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    posted a message on Ok whose in charge of the textures?
    Quote from RowdyArt

    I understand where your coming from, but re-texturing all the items like that would ruin the blocky theme Minecraft has used since the beginning that most long time players have hopefully grown to love.

    Ask people to imagine all tools and itens without black outline... because now that food has changed, everything must be changed to be consistent. Say goodbye to your beloved blocky theme!

    Oh... and even now, a couple months from the gravel texture change, a lot of people still think that they look like crap. But complaining about it has grown old, that's why they are silent about it.

    In this case, time doesn't heal the open wound... you just get used to the pain.
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    posted a message on Please do not nerf the XP Farms
    Quote from cadika_orade

    I just had an idea:

    Suppose the XP nerf is added as a server option? That way server admins have a simple way to either prevent or allow XP grinding as they please.

    As for SSP... just don't build a grinder. If you complain about grinders, and then go and build one yourself... you have issues. o_O

    This is a good solution.
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    posted a message on Please do not nerf the XP Farms
    Quote from Overlord93

    Oh no, someone finds something I don't like fun???!?? Remove it from the game immediately, everyone should enjoy minecraft the way I do.

    This post is so true.

    People feel threatened by players that take the time to create a contraption that gives them advantage. Instead of leveling up to the challenge, they want others to be leveled down.
    And let me make this clear... contraptions that are completely legit, take time and resources to be built and that only uses game mechanics as implemented.

    I agree that is not fun.
    I agree with destroying it on pvp servers if you do not like it.

    Anyway, I agree with bluevein's post. The greater problem is not with XP farms in general, but with spawner-based ones, which require only a small effort and risk, almost zero resources to be built... so the risk vs reward is unbalanced in this case.

    In other cases, people are whining because some nerds are spending hundreds of hours on their server to gain easy xp. They don't want to do that too, and they don't want to change to another server (xpgrinder-prohibited), so they want people to be leveled down. PS: I'm not one of those nerds.
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    posted a message on Is it me, or did mojang go a liiiitle bit overboard with the whole, fire spread thing
    This is kind of a trademark of Mojang trying to "fix" something.
    Remember Enchantments.... there was a time when people was unsatisfied with enchanting because you had to spend 5 hours of grinding (without dying) to reach level 50 (and wouldn't even guarantee a good enchantment)... unless you had a mob-trap to cut the time to 20-30 minutes.

    Mojang then changed it to the complete opposite, making leveling arithmetic progression, xp from ores and spawners and max-level 30.
    After that people complained that was then TOO easy. Now everyone reached level 30 within 5 minutes of mining coal in the nearby cave.
    So for the third time Mojang had to rework enchantment balance to please the players.

    Now, in a analogy, "once upon a time, fire would spread like crazy and people complained... Mojang decided to nerf it... but they nerfed it TOO much and then people complained again, so they decided to turn it back to something similar to what it was before the nerf... but it was TOO powerful and destroyed florests and houses easily so now people complain".

    With the enchantment, Mojang decided that a middle-term (half arithmetic, half geometric progression) was the best balance and that pleased the players and ceased the complaints.
    When will they notice that with the fire the middle-term would be the best?
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    posted a message on Carrot on a stick
    Thanks Dinnerbone!!

    Once I made a post listing all the positive aspects of using the saddled pig instead of horses as mounts! Finally it will come true!

    The different foods for different animals is a great suggestion!
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    posted a message on Armored mobs pickup stronger armor and weapons
    He shoots arrows with a sword??
    Now that's something strange!
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    posted a message on Corner Stairs. Now in 12w34b!
    Quote from DontStealMyBacon

    Really? Hmm, if it was me I'd prefer corner stairs and not what you have pictured. Anyway I would assume that they would be like minecart tracks so they wouldn't change after being placed.

    Uhmm... so if your house is close to your neighbor's house, you'd connect your roof to his into a single roof?
    Cool... I wonder who will pay for the roof repair when you need it.

    ps: I hope you're right on that!
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    posted a message on Dinnerbone! Lecterns and more!
    Wow I'm really excited about lectures!!!

    Right after writeable books were added this was one of the first two things that came into my mind. But my idea was that books would be placeable anywhere you want, just like cakes and brewing stands, etc.

    Next thing was bookshelves as book containers (so obvious, but yet to be added)

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    posted a message on Terrain Poll, Is How Does 1.3.1 Compare to Beta and Alpha?
    While at first I thought the experiment was valid, Hayarotle's post convinced me otherwise and ended this thread WITH LOGICAL, REASONABLE ARGUMENTS.

    Cadika is proudly stating that his experiment was scientific, and he was doing science... but forgets that science is based on repetition and multiple test samples.
    I believe that deep inside his subcounsciouss mind he knows that because he ignored every post that asked for VIDEO samples instead of SINGLE FRAMED IMAGES.

    It's easy to be mistaken trying to identify framed images that lack the same various features that make beta and 1.3 terrain so different, and the same features that are asked by hundreds of people to be re-inserted in the game.
    This features were listed by Hayarotle on his excelent post, that has yet to be replied by Cadika. But I guess after that post he/she realised the mistakes of the experiment and decided to ragequit this thread to avoid admitting the experiment was biased.
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    posted a message on Jeb reveals programmable Redstone blocks!
    Quote from murphmaster01

    The beauty of minecraft is having extremely simple tools with which you can create so much more. Now I understand why it would be immensely useful, the fact is most minecraft players never touch redstone aside from a simple door or something. So taking the time to add these when a perfectly usable alternative is available seems like a waste to me.

    The goal of the block is to use it in conjunction with redstone, not replace it.

    I never said that this block should replace Logic Gates or rapid pulses. I said that It would be great for it to be possible to replace them.
    Are you really against possibilities that are not destructive, but additive to the gameplay? Have you ever heard of "Don't like it don't use it"?

    If there are more simple, less boring ways of making something, then this should be implemented! That's exactly one of the reasons why enchantment level gaining was revamped, and why netherwart farming was brought to the overworld.

    The ability of making an AND gate directly through programming on said redstone block would never replace the conventional AND gate that we use today, simply because in certain ocasions you want multiple torches/outputs as you have in the conventional version, that you would not have using said block.
    You also could still use the redstone programmed block as PART of an conventional AND gate, or PART of an XOR gate.

    I don't understand why you think that being able to program logic gates in the block would somehow make people stop using larger versions altogether. After all, right now we can simply completely live of villager trading, and ignore mining/surviving as a whole, but people do that? NO. Because? Because trading simply extends the possibilities... in a way that you are not forced to make use of.

    Anyway, I respect your opinion... I will keep hoping that we will be able to program such features anyway.
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