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    posted a message on ★TNT Factions!★ [Factions] [PvP] [Griefing] [Friendly Staff] [24/7] [Economy] [McMMO] [Competitions]
    Really awesome server! Come join and make a faction! =)
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    posted a message on [Adv/Puzzle] ✤ The Lost Forests Of Eden ✤ | 550+ DOWNLOADS!

    The Lost Forests Of Eden!

    You start in a dense forest called Eden, you will now most likely see a historical Castle by now. You must adventure into it and conquer all the challenges, at the top of the Castle you will find an exit down to the magical forest of eden below. Read the signs and try and find the Sandstone Pyramid. In that Sandstone Pyramid will be your final challenge then you will find a train track that goes down to the bottom of the earth, this will be your... ENDING!


    Screen Shots:

    » ✤ DOWNLOAD ✤ «

    Read all the rules at the start of the Castle. Good Luck! and have Fun! Remember to post your scores! :]

    Map Created By:

    With Help From:
    Archerynut95 ( He did some additions to the forest! )
    fallensk8ur ( This guy some of the Piston room redstone! he also made a calculator somewhere in this map! try and find it after you finish the map! ^^ )
    BloodHound ( He finished some of the design of the Castle!

    Thanks to all helpers!

    Global Score Board [1 Gold = 1 Point] [1 Diamond = 2 Points] ~ V TOP 3 IN SCOREBOARD V

    ObsidianPanther: 26 Points
    HKboy: 23 Points
    WillGameForGold: 20 Points

    Thanks For Playing Everyone! :]

    FEEDBACK OF MAP WANTED! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Getting new Music Discs
    Quote from crysis9999

    Your wrong..... You can only get them through inv hacking or creative.

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    posted a message on A little tired of pre-releases....
    Minecraft is turning into minecraft mods and runescape. That is all. bye, :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on What I feel minecraft is lacking.
    I <3 ur post.
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    posted a message on What ruined it for you?
    Everything that you said you hated makes the game more realistic... You can't live without food... underground it can be pretty foggy/dusty, and the view turning is awesome... very realistic. The only thing I dislike is the Purple Enderman eyes... should be red.
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