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    Minehattan - A modern metropolis in a minecraft world.
    (Updated 06-03-2011)

    Tired of being underground for too long? Lighting caves that doesn't have an end, being exploded by sneaking creepers and falling on lava? Tired of living in a wet, poorly lit shaft, so distant from the urban reality? MINEHATTAN IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU!

    I've searched the forum looking for a pass-it-on where a modern city would grow as people build their own skycrapers or residential buildings/homes according to the city's districts, or if you are an "apartment" friendly guy, you just put your sign in one of the many available in the city and make it your home, while you help building the city's infrastructure! I could not find a single one, so finally, here's it!

    I started the save, made one building, one avenue, one road, and a subway station.. Now look for youself!

    (updated 06-03-2011)

    I highly recommend the use of more REALISTIC texture packs, like: JohnSmith's, Misa's, Mixcraft, or Painterly Pack.

    To take part in the project, read the RULES, download the last save, you have a maximum of 8 hours to build, then post it here.

    I'll make a backup everytime someone posts. If a member destroyed something you build, say it here and I'll repair it.
    Suggestion: build in 7 hours max. and reserve the last hour to upload!!!!


    1. You have a maximum of 8 hours before you have to return the save, if you don't then someone else can take the save.
    2. If you finished what you wanted to do prior to the 8 hour limit, post it here so another member can take it!
    3. Only one person at a time should be working on the save. It will always be the first person to take it after previous builder returns it. Make a post first, then download it.
    4. First person to take the save should write TAKEN in their post then make a new post on return of the save to show that you are finished and the next person can take it. Upload to a popular filesharing site. If possible, take one screenshot and post together as well, so people can watch how the city grows!!
    4.a If you take the save, you must claim at least ONE (1) apartment in the city as your own (by placing a sign in it), and change/place furniture as you wish, to make it your residence. Doesn't have to be one apt. from your own building. If you built a house, you don't need to claim an apartment.
    4.b* If you take the save, you must claim at least ONE (1) office in the city as your own (by placing a sign in it), and place furniture as you wish, to make it your own/corporation office.
    5. Do not destroy anyone's else stuff, though you can use anything you find in their chests. If you don't want your stuff taken, build a secret room somewhere and seal it off, but since inventory editors are allowed, there's no point in doing so.
    5.a PLAY ON PEACEFUL!! Right now we don't want creepers spawning in the dark alleys and exploding our buildings. At least not right now!! :tongue.gif:
    6. YOU CAN USE INVENTORY EDITORS AND WORLD EDITORS, but if you don't have experience using world editors, like MCEDIT, then DON'T USE.
    6.a IF you screw the save, or destroy someone elses building/house/road/room/etc then your save is void, and the last save will be available to be taken by another member.
    7. To extend the roads/avenues/neighbourhoods I would recommend using MCEDIT (don't forget to plant trees and place lamp posts according to the pattern).
    8. Try to keep buildings/houses aesthetically pleasing, don't forget we are building a MODERN CITY, check "Manhattan" in GOOGLE to inspire yourself if you need. Oriental style buildings/houses will be removed, CASTLES WILL ALSO BE REMOVED.
    9. Name points of interest and instructions with signs. If you constructed a buildind/house/train station and want to name it youself, sign it!
    9.a After someone first signed (claimed) a house/apartment, you cannot change it to make it yours.
    10. Don't cut trees from Parks;
    11. Don't put post up that you are taking it if you can't start building within 8 hours. The quicker the turnover the better.
    12. At end of your time, save somewhere inside the city (your home/street) then quit. If you've moved too far away from the city, remember to go back before you quit.
    13. You must NOT copy/place buildings made by other people than not you alone. But You can place in the save a building that you made especially for this pass-it-on if you have experience with mcedit.


    These are the active members responsible for certain tasks/areas/functions in the project:
    -Poonflip -> General Advisor
    -Arkhangels, Lord_Drailmon, UFlapjack -> Streets and Subways
    -kantk2010, bmwplz -> Financial District
    -Hadies243 -> Industrial District


    List of Buildings and Builders:




    -Shopping mall
    -Justice (supreme) court
    -Residential towers
    -Commercial/ Business towers
    -Supermarkets / Stores
    -Parking lots
    -Elevated Rail Stations connecting areas.
    -Residential Area / houses
    -Pretty much anything you would find in a large city...

    Remember to check google images for references if you need!!

    If you want to support this pass it on, use the custom signature image!!
    (I'll update it as the city grows - just check it in my own sig)
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    You may think modern cities make you lose respect.


    I don't :dry.gif:
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    OP UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!

    What's new?
    -4 badass Screenshots

    -New rule 4.b: NOW IF YOU TAKE THE SAVE FOR THE 1st TIME, YOU MUST LEASE ONE OFFICE!! (Also a link for kantk2010's office lease doc)

    -New updated cartograph overview, with buildings/builders list and a MAP 'googlemaps' style.
    Some streets have no official name, suggest them here!!

    -Updated signature!

    -List of member functions in the project. Poonflip is now the General Advisor, ask her whatever you need to know about Minehattan! And Hadies is now responsible for the Industrial district.

    And the last thing:

    Check that out!

    :wink.gif: :biggrin.gif:
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