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    posted a message on Horses soon?
    Quote from Strottinglemon

    I'd prefer controllable pigs via wheat on a fishing pole.


    -Easy to implement. The fishind rod, the wheat, the pig and it's textures are already in-game.
    -Easy to use. Just craft the rod+wheat, hold it, climb on a saddled pig and move the mouse to the desired direction..
    -Difficult to gain access. Requires finding a dungeon and the saddle on one of it's chest. Therefore, it's a feature already balanced.
    -Probably easy to code, as the animals AI already make them follow wheat.
    -Gives purpose to an otherwise boring game mechanic. Once you ride a pig for the first time, you wish it's your last time.... not if you can ride the pig to wherever you want!
    -Gives another purpose for fishing rods.
    -Truly rewards the player that finds a saddle. Encourages adventure and dungeon searching.
    -It's a creative way to use a mob as way of transport, not like horses. It goes well along with Minecraft subtle-fun aspect.

    I could go on and on.
    Compared to this, horses are ****.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w26A Bug: Really Big Redstone
    You suspect?

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    posted a message on A statement on minecraft performance:
    Quote from Bumber

    Only surfaces touching air, transparent blocks, or liquids are actually rendered.

    Funny how a single phrase flushes most of OP's calculations down the toilet.
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    posted a message on Wich version is the Minecraft PC gamer demo?
    I really admire your effort on writing english! And not worrying about errors and stuff, just about sending the message. :)

    Keep up the good work and ignore haters, I'm sure you'll be writing perfectly very soon.

    And I really like how everyone in this thread was ready to help, regardless of grammatical issues.
    Faith in MC-Forums, Restored!

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    posted a message on [Collection] [CTM] [RTA] Timetoslide's Deathly Trails -20000 Downloads-
    Quote from SqueakyG

    So Pause and Beef just gave up...

    You could say they made some dumb decisions and missed a lot of stuff, but they said it was too hard to be fun, so that's that. What are your thoughts?

    Personally I'm annoyed that this map has a free pass against criticism just because the designer described it as "ROM-hack hard". That means whenever someone suggests a problem or an imbalance or a part that's not very fun, everyone goes, "Well, it's ROM-hack hard, it's supposed to be like that."

    I agree with Killfish and Denzien, while I enjoyed A LOT watching their run of this map, a great part of their frustration is because of their own mistakes.
    What I noticed is that Pause and Beef are "agressive" players on the sense that they spend little time trying to figure out what needs to be done, what preparation they need, before going on.
    I mean, yeah, suicide-runs to spam torches is one strategy... but it will lead to deaths, obviously. Maybe it would've been easier if they funneled the mobs? TNT Cannon is an option, after all there is plenty of TNT available from traps that they soon discovered to be everywhere. Or maybe they could avoid some of the most dangerous areas until they have found iron?
    If they are prone to die voluntarily or involuntarily, would be a good thing to carry beds with you ALL the times, and reset your spawn and create temporary bases every intersection (or hard area).... but they often forgot to carry beds, just to die repeatedly and have to walk 800 blocks all the way back again and again. Also, by making temporary bases, would mean that they could carry LESS important stuff on their inventory (which IMO should be only armor/tools/weapons/blocks/torches), and if they die, this can be easily replaced, or quickly retrieved.
    They forgot that they could use the milk bucket from the monument as a way of dropping lava on mobs/spawners.
    They forgot to light most of their path on Crumbling Sands, which lead to massive amount of mob spawns (saplings and bonemeal was plentiful at that time, so they could have used charcoal if necessary).

    So yeah... it's easy to become frustrated when your mistakes lead to death over and over again.

    I agree with what has been said about the lack of arrows.... or at least the lack of feathers. One could make an skeleton trap? Of course, but that doesn't add to the hardness, only to the annoyance/time-consuming factor. Specially since there are a lot of open areas with blaze/ghast spawners, arrows must be plentiful, because the difficulty is not on killing the flying mobs but disabling the spawners while the mobs constantly appear around you.

    And IMO the map would be much more enjoyable if you could carry the EGGS in your inventory. Maybe there should be an optional rule for that? After all, again, making all the tracks leading to the pen after you cleared/lighted all the areas is not hard, just annoying/time-consuming. So IMO people should be allowed to choose if they want to do the fastest way: carrying eggs to the pen (just like in wool CTM maps you carry the wool in your inventory), or if they want to do the time consuming way: building tracks and stuff.

    When creating a completion-style map, it's all about how fast you make the pace of the game for the players, when and how the map gets hard and when and how players get best gear to continue moving forward... and to avoid frustration, how you fulfill their feeling of progressing throughout the map. Multiple deaths is not a problem when the players know that they can craft their stuff again and again, but if they loose everything and have to start from scratch several times, this can easily anger and frustrate the players.

    The "having to build rails to move animals to the monument" aspect IMO is bad exactly because it breaks the feeling of progression. If after you found your first animal you have to spend two hours building tracks to the monument, there it goes down the drain all the excitement the player had to keep going. So the other choice for the players is to find all the animals first, THEN move then all to the monument? How will people feel that they are completing the monument then, if they are not? In fact they are worrying about having to spend multiple hours in the future, after finding all the animals, building tracks. This is exactly what happened to Beef and Pause on their run of this map.
    Both choices were terrible in a LP-commentator/player point of view. Spend countless hours building tracks, or trying to go forward without any feeling of completion, just to die multiple times and have to start from scratch.

    So TL;DR, In my opinion the map is excelent except for those two aspects:
    -Lack of arrows/Feathers
    -Lack of rule allowing to carry the egg to the monument.
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    posted a message on What's your opinion on the new wooden slabs?
    like Kyoshinda said... the problem is not wooden slabs being wood (as they should be) instead of stone, but the gigantic fire spread radius that makes fireplaces unsafe in a wooden floored house.

    If fire is surrounded sideways by an nonflammable material, it should not spread >2 blocks, simple as that.
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    posted a message on 12W22A - Temples too nice? What are you excited about?
    NEI + WorldEdit (SPC) is the heaven to map creators.

    Combine that with Large Biomes (no more snow -taiga- and green water -swamp- in your map area) and the adventure mode (which needs tweeking yet), not to mention writable books (rules and stories contained in one single book?) and this makes 1.3 clearly the best update so far for map makers!!
    (not to mention tripwire!)
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    posted a message on Two ideas for books... (video)
    This probably would fit in the suggestions. Anyway, people with twitter here could send Jeb this video.

    I know most of you already want books to be stored inside bookshelves, that's the first idea.

    The second one is placeable books, just like cakes. You place a book on top of a block, and you can right click it to see the contents. Maybe it would be better if only Signed books could be placed.

    It would be perfect for adventure map and servers, to have a book in the lobby, instead of a chest or dispenser filled with books. I'm not claiming to be the owner of those ideas, or the first one to come up with them. I'm here just to show how it would look in-game, using a video to show you guys.

    The texture pack is an edited Johnsmith btw.

    (Click the image for the youtube video.. I don't know how to embed a video here on the forums)
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    posted a message on Giant mushrooms are no longer possible
    So, right now we can still grow mushrooms outside , but one must be annoyed by making a cover for said mushroom to grow, so it's actually not prevented, but annoyingly possible to be done.

    This looks like that day when Mojang made Zombies smash the door, and it didn't add any real difficulty to the game, just annoyance, forcing the players to make block-doors instead of regular wooden doors.

    oh, Mojang... Mojang...
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    posted a message on What happened to all the chests? (Abandoned Mine-shafts)
    Quote from Slynder

    I made my world in 1.2.3 Didn't have problems finding them in any of the earlier versions either.

    Maybe you could post your world seed, so we can test if there is a variation on chest numbers in mineshafts, from version 1.1 to 1.2.
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