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    Here's a warning to anyone that is considering playing on this server: Don't. The brilliant admin wipes the map without warning and is almost impossible to get response from even if he is active in game. While I do understand players spamming him in chat can be annoying, he would still ignore you if you had a question about an order from him.

    If you don't mind wasting your time with 9-11 year olds that try to ***** and complain because you killed them when the PVP server rules specificly stated: "griefing is allowed" and "stealing is allowed", then go right ahead. It's actually hilarious to troll them at times, but the majority of the players in the server fall under that age range and so the server community it mostly awful. There were a few good players, but that was it.

    Don't bother wasting your time with this server. All of your progress will be gone by the end of the week.

    I've also heard from other players that his previous servers were maintained in the same fashion. Wiped after a very short time. And for a server that focuses on building and acquiring land, this is a horrible combination.
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    Unfortunately, that is what you get when you fill a forum full of prepubescent narrow-minded brats. Kids that age shouldn't be allowed to register for anything on the internet, but it's not like that can be enforced seeing as how anyone can lie about their age. Gotta learn to either laugh at the idiots or ignore it.

    The only problem I see here: would be the kids influencing Notch negatively by causing him to nerf something unneeded. Not to mention the kids that defend something that needs to be nerfed as well. I wish Notch got more mature feedback on his game. It would be so much better in the long run.
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