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    Quote from kbec7

    this isnt 2x2, its 16x16, it just appears to be 2x2

    You should look at the terrain.png, it's actually 4 pixels each block.

    and also you should actually look at things instead of making assumptions.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [2x2] [1.4.6] SimplyPixel Texture Pack - UPDATED TO 1.4 FINALLY :D

    I have been doing stuff, and have gotten quite bored of Minecraft, but I shall try to update this pack as i get into it. 1.5 has allowed for some nice changes, so get ready for a improved version! (center torches, yay!)


    Hi people, this is a 2x2 texture pack with 4x4 items. It is not a ripoff 16x16 texture pack, like many I have seen. That's why the torches are so large and the compass doesn't work.


    DOWNLOAD - v1.2 - Updated for 1.4.6 with fireworks and and firework stars.

    Older versions:

    DOWNLOAD - v1.1 - 1.4.2 OVERHAUL! Long overdue. Added all new block and item textures. thanks for the support guys.
    DOWNLOAD - v1.0.1 - Added all the armors, XP orbs, and shot arrows. Probably forgot to list something.
    DOWNLOAD - v1.0 - I am switching to a normal version format now. Items are completely done. And so are a couple of other things. A stone re texture, The old one didn't look right. Currently the compass doesn't work, but I will fix that later.
    DOWNLOAD - BETA 4.25.12 - Some mobs, GUI, and environment. And other things.
    DOWNLOAD - v4.7.12 - Finished terrain.png! Hooray!
    DOWNLOAD - v4.1.12 - The REAL April Fools day update. Adds repeaters, beds, giant mushrooms, and pine and birch logs.
    DOWNLOAD - 3.29.12 - Lapis lazuli ore, pumpkins, redstone and normal torches, all stone bricks, and NETHER! (blocks.) It's getting playable now, will have more stuff in updates because of spring break. DOWNLOAD - 3.28.12 - Improved ores (except lapis lazuli), glass (actually transparent now), and leaves (looks epic on fancy). Did whole 3rd row of the terrain.png and a little of 4th.
    DOWNLOAD - 3.27.12 - Initial release (sort of)

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    Terrain.png (to prove it's 2x2):

    A video by Brindeelow

    A video by Vixom

    A video by cocojacko.

    Pictures (really outdated):

    Ores: Torches in v3.29.12: Nether in v3.29.12: Nether blocks close up (also mossy cobblestone in background): Pumpkins in v3.29.12: Tools:
    Wood: Stone: Iron: Gold: Diamond:

    SimplyPixel Texture Pack by Argran is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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