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    posted a message on [1.5_01][WIP]Multi-verse mod[V0.0_3][ML]
    Seems interesting.
    Big concept. Hope it actually gets done. ^^

    I'm the kinda guy who's always "No Pics, No Clicks" though. So I'll just wait for screenshots of the dimensions to be uploaded
    to say anything else. (Or not)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] More Player Models
    Quote from Noppes

    Did you follow the skinning guide? I dont mind taking a look at your skin.

    Sorry for the delay, apparently this stupid forum doesn't warn me of replies... -.-"""

    And yeah. I followed everything you said in the site, to no use. All edge pixels were colored with said colors, to no use.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    No support for Snapshots eh?

    Oh well, okay then... -.-"""
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    posted a message on The Above User Has A Massive Crush On You
    Uhm... yeah...

    Sorry, but... I'm kind of straight and... Y'know... not a giant, fire-breathing, dragon... so... um...

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] More Player Models
    Hello there. ^^

    First of all: Congrats on your mod! It's really awesome!!! :D
    Hope you can keep it going and updating and bug fixing and adding stuff and...

    *Breathes again*


    Well, anyway... Moving on, I'm having a problem... :(
    It doesn't seem to work with me right now. I'm trying to activate the mod, so I painted the 0x0 pixel the color you said and updated to Minecraft.net

    And now it just keeps changing forth and back between the regular char skin and my old one whenever I try it...

    ...help? :steve_tearful:
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    posted a message on Just a simple Minecraft server. 'v^
    Quote from majpaj

    I would love to join. I'm 22, male, mainly does farming as a minecraft role. Would love to start up a small village with ya and stuff. I have a mic and teamspeak. I am 22 and male but some say I sound like a girl LOL but Idc what they say. Not my fault I didnt get a deep voice :D . Would love to just chill and hang out. Do some survival and DESTROY THAT DAMN DRAGON! :) . My IGN is majpaj. Let me know whats up and stuff bro.


    It's ok, you can sound girly. I don't have exactly the most macho voice on the planet either anyway... :D

    Quote from Bryanluke56

    Oi. I only meant that as in I like building homes for couples. Not that I make sex-shacks. xD

    Also how do we know if we make it in? There's no server IP to check to see if we made it though the whitelist. o - o

    1 - Oh... O.K. then, if you say. :D

    2 - You're about to know how are you in the process. But it's gonna take a while to actually be in or not. Sorry about that...
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    posted a message on Just a simple Minecraft server. 'v^
    Quote from vGHeavens

    I would like to join but im only 16 :( I need people to do a Let's Play with for YouTube but no one seems to want to

    oh... That's bad... ^~^"""
    Well... I've seen recently a Minecraft Server invite was for people around your age. ^-^
    so I think I'll place the link to there for you later, oki? ^^""

    Quote from PAandW

    I would like to join. I've been trying to find small vanilla servers for quite some time.

    A Let's Play would be really cool!

    Great! Please keep yourself not too far, ok? I'm unfortunately on my phone right now, but I'll update here as soon as possible and let you all know who's in. ^^
    Quote from Bryanluke56

    I like to build homes for two. ♥

    I fear that line... o0"""
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    posted a message on Just a simple Minecraft server. 'v^
    Wanna join a SIMPLE server? without any mods, texture packs, addons, plugins, bukkit, tekkit, or any-other-kkit?

    Are you around 19 to 23 years old? (and human, you have to be human too!)

    Do you love Minecraft? (and RPing...? you don't have to, I'm just asking... What? O.k., sorry, I'll be quiet now... :( )

    Would you like to make awesome youtube series videos? (With you IN them doing ACTUAL minecraft stuff? like beating the ender dragon?)

    Do you need someone with good combat skills, to fight the agressive mobs for (or with) you? ( :steve_rage: :ISWORD: :Zombie:

    Do you love building cool stuff? (And what about HUGE, effort demanding, days taking stuff? ...no? goddamnit... I can't catch a break... :unsure: )

    Do you have voice communication tools? (headset or headphones and a mic? and if you're a girl, do you have a pretty voice too? ...what? okay, I'll shut up... :( )

    Do you have (or are you willing to get) installed the software needed for them? (Skype, team speak, or whatever other you choose?)

    Well my dear fellows, then you just got lucky! :steve_joyous:

    I'm upping a server in here, crazy and killing for people to join in and have fun together. ^^


    - Only 2 to 3 spots, so if you're interested, say it quick! :)

    - Say something about you. (You don't have to say much or describe yourself... just WRITE SOMETHING so I can have a clue what kind of person you are. ^_^ )

    - You have to be an (at least mostly) good person. If you're a griefer, troll, or similar: GET OUT. NOW!!! :steve_rage:

    - You in? Reply here, or PM me. ANYWHERE. If it's a known website, I'm in it. With the exact same nickname and profile pic.

    Well... I guess that's it for now. Have an amazing day (Even if you ain't joining). and see y'all around! ;)


    Check if you're in right below:

    Candidate ID - Current Condition - Priority Level

    Brianluke56 - Accepted - x

    MJZGaming - Accepted - x

    l2ogue_killel2 - Accepted - x

    ArielKeoahu... - Accepted - x

    vGHeavens - Denied. [doesn't comply age restriction] (Sorry. :( ) - x

    PAandW - Denied. [No answer/ not enough info] - x

    Skycaller - Denied. - x

    EDIT: Ok, Server will be set soon. Hamachi will be needed for everyone to connect. Please download the latest version.

    EDIT 2: .Sorry for the huge delay everyone... server had some problems getting set up... ^^"
    Everyone accepted will receive the server IP in a few days. (Hopefully -.-""")

    EDIT 3: Sorry all, I've been having lot's of life problems to cope with, and on top of that server's signal doesn't seem good enough to even connect. This topic will be closed.

    (...Maybe someday in the future? It was great to see there was so many people interested, But I just don't have the time needed, I'm sorry ant thanks for all.) :steve_tearful:

    If any Mod'd like to Lock this topic now, feel free to.
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    posted a message on iPixeli's Gender Mod
    Quote from bryanbestgamer

    LOL good idea but when do girls play warrior games?

    GOD you need to go out more...

    (Fun fact: this coming from a guy who almost NEVER leaves his home... )

    Besides, Seriously?!? Minecraft? a WARRIORS game...? Are you frikking kidding me?!?

    ...Shame on you! :Notch:

    I'm guessing you never played a warriors game in your whole life.
    Go play some Counter Strike, Worms Armaggedon, Doom I, Doom II, Duke Nukem 3D, Crysis 2, Heavy gear, Battlefield, Farcry I, Slave Zero, Tribes Ascend, Metal Rage... And then you can start thinking you know anything about what makes a warrior game.

    Phew... Okay... I think it's all out now...

    I need some Minecraft. :grass:

    *goes away to play* :ISWORD:
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    posted a message on Where Can I Buy MC Stuff

    You're welcome. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Will You Improve my Skin?
    Quote from Chubbysnail

    Hello! Well i designed a skin way back when i started minecraft. But it's not very detailed but i like the concept of it. I would like to know if anyone would improve my skin and add more details to it.
    Here it is and i would like to see what you could do to it! :)

    Thanks in advance

    If you can wait 'till tomorow, I'll do it for you. (Too late here now.)

    Do you want?
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Ok, I have a question...

    Some blocks have kinda like a "Sub-ID", like the mushroom surface block, which is 100:14... So, how do I specify the Sub-ID in the command? (Like for the "path" command for example, because i tried ":", "-", ",", and ".", between the ID and Sub-ID, and nothing worked... :/

    So... Help? ^^"

    Thanks in advance. o/ :Bench:
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Quote from JackClubs

    :Diamond: Super Earth Welcomes you! :Diamond:
    ~~~~~~ Thank you for your applications! ~~~~~~

    :Diamond: These people are new members of Super-Earth: :Diamond:



    It's not CanSilber, It's CenSilver! XD
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): CenSilver
    Where are you from?: Brazil
    Your age? (if your under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): 20
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Yes.
    Did you vote for us? No.
    Extra notes?: Not really.
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: Many Servers Listing Web pages.
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