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    posted a message on Why all the hate on Notch?
    I don't hate notch, but I'm kind of sad about minecraft.

    I thank notch for the game, sure, it is one of the games that I've spent more hours playing, and still having fun while doing so. What makes me sad though is the almost infinite potential that we will probably never see, or make use of.

    Just take a look at the mods created by the members. It saddens me that there is no easy way to play a multiplayer game using this mods, and mp is for me a great part of the fun. And I cannot depend on mods because only official content is embedded both in the client and the server. I don't know if the mod api will also allow us to easily play a modded game with our friends... if it won't, then it saddens me more.

    Anyway Minecraft is that great particularly for being (also) a sandbox game, and giving us freedom to do whatever we want. But the "whatever we want" is limited by "whatever" is IN the game. And there's so much that could be in the game, that is not. Notch's 'promises' or also known as Upcoming Features are only part of it.

    I keep thinking in the "better than wolves" mod and imagining that some of those things could be in vanilla, but will never be.

    We could have gears mechanics and logics in the game, the same way as we have redstone. Imagine what people would build using those. Piston is kind of a gear, and it already allowed some incredible contraptions. And if you'd say that gears are not "minecrafty" then pistons also aren't, and redstone too. It falls under the argument "don't want it, don't use it", and would certainly expand the "whatever we want" characteristic of Minecraft.

    Better yet, take a look at the suggestions section, and some of the most voted ones.

    We could have a lot more passive, neutral and hostile mobs (alligators in the swamps for example?). We could have a lot more ores and tools (it's MINEcraft for gods sake). And again, I say, unless it also works in multiplayer, the mod api would not solve this issue, because right now only vanilla content does.

    We could have more ways of transport, like hot air balloons that use different altitudes to be driven.

    We could have drainage grates.

    Underwater content.

    Writeable books and paper.

    etc, etc, etc.

    So much potential. It could be a game that kicks every other games asses a thousand mile away because of it's features. It would/could be a mix of the best things we have in sims, mmorpgs, fps, rts, all in an (almost)infinite sandbox world.

    I wonder if I'll die before seeing such a game, or minecraft becoming such a game.
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    posted a message on Are we really trying to make enchantments easy?
    Yes it is overpowered. But the point is: it is op just for a matter of seconds... while it takes ages to achieve.

    See spoiler for calculations \/
    0.6 seconds to break a stone block using stone pickaxe
    Based on one of the most efficient branch mining designs, you'd need to mine 688 of every 2048 blocks to expose all of it's ores. This means 412 seconds (~7 minutes) of mining, without a 1-second stop.
    (PS: it was proven than using stone pickaxes to mine diamonds is the most rewarding because you don't waste your resource trying to gather more of it, and stone is abundant)
    Stone pickaxes have 132 uses, so you'd need to craft 5 for every 688 blocks. Crafting it could take 10 seconds, so ~1 minute for every 5.
    Mining those 688 blocks at level 12/13 (proven most efficient) will provide you aprox. 2 diamonds, 10 iron, 12 redstone blocks.
    So basically we have 2 diamonds for every 8 minutes mining/crafting.
    You'd need 24 diamonds for a full set of armor, plus 3 diamond to mine obsidian and another 2 diamonds for the enchantment table. = 29

    It would take you then 116 minutes (~2 hours) of ininterrupt mining to gather 29 diamonds. (count the extra 4 minutes as wood gathering for sticks) Leave it aside the time mining the obsidian.

    You already have your set and table. Now the XP part (WITH a MOB GRINDER TO FUNNEL MOBS).

    According to the equation:
    Quote from darthmaulerX

    P.S. from that equation above I was able to determine a way to calculate the experience required to each level from level 0.
    y = 3.5x2 + 3.5x
    Where y = experience points
    and x = level

    And that any regular overworld mob gives you 5 xp (info on the same topic as the equation)
    And the enchantment data from this topic That for the enchantments:
    on each of the 4 pieces of armor, you would have to go at least at level 41
    this means that you would need 6027 XP points for each piece of armor, which means killing 1205 overworld mobs.
    Let's say that you are killing mobs using IRON swords gathered in the branch mining.
    Iron swords deals 4 hearts of damage. Overworld mobs have ~10 hearts
    You'd need at least 3 swings to kill one. Let's say it would take us 4 seconds to kill a mob.
    4 seconds per mob, 1205 mobs equals 4820 seconds = 80 minutes = 1,3 hours
    1,3 hours to have XP enough to enchant A SINGLE PIECE OF ARMOR, using A MOB GRINDER.

    Each Iron sword has a durability of aprox. 100 mob kills (wiki).
    You'd have to make 12 new swords while killing 1205 mobs. 10 seconds per sword crafting means 2 minutes of crafting time per piece of armor.

    For a full set of armor(4 pieces): 5,3 hours of mob slaughtering and sword crafting.

    Considering that the enchantment system is random, it means that probably at least one time per piece you will not have the desired enchantment (protection or fire or blast), and you will have to discard that piece of armor plus the XP used. So let's consider that you'd need to enchant at least twice every piece of armor set to have them protected as you desire.

    This means an increase of 24 diamonds that need to be mined = 1,6 hours of mining
    And an increase of 4 x 1,3h gathering XP for the armor = 5,3 hours of slaughering


    Let's sum it up:

    Mining diamonds (most efficient manner): 2 + 1,6 = 3,6 hours
    Killing for XP (using a mob grinder to funnel mobs): 5,3 + 5,2 = 10,5 hours



    Watching the video, we can see that the guy with the enchanted armor started taking lava damage on second 0:28 and he died on 1:21 from enderman attacks.
    This equals 53 seconds of incincibility.

    By doing it legitimately, using a mob grinder, you would need 14,1 hours of ininterrupt labor, just for 53 seconds of invincibility.
    That's the point.
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    posted a message on Why do people act like a Pre-Release is the completed game?
    Quote from Eddz0r

    If they stay "ugly" as they are, it's much easier to interact with them in my opinion. Either in a peaceful way or a evil way...

    Quote from CruorBlossom

    I mostly agree with this post. But people should still learn to beta test in a more civil manner, something more resembling bug posting and real feedback and not mindless whining and raging.

    [added in edit]: One the same note, when someone does provide good feedback, the rest of the community should be civil and discuss it, instead of the raging "ITz a B3TA!!!" replies... Overall the forums just need to mature.

    I agree with both.
    While complaining can be considered feedback, it's no excuse for such behavior. I believe that's why Reddit is the main source of constructive feedback for Mojang, while MC forum is more for people stating their opinions (sometimes whining/raging etc)
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    posted a message on Why do people act like a Pre-Release is the completed game?
    It may not look so, but complaining is also feedback. It's just not pleasing to read.

    "omg N0tch neds to fix this nou!!111!!"

    That's what is expected from us, as betatesters... in the case of pre-releases, the betabetatesters: give feedback. Tell Mojang what is working and what is not, what can be made better and what is already good. And that is the exact opposite of acting like the game was completed.

    Being silent and hopeful that something wrong may or may not be fixed is acting like the game was completed and you had absolutely no word on it.

    But betatesters have the word. Based on their complainings that Mojang knows what the joe-minecraft-public thinks of certain features (like Villagers), and can act accordingly, by providing a reason, tweaking, or removing it entirelly. Because of them the Endermen now stopped griefing our buildings, specially on 24h servers worldwide.(just an example)

    Don't think that I'm a whiner because of this post. But complainig is certainly more a betatester attitude than being silent.
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    I've made this "bathroom" tiles texture, also the white cauldron and trapdoor, they look great as modern bathroom textures:

    EDIT: I'm doing my own texture pack, so, yeah. Removed until I post it there.
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    posted a message on 1.9 Enchanting- tips, hints, HOW TO (don't waste xp) and more (full list)
    +1 rep for your hard work. But I expected more of this topic from the title. Hopefully people will contribute in making it more complete (kind of hard with the whole "random" aspect of it)
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    posted a message on Do all new features HAVE to be complicated?
    "Do all new features HAVE to be complicated?"

    No, but it is better when they allow complex outcomes once you apply time and skill. Like others said here "simple to grasp, hard to master".
    This is the case of redstone, block building, pistons.
    This is not yet what we have with breeding, enchantment and the new version of potions.

    Breeding: use wheat to gather animals and feed them. Its like that the first and every time you breed animals. No skill involved, no time required to master.
    Enchantment: have XP to use, put item in enchantment table, (use bookshelves) click randomly, have random enchantment. From level 1 up to 50 its always the same process. Again, no skill, no mastery.
    New potion making system: have ingredients, place them in brewing stand (with bottles of water) to have different and singular effects. Glowstone and redstone to increase time or effect. You must use your memory, thats right, but not skill. There's absolutely no challenge in learning the current potion making.

    According to the "consensus" of the majority in this topic, about simplicity allowing complexity, the old cauldron way of making potions was better (considering it should have a tooltip), because it was simpler than now -put water then ingredients in the cauldron as much times as you want- but could render amazingly complex potions with lots of effects. It did require skill to master, and the number of possible outcomes (like redstone for instance) was huge.
    So we could say that it was a perfect thing (if it had a tooltip), that was simplified so much by Mojang that now it's as hard as farming wheat.
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    posted a message on Awesome Colors!
    Find 7 errors in the second image?
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    posted a message on Potions and Distillation - 1.9-pre4 Reference Guide(Pics/Videos/Information!)
    Just when I thought we would have a new useful and cool tool for our workstations (the cauldron) which would be fun to mess around with friends in SMP, it is said that it will be replaced.
    Now for the mushroom biomes that look ugly, are pointless (as it is easy to farm a lot of mushrooms using bonemeal), doesnt encourage adventure and are not that fun to explore with friends (as they all look the same), it is being kept.

    It's almost like Mojang keeps cheking the minecraftforums for input on their creations, so that they can do it otherwise:
    "mushroom biome is boring" - "lets keep it then!"
    "cauldrons are badass!!" - "lets change it to something worse then!"

    Quote from Mystify

    I will gladly spend time learning a system. I will not spend time rolling dice and hopping to get all 6s.

    If according to Notch it will be totally random every. single. time., then that's exactly it... you will roll a dice everytime hoping to get 6s.
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    posted a message on Why are NPC's Neaderthal Squidward Monks?
    I may be wrong but after seeing the new google Doodle, I think the NPCs are some king of homage to Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets).

    The extended noses (and single eyebrow) are some kind of muppet's visual trademark:

    According to google, today would be his 75th birthday... and the 1.9 was pre-reseased yesterday, I don't think this is a coincidence.

    compare it with this picture:

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