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    posted a message on 1.2.5 pointless?
    Ice is already a semi-transparent block, and you can tint it anyway you want using an apropriate .png image editor.

    This being said, it's pretty easy to implement a series of coloured semi-transparent blocks that are crafted using glass + dyes
    The Ice block even has the glass-breaking sound already, so all you'd need to do is remove the code bit that says the block must transform to water in certain conditions.

    People here are mistakenly imagining colored light as a result of colored glass, but I'm pretty sure nobody said they want that. After all ambient light in Minecraft is always global plus vertical, not dynamic like with Ether's Shader. This means that the sun would never actually hit the glass from an angle, therefore colored light is out of the question.

    This is how it looks if you retexture Ice, and unfortunately it is not an option because you only have one color:

    So yeah, pretty doable and easy to implement.
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    posted a message on Biomes: Desert ALWAYS next to Snow?
    IMO, there could be some code that made (like already said), a grassy border between a taiga and desert biomes (like if the water melted there)... if there were trees in that grassy area they would not have snow accumulated on top, and rivers between those biomes would not freeze.
    A more complex version would be to determine a "temperature" factor to biomes, and since there are "smooth" transitions between biomes, the code would calculate snow and ice melting according to the temperature inbetween those areas. This would automatically fix frozen rivers between desert and taigas.

    It's not about being realistic, but about being logical, as most things are in minecraft. Fact is, people are not complaining because snow next to a desert is not realistic, but because the desert in the game is inspired by what we have in real life, as deserts that they are extremely HOT during day, (that's why the cactus and dead bushes), and that heat should melt any snow and ice nearby. The fact that there is snow and ice next to a supposedly HOT biome is what bothers people. And I can understand that.

    PS: I wanted to see a "biome" render of a pre-1.8 map to see how different it was, but unfortunally AMIDST did not exist back them I guess... and if you try to use it anyway, it renders old maps with actual biomes that did not exist. :/
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    posted a message on E...

    E means the "E" in "minEcraft", while C means the "C" in "mineCraft". When inverted, in "Minceraft" it means that the letter "E" has taken the letter's "C" place, while also means that the letter "C" has taken the letter's "E" place. It could also mean that letters "C" and "E" switched their placement in the word. Very suspicious thing indeed!!!

    Just kidding.
    E has nothing to do with Herobrine, C has nothing to do with anything else but the C in CRAFT. The End.
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    posted a message on Biomes: Desert ALWAYS next to Snow?
    Deserts are not ALWAYS next to snow, but almost always. The reason is that we have a map with 4,080,576,000 km2, and random biomes throughout those blocks, which means that it can be very common in a map to find a desert next to taiga (snow).
    Since the biomes are somewhat small (except for oceans, and sometimes swamps), the chance is big that at every 1000+- blocks of land you'll find at least one taiga and desert biomes intersecting, and that can give you the impression that they always intersect.

    For example: this is a biome render of a regular minecraft map, where dark green is Taiga, and yellow is Desert. Can you count how many times they intersect just in this image?
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    posted a message on Makeshift Night Detector
    Turns out we are discussing the exact same thing in the other topic.
    Suggestions so far:

    (zombie climbs the block trying to reach the villager. it will power the lamp all night. Once it's day the zombie will die drom the sun light and the lamp will turn off)

    EDIT: I left my minecraft open while here on the forums, and guess what? A zombie (naturally spawned) went by itself there and activated it! IT WORKS!
    PS: When the sun goes up, it takes 16 seconds aprox. for the zombies to die.

    ADVANTAGE: Very simple to build
    DISADVANTAGE: Requires a mob closeby, or several "stations" across your world.

    And these two videos:

    4 times more efficient!! Can attract mob from all 4 directions!
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    posted a message on [DESIGN CHALLENGE] unbreakable vault (now in testing!!!)
    A few months ago I had hope that such thing as an Unbreakable Vault (as described in the OP) was possible. I even made 3 designs (in this thread) that were also quickly discarded. Damn I even cursed the ignorant fools that entered the thread without reading it entirely, saying that it was a waste of time. I discovered recently that they were right. And before we go on, YES I'VE READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD AND TESTED PROBABLY ALL THE VAULTS POSTED HERE.

    So if YOU still think that it is possible, this is a reality check:
    And I'm not saying this in the open because I want to, but because I need to help you guys stop wasting your time. And I'll do my best not to say too much.

    First of all the OP states that we must be able to build it in Vanilla (un-modded) SMP..... But it says nothing about the GRIEFER playing a vanilla minecraft as well.

    But how that matters? Well we must know our enemy before we try to fight against it!
    There's such a thing called "griefer" client, more specifically called "hacked" clients. What is it? A minecraft.jar client that gives you EXTRA hacked-Habilities. I won't say it's name (I could be banned), but it's the one used by "professional griefers such as the AVOLITION TEAM. Have you heard of them?

    This is a brief list of what is possible using such a client:

    -Fly without creative, and without being insta-kicked by the server
    -Fall from whatever height without being hurt
    -Climb any wall, of any material and height, without ladders
    -Walk on the surface water or lava without sinking, drowning or loosing hearts.
    -"exit" your character body and walk free and invisible through the server (called FREECAM) You can even place/remove/activate blocks in a 6-blocks radius from where your body stand still.
    -Watch any players actions FROM THAT PLAYERS EYES, while yourself stand still far away. (called REMOTEVIEW)
    -Teleport (clip) any wall vertically, any number of blocks, through any material. (called Vclip)

    Now here's the interesting part: You can use several of those "habilites" at the same time.
    You can use it in a Vanilla server. They are UNDETECTABLE and UNSTOPPABLE even if you use anti-griefing plugins. And I'm refearing to a bukkit server with the most recent ones, imagine a vanilla server!

    What is possible to do using some of those habilities combined?
    Using the fly and freecam combined:
    -Fly through walls. Yeah you can fly invisibly through whatever house or vault and decypher the code, or whatever is the entrance method. More terrible: you have a 6-block radius of action, so if you are standing in front of the code lock, and if it is thinner than 6 blocks, you can actually activate it from the outside (while flying in the inside), or even destroy the circuitry!
    -Using the remote view, a griefer could actually watch YOU inserting your code, THROUGH YOUR OWN VIEW (Point of view), while standing 100 blocks away from you.

    That being said, the failure of this Vault Challenge, is actually in the GOAL described in the OP, because anyone could watch your code of your redstone lock, through your own eyes. The only way to prevent it, would be if the player was purposefully BLIND, so he himself could not see the code. Even so, the griefer can fly inside the code and quicky decypher the lock,... and depending on the thickness of the lock, the griefer can activate or griefe the inside of the building. Nevertheless if your vault has any open space at all, the griefer can fly to the sky limit and clip himself vertically to that open space (using the Vclip).

    Another thing, that does not have to do with griefer clients, is a mod that allows you to download a server map, just being a client walking in said server. It's even available to download here in Minecraft Forums!(I wont be banned before the creator of said mod)
    This means that I can simply walk by any vault, while downloading the map. Open the map in SSP in creative mode and learn what is the code, and even any weaknesses that such design might have.

    Now, before I'm acused of something: I'm not a griefer. I learned about that client through youtube, as anyone can do.
    Don't believe me: watch some AVOLITION videos. They won't tell you how to download that client, but you will see that I'm not lying, and those things are actually possible.

    The only perfectly safe and unbreakable vault is the one that is, or at least has all of the below:

    -The code lock is not redstone based, because one can download the smp map and learn the code / or fly invisibly inside your vault to learn the code / or break the lock from the outside if the walls are >6block thick. DOESNT MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU CHANGE THE CODE.
    -Therefore the entrance must be entirely mechanical, and/or be based in some glitch (that has a risk of being fixed)
    -You, yourself, do not see how you open your own vault, because any griefer can see how you open it through your own point of view.
    -Probably the safest way is if you are not the one who opens your own vault, or if the entrance method (and I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT A REDSTONE CODE LOCK) and it also changes automatically every time you enter the vault. This would prevent the griefer from entering, even if he knows the method which you used to enter.
    -If your vault is in the overworld, it must be made of bedroch void-to-sky and cannot have any open space for the griefer to verticaly clip to, as it is still possible to stant on top of the vault in the sky limit. (COMIC ISNT IT?)
    -Doesn't matter if the vault is in the nether, because even if in the nether there's a bedrock layer on the "sky limit", you can also use a method called BOAT PHASE upwards, described several times in this thread. So your vault in the nether also must not have any open space for a griefer to clip vertically into (MORE COMICAL).
    Conclusion: The only perfectly safe and unbreakable vault in vanilla, is the one that has no open space for a player to go into!!
    -You didn't understand why those points are crucial? Read the entire post!
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    posted a message on Redstone charged Fences
    Quote from NEREVAR117

    I think at the least fences should carry a charge up and down. This could be used to transfer redstone power on a vertical axis with relative ease compared to current methods.

    Agreed. To me it simply doesn't look right that a fence, that has the same material as a wooden planks block, won't transfer a signal from a torch directly below it.

    Receiving charge on the side, even though I think would be a good thing, kinda doesn't look right because there's no actual contact between the dust/repeater and the fence.
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    posted a message on Redstone charged Fences
    With the new Redstone Lantern I decided to play with some possible street lamp designs, which I think is a matter that probably concerns every server admin out there.
    But what a surprise to discover that fences don't transfer redstone signal in ANY way whatsoever.

    This is the bizarre result:

    Funny how this was never mentioned until now. Probably because nobody cared if fences were chargeable.

    This is the problem:

    In this example, the top torch should be OFF and the Lantern should be ON.
    But that doesn't happen, unless we change that fence for another block.

    I reported it as a bug but I'm not sure if it really is.

    What is your opinion? Should it be possible for redstone power to be transfered through fences?

    And this is probably a suggestion but why is it that a torch can be placed on top of a fence, but not on it's side?

    Should torches attach to the side of fences if placed like so?
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    posted a message on Stop focusing on the jungle biome
    If they don't add enough content to a new biome:

    If they focus on adding content to the new biome before moving to the next:

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    posted a message on Why all the hate on Notch?

    It is hard to find an user that has a neutral opinion about minecraft, you are an unique forum member.

    Glad to know that you think that! It's just my sincere opinion on the game. I cannot hate notch or jens because they didn't fulfill my expectations on the wasted potential of the game they created. It just makes me sad, and leaves me with the hope that someday Minecraft, or another game, will reach that level.
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