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    I have seen so many questions and concerns pertaining to the randomly generated structures. If the structures do not show up, do not start freaking out. This is simply an overlooking on instructions. You must simply create a new world, go into the world options, and change the world type from 'Default' to 'Crafting Dead.' There you go, you're all set. Have fun guys.
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    posted a message on Minecraft pe for Windows Phone?
    To be totally honest, I think PE may eventually come to WP, but will take some time. Many apps are like this, they tend to leave out Windows for whatever reason, though I can't quite understand it.
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    posted a message on PytoHost | PLEASE LOCK DOWN THREAD
    I have just canceled an older hosting because I was unnable to change server.jar to any kind of server type I wanted, can you offer that choice? Like for example if I wanted to host a Mo' Creatures mod server rather than hosting something like Tekkit that all servers have?
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    er...... where the hell is the Minecraft.bat file? i really wanna be able to use this :/ I think you mightve skipped a step on instructions on the .bat and .sh files.
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    A house........ no i dont know why i just felt like it.
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    ik this will sound alot like Fallout: NV, but what about a wheel where you can say: defend post, stay in area, explore, follow, inventory, and group. Group would be helpful so you can tell 1 zombie to do it and all in the same group would do it. Groups could be made by when right clicking the zombie it opens the wheel, select group and a little screen will come up sorta like inventory. There would be just a single textbox, if it is blank the mob isnt in a group. Whatever the name is when the mob is told to do something it will check the box, if any other mobs have the same group then they will do the same command.
    I like the idea hope it makes it all the way, LETS KEEP IT KICKING :--+: :iapprove:
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