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    posted a message on My whole world disappeared and became bedrock?

    That's actually really scary, have you and the other player experienced this as well?

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    posted a message on What does your survival base look like?

    Sorry in advance to the terrible quality of my cameraman-ship, but here is my 3DS base:

    Picture 1: And outside view of my whatever you call a base. The ground floor with windows is my small garden room with temporarily housing my two farm animal's, a Chicken and a Cow. 2nd floor is accessible only by the outside ladder and that glass hallway (that leads to my Storage Hall), in that second floor is my wood and tools storage along with my furnaces. The third floor is my bedroom floor.

    Picture 2: Garden Room, you can see its very small, yeah I hunt most of the time. But usually I farm in Minecraft. You can also see my Cow of which I call Butter, and that sideways light brown block near the door (Laughs) is a Chicken. I am using the Mario Texture Pack and chickens are Gumbas XD.

    Picture 3: I always thought the larger island below mine looked really similar to the UK island. Doesn't it?

    Picture 4: Yeah all I have in my Storage Hall is a bunch of chests and a room for Hay bales and another for Coal Blocks (Which I have quite a bit of).

    Picture 5: is a view looking down on my "base" from my tallest tower, called Overlook Tower. I only use it to look down upon my little island.

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