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    ">No problem. Glad to be of service.
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    Quote from astronwolf

    Difficulty is set to normal.

    PVP is on.

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    1 - Skyblock doesn't need Bukkit. Never did. Dunno where you got that from.

    2 - Not entirely your fault. Java IS a huge pain in the *ss to set up. the kind of thing you set up once and then forget ever existed. (You are now learning through the hard way the reason of such. Welcome to the area of software companies that are an ultimate pain to mess with. mind the multiple attempts, and remember to never mess with them again if you're not ABSOLUTELY SURE that you know exactly what you're doing.)

    3 - You think messing with class and classpath is a bad move? You have no idea how dangerous ".Bat" files can be.

    4 - There are two basic rules for Java that you should always follow to the core:

    A - NEVER, EVER, mess with them once you get them working.

    B - NEVER, EVER download a Java Software, if not from HERE: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html (Yes, you're reading it right. Even downloading from the Official java website itself would be a bad idea.

    (BONUS! - C?) I've been also told repeatedly that you can only have one version of java installed, but I can't confirm it to you, since I have two entirely different versions myself and everything is working just fine.

    (Solution in a Nutshell:)
    - Uninstall ALL your Javas, Check if your System is 32 or 64 Bits, And install the Appropriate J.R.E. or J.D.K. from the link I passed you. (You might want to research the difference between both to take your pick, but rest assured both will work equally for you.)

    - Double check you only have a single Java version Installed

    - Force your Minecraft to Update, Delete and Redownload your servers and Bukkit from scratch

    - Test it all.

    - Tell me how it went.

    Have a nice day.
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    posted a message on Dawn of the Blockheads - pure survival
    1- Is P.V.P. On or Off?

    2 - What difficulty's set?
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    [Content Removed]
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    posted a message on XtraBlocks Extreme Edition *Updated 19 March 2016
    Sorry, I wasn't here back in the time of that "Glowmaker"... How do I make use of/what does the Glowpaint do?
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    posted a message on Tutorial - Animated Textures other than liquids!
    I tried making a simple animation for the redstone torch, following your instructions, but it's not working...
    ...Help? :' (
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    posted a message on The All-Inclusive Guide to Texturing
    So... I have a question, Apparently there's a way to create custom, animated textures for your tex pack.
    It involves naming the texture animation strip "custom_terrain_(Insert-x-terraing-number-here).png" I believe. then zipping and patching to the .jar with MC patcher. I saw a video on youtube explaining it, But I tried several ways and still failed. Could anyone help me with it and teach me how to do it please? '~'
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    So... was the Items naming issue fixed in this snapshot?
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    posted a message on XtraBlocks Extreme Edition *Updated 19 March 2016
    First things first: AWESOME MOD.

    Many many but oh so many Diamonds to you!


    I'm loving it, and getting back on my feet in my (long forgotten) amazing skill: Pixel art. XD
    I've been a long time lover of pixels, and you just gave me the best rason to play again with them: Have them in minecraft! ^v^/

    Anyway, Hope to see much more from this, because I really believe this mod has a HUGE potential. (By far the biggest one of all mods I've ever seen in this forum. ^v°)

    Anyway, here's a few sugestions:

    Foreseeing people will probably keep asking for more and more of each block properties (Like glow, transparent, bedrock, etc...), I think it would be a great idea if you instead nullified all block properties, making them all behave like... Dirt.
    Past that step, make it configurable: make it so that, after launched once, the game will create a properties file for each row (Or, if we may, a properties file that cold even set the number of rows for new blocks you wanted!), and have its content configurable, somewhat like that:

    [Row 1:]

    - Type: Terrain Block (Could be filled with: Block, which is just a simple block using the same texture all over it, Multi Terrain Block, which would be the same as block, but uses a different texture for each face, Cross, for decoration purposes, X, for decoration too and flowers, Liquid, which would make it's row be used for texturing each of its states, like still, flowing, and its particles, for when you dive and breathe in it, or... Tree! which would use the first texture for placing it's sapling around, and the other two for generating its leafs and blocks when fully grown! and the leafs would, consequently, drop again the sapling!

    - Can Glow: False (Could be False, meaning it wouldn't ever glow, True, meaning it would (Obviously), or... Redstone! Meaning it wouldn't glow, until powered by a (Redstone, duh...) signal! : D

    - Parent: Dirt (Sets how it would behave for placement and destruction, Including sounds, destruction speed, and the best tool to gather it!)

    - Removable: True (Defines if it's a bedrock block or not. Simple.)

    - Physics: false (Defines if the block can fall or not)

    - Growth stage: 0 (Only valid if the first value is set to "Tree". Defines how fast it grows... in Minecraft days average perhaps?)

    - Spawns naturally: False(Best one of all I.M.H.O., Defines if it can spawn naturally in your world or not... and how. can be set to False or true, which would form exclusive biomes, made entirely of its blocks, which would lead to the next settings...)

    - Biome formation: false (Makes the terrain formed like the biome written there. but with each block in the row being used to set a layer of the biome, leading to the last setting...)

    - Row Formation: T, U, R, L, F, B (This is for the mod to use, when checking where he'll use each texture in more complex settings. That one for example, broken down would be just:

    Top Surface texture, Bottom (Under) Surface texture, Right Surface texture, Left Surface texture, Front Surface texture, Back Surface texture

    But that example is too simple to show it's utility. So for biomes for example, if a Plains biome were set, it could be used like this:

    GLS, DLS, RLM, (G)Lf, Lg, S

    Which broken down would be:

    Grass Level Simple (First image in the row would be used for generating the first layer, replacing where would the grass blocks be generated with "Simple Blocks")

    , Dirt Level Simple (Second image in the row would be used for generating the second layer, made of, again, Simple Blocks.)

    , Rocks Level Multi (Same as first and second layers, but replacing all stone blocks under that Biome by the one with the next 6 textures in that row, since this level's set there as "Multi")

    , (Glows) Leafs (This next texture would be used to make the leaves from the trees, not many, since it's a plains biome. Also notice how this block-forming texture is set to glow separately, helpful and practical for when you want to make a tree whose leafs glows, but the logs don't. Or perhaps a biome where just the first layer blocks glow...)

    , Logs (Next two images would be used to make the log sides and top/bottom. very simple.)

    See? Useful right? (I'm just wondering how doable it is... XD Sorry if I'm being a pain in the *ss...)

    Also, last setting: ("Puuuufffff... Finnaly that guy's gonna leave me alone!" XD)

    Spawns: All (Sets what mobs, and types, can spawn in that block, can be set as Monster, Peaceful, None, Or all. Of course useless to set for Monster is it's a glow block. Or is it? Ó.o)

    And that would be the end of the file!

    As you can see, simple enough to be just a few lines, yet powerful enough to set entire new biomes! (Or perhaps even new dimensions, with a "Portal" type being added?!? good lord, I'm melting all over the theories and possibilities in here... XD)

    Anyway, Once again, really loved your mod. And hope my Idea can be useful.

    Nonetheless, have a nice day, and good luck with this mod! ^^
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    posted a message on [1.3_1] Quintessential Creatures [WIP][MOD]
    God yes! Just YES!!!

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Quote from Etterra

    I don't know why they just don't update and port these into Mo'Creatures.

    God no! Just NO!!!

    Also, on a completely side note: PLEASE MAKE TAMEABLE PHOENIXES (Very hard to tame? probably with chances of the phoenix liking you (being tameable then) or not?) BECAUSE I NEED A PHOENIX COMPANION!!!
    :steve_tearful: [/fullcaps]

    (Like Philomeena from http://www.minecraft...re-release-v05/, for example. but with an at least 30% better/cooler looking model, Like these others suggested and added in your post.)

    (And no relation to MLP ponies whatsoever. because derp.) :Sheep:
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    posted a message on [MC 1.12.x] Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0 (MILLIONS OF PLAYERS!)
    Questions (Did not find answers in the FAQ or anywhere within the post. Sorry if it is. I'm derpy and your post looks confusing to me. :/ ):

    1 - Works for SMP? If so how do I install to the server?

    2 - Is it updated to 1.3.2?

    Thanks a lot and hopefully I'll try it later. ^^
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    posted a message on how do i change grass top color?
    You guys mean like this?:

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