUPPORT!

    Thanks very much!
    Quote from trollsack»

    This sounds like a great idea! However, I have a question. If you tint a block in a river with a color, will the whole river change to the color or just a certain area? Also I think you should be able to craft buckets of colored water. Perhaps a dye over the water bucket?

    It would change a 3x3 area to the color. And I like the idea of also being able to craft them. I'll add that to the OP. Thanks!
    Quote from Pitaden»
    Shut up and take my money. Support!

    Quote from fieryice12»
    Good idea. Here is the thing however: If you tint a HUGE ocean, will the entire thing become that color? This would cause tons of lag and being WAY too overpowered. Here is what I suggest: make it so that the dye only dyes 8 blocks within the water block where you placed the dye. Other than that, good idea.

    85% Support

    As I said before, it's a 3x3 area.
    Quote from VIPOfExistence»
    I would love to have water as decoration, and to use it in cauldrons. Support. :3

    Quote from thebaum64»
    I like the idea, would be pretty cool.

    Thank you!
    Quote from blueCyborg»
    Great Idea!

    Partial support, imagine in a ocean monument and you try scrolling to your sword to block however you accidently dye the water you are in, that would be embarrassing and a recourse waste. Also, coding and textures for this would be quite awkward and take a while.

    In the OP, I mention that you can un-dye it with lapis.

    (I'm trying to make a banner, but i'm terrible at it XD)

    Thanks for all the support guys!
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    posted a message on Tinting Water.
    Quote from Stellaria»
    Sounds interesting, I'd like purple water to make a purple wasteland. I support this.

    Yeah, I was thinking that too for a wastleland. Thanks for the support!
    Sounds cool, I'd love to decorate my house with colored water!

    A cave house would be cool with like, red water.
    Quote from deathisfate»
    Nothing to really say...

    Ummm. What does that really mean? Do you like it or not?
    i like it quite a bit. i was thinking of them adding it for a while now.


    Overall, thank you guys for the support!
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    posted a message on Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang
    Plz no. I want to keep my PS3,PSVita and PS4 mc :P
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    posted a message on Sticky blocks
    One word: Slime Blocks.
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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
    I got a good one:

    PMC-Dude is new on the server!

    Me: Welcome!

    PMC-Dude: May I haz op? I from pmc plz plz.

    Me- The all mighty pmc dude :D

    Admin Chat: This will be great!

    Me- I tried to op you, I think you have a corrupted file.

    PMC-Dude: How do I get rid of iz?

    Me: Do %appdata%, find .minecraft, and delete it.

    PMC-Dude: I did it.

    PMC_Dude has logged out. We all laugh
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    posted a message on Free Skins!
    These are probably all viruses.
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    posted a message on The Ender Teleporter.
    Before you say ANYTHING, read the whole post to see that this is an original suggestion. Thanks :D The Ender Teleporter would be like a one time use way point. I will explain it all, but first let me show you the recipe.As you see, it has a weird crafting recipe.
    How to use it.
    When you place it down, it is a obsidian crate without the top. The inside looks like a quartz cauldron with lava in it. You can name it, but i'll explain it later. You have to place two down for it to work. You must put 1 Eye of Ender in each. It sinks into the lava, and when you put both in, ender particles will sparkle around them. You then can right click on it and it will teleport you to the other one. You will now have to put the Eye of Enders back it to use it again.
    This is where naming comes in. You can name nametags your name, and then apply it to the teleporter. The name will pop above the teleporter. Only the person with the same name can use that teleporter, so its like a lock.

    If you have multiple.
    You can color code them so 1 red links to the other red. 1 light blue links to the other light blue. Simple :D Thanks Winkingcreeper.

    I hope you guys like it :D
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