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    Quote from Treeman01

    It would not turn the majority off. If you don't want to download a mod that someone has put a lot of effort into making, just because you don't want to make a tiny payment then your just being silly.

    As for the the actual payments I'm guessing there will be something similar to Microsoft points on Xbox live, where you put a certain sum of money into your account and then use that to buy whatever mods you want.

    Such a fool and outdated business strategy.
    Slowly companies and producers are learning that the best way of making money and fighting piracy is not trough direct user payment, but by using compulsory adds (that usually can be ignored/skipped), or through selling exclusive content that is not needed/required in the first place.
    That's how giant Youtube Let'splayers are making thousands of dollars a month without the viewers paying a cent to them.
    That's how Valve can afford to turn one of it's major franchises: Team Fortress, into a F2P game without losing a cent.
    That's how Open-Source Softwares are increasingly gaining a share of the market of paid softwares. GIMP is increasingly becoming as good as Photoshop and you don't pay a cent to the developers.... Blender is increasingly becoming as good as Adobe's 3D softwares and again you don't pay a cent to the developers.

    Donating is still not as good as payment? Yes... but that is because we are still living based on that outdated business strategy that makes us believe that a software only is good if it's paid. People are already slowly learning that donating to someone who uses his free that for your benefit is actually a good thing for you, and better than paying for a one-time version of said product.
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    Certainly what I expect is updates on Adventure Mode. Probably by using a txt file to select:

    -Which blocks can be mined (selecting their IDs)
    -If buttons/levers/tripwires can or cannot interact with the player
    -types of mob that can or cannot spawn on dark areas
    -turn on/off creepers/ghasts block damage
    -turn on/off explosions altogether
    -possibility of using beds to reset spawn even if it's day
    -and other options...

    Also, new features on redstone:

    -Some kind of Redstone block for transmitting signal up/downwards on a 1x1 shaft space.
    -Maybe a compact Bud-Switch?
    -Maybe compact blocks for Logic Gates? (AND, NOR, XOR, etc)
    -A clock/pulser block that once powered sends redstone signal multiple times at set delay
    -Something similar to the ALLOCATOR block

    New decorative blocks and features:

    -Marble stairs/slabs
    -Netherbrick slabs
    -Maybe vertical slabs?
    -Rotating fences (just like Logs are now)
    -Rotating planks
    -Multiple colored fences and pressure plates depending on the wood used
    -More placeable items, like signed books for example.
    -Bookshelves as book containers.

    Too optimistic?
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    posted a message on Marble Blocks in 1.3?
    Here's an example of how multiple textures on the same block can be used to simulate marble subsurface scattering:

    (a semi transparent texture on top of an opaque texture, just like slimes)

    Multiple blocks:

    Sorry for the strange lighting, this is not actually a Minecraft screenshot.
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    posted a message on Possible falling trees in 1.3?
    Well, allright then.

    To me is clear that using mechanics already present in mods like Ugocraft and Tornado, one could make a falling tree if he wishes to.
    In fact, I have no doubts that we will be seeing such mod made in a matter of months from now. We probably don't already have it now because modders didn't want to make it.

    To me, Dinnerbone/Mojang is saying that it is impractical or problematic mainly because they don't want to spend so much time in such a specific game mechanic that can create so many bugs.... while modders on the other hand use their free time only coding specific mechanics and features instead of an entire game, and have to deal with only a short amount of bugs.

    PS: I said about gravel and sand because they are already proof that the game can easily handle straight vertical motion of entities, a requirement in a falling object motion if there's an obstacle in the way)
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    It is not as hard, as the Tornado mod does exactly the same without problem, working with exactly the same variables (gravity/obstacles, and even wind!) All you have to do is watch a tornado pass by a forest biome.

    Does Minecraft deal with Sand and Gravel entity weight when they are falling? I don't think so... therefore there's no reason to do that to a falling tree.

    How does the Tornado mod makes it work, and how would a falling tree in Minecraft work?
    The blocks are converted to entities.... the entities are carried by whatever force is present (gravity in minecraft, gravity and wind in Tornado mod)... then once that entity collides with an obstacle, the game checks the position of the first regular block below, then the entity is converted back to a block on top of the regular block below, to emulate the effect of gravity making that block fall. That's exactly what the Tornado mod does, check the last video I posted on 5:44 minutes.
    OBS: Minecraft already makes entities react to gravity and obstacles....

    The difference is that on the Tornado mod, once entities hit a vertical obstacle, they simply "teleport" to it's final possible vertical location... while regular Minecraft already deals quite well with Sand and Gravel's entities vertical falling motion, so that could be implemented as well to make the falling tree more realistic.
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    posted a message on Possible falling trees in 1.3?
    Tilting? You clearly don't know what Ugocraft is about. Check this:

    There you go, lots of rotating and tilting for you.

    Of course, if there's an object in the way of the tilting, it will stop halfway but you will be unable to "climb" it or mine it because it is still an entity. What UGOcraft does is once the entity is tilted correctly it can proceed to convert itself to a block.

    Another example, Hogwarts rotating stairs:

    I'm not saying that a falling tree should work the same as a regular being only halfway tilted or something like that, but it definitely work if the blocks were to be converted to entities right in the beginning of the falling motion, just to be converted again to blocks once they hit another block and they are in "correct" position to be converted.

    There's also the Tornado mod, which removes blocks from the ground and throws them away. You can clearly see the block entities becoming regular blocks again once they hit the ground:

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    posted a message on Possible falling trees in 1.3?
    In case you guys are wondering how a falling tree could work in minecraft, you should check this guy's videos:

    I believe it converts the blocks to entities (that's why they lose the smooth lighting while moving), and after the movement the entities are converted back to blocks with proper orientation. As you can see he runs it with almost no lag at all even when moving hundreds of blocks (entities)... in fact the game almost looked like it ran smoother when he was descending his "island".
    If you consider that the game usually lags only when thousands of entities are present, or with massive amount of lighting calculations, then this mod is proof that the game can handle dynamic movement of entities, because it only calculates the light once the block movement starts, and once it ends.... and hardly anyone would move thousands of blocks at once.
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    posted a message on 12w30b Creeper buff discussion(With response from Dinnerbone)
    Quote from Gnardak

    Seems like a sensible change. It's only right that they should scale with difficulty.

    I'd still kinda like an option to switch off mob property damage altogether though(creepers and ghasts). Mostly, I don't really care that much if they kill me or not(except that I potentially lose what I was carrying) but I despise them for making holes in my lawn. Hateful things.

    I agree with you completely.
    Not because I care about fixing my lawn, but because creepers are the worst thing in adventure maps. Making them able to kill you without destroying blocks is amazing!
    Should this option be a txt file that we can edit... or even through using that "edit spawner" feature to spawn them, this would be a great addition to the "Adventure Mode".

    Adventure Mode in Itself has great potential, I'm looking forward to the day it reaches it.
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    posted a message on How do we feel about 1.3?
    Don't complain when people disagree with your opinion, if you're willing to make it public then expect it to be scrutinized.
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    posted a message on 1.3 worries
    Quote from Chrislonewolf

    its stupid they get us sooooo happy and rampt up then the day its suposed to come out they move it till augist. if they move it again i will personaly find Mojang and tell them wtf and complain

    There was no day "it was supposed to come out". Frustration comes from one's expectation. You expected something that nobody actually said, therefore you are now frustrated that your expectation didn't come true. So basically you only have yourself to blame!
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