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    Long before Minecraft was available for the Xbox 360 I started building a world in 'Fortress Craft', it was a good game with the ability to create your own custom blocks. Later, Minecraft Xbox 360 edition was released and me and my friends were really excited. Of course the game at release didn't have 'Creative mode' so I didn't plan to build a city, however 5 years later I've now filled most the map!

    Obviously Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was 'Ryde', but the crazy thing is that I've built this entire city by myself (with the odd filling here and there by my best mate). As mentioned I'm getting to the stage where most of the large spaces have been used in some way but there is so much more detail to add.

    It doesn't stop there either, it's not just some saved map on my Xbox, it's my own city. I've built a 'council' website to accommodate all it's needs, an Instagram account for recent news and an online gallery of photos showing the construction from 2015.

    Some people may consider that I might be a sad and lonely man (aged 23) but I've fallen in love and spend a little time every few days designing and building something new or redeveloping something I've made in the past.

    To top it all I'm currently making a public transport system with Taxis, Trains, Ferries and Planes. The Buses and the routes have already been made and can be found on my council website. There is even a route map.

    I crave detail, it's very important to me. Even though it's a block game you can still create a realistic virtual world. My city is based somewhere in the south coast of the UK. I just wanted to show my city to the world now that I feel it's ready.

    Ryde has several buildings and roads inspired by real life counter parts. There's so much to do still, so much work, time and planning is still required. Feel free to take a look and keep up to date via the council website.

    ..and of course I'll answer any questions that you may have if you're interested.

    All the best,


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