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    I never bothered trying any of the knockoff's before, but this is an idea I can get behind.
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    Share Local Worlds: The ability to toggle an option for "Share World" when creating/editing a map would be nice. I play with my wife on our Xbox One and we have a good map going, only issue is she cannot play this map without me in it. This toggle would allow the map to pop up in everyone world list who is playing directly on that console.

    Custom Controls: The control schemes suck, flat out. A player should be able to map every button on their controller to suit there needs, especially in a game as simple as Minecraft. For instance, the "throw item" and "change view" should be mapped to the DPad to avoid accidental use, and run can be the analog click.

    Adjust HUD: The action bar sits too high in horizontal split screen, it is almost touching the crosshair blocking a good chunk of the view. This should either be adjustable, or lowered in general.

    Just some ideas, hope others might find them useful...

    EDIT: Removed bit about Transparency, Producer_K was correct about that.
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