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    posted a message on [1.2.4]~~~~~HARDCORECRAFT~~~~~~[Real Survival] [PVP] [Need Staff] [FACTIONS] [24/7] [STEALING] [Anarchy]
    Here's a warning to anyone that is considering playing on this server: Don't. The brilliant admin wipes the map without warning and is almost impossible to get response from even if he is active in game. While I do understand players spamming him in chat can be annoying, he would still ignore you if you had a question about an order from him.

    If you don't mind wasting your time with 9-11 year olds that try to ***** and complain because you killed them when the PVP server rules specificly stated: "griefing is allowed" and "stealing is allowed", then go right ahead. It's actually hilarious to troll them at times, but the majority of the players in the server fall under that age range and so the server community it mostly awful. There were a few good players, but that was it.

    Don't bother wasting your time with this server. All of your progress will be gone by the end of the week.

    I've also heard from other players that his previous servers were maintained in the same fashion. Wiped after a very short time. And for a server that focuses on building and acquiring land, this is a horrible combination.
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    posted a message on My Grand Castle Tour
    I'm fairly certain that this is the correct subforum for this, but anyways...

    This is a castle that I made with the occasional help of 3 other people. This was all created and filmed before the creative mode with flying update (1.8?), so that's why I didn't utilize flying in the video. Not that it was needed though, like 90% of the tour of the castle was interior stuff. Also the video has been posted for a while, I just wanted it recorded before the big updates rolled out and possibly messed things up. I figured I'd just post this here now though to get some opinions on it.

    It's not what I'd call the greatest thing ever made, but it's by far the biggest project I've ever had in Minecraft and it took quite a while to finish. Procrastination didn't help either lol. I rather like it though. It is quite big and just the outer wall (made by me and one other person at the time) took hours upon hours to finish (tis very long). And we were using give commands the whole time too. I did nearly all the rest of the design and building of the actual castle. I had additional help when creating the basic foundation and I also had help with the crops and some of the trees, but that's just about it. A few suggestions were offered for the inside stuff here and there, but it was my castle on the server and so I did most of the work and design myself. There were actually 4 of us in total on that server and we all sort of had our own massive creations and sections.

    But anyways, here the tour video I made. It is sped up a bit since it would take forever to tour the full thing in real time because of how big it is. I tried to cover everything with the time I had. But there were several smaller areas and secret passages that were left out of the video just because I couldn't fit everything together. But all the important stuff is in the video.

    And if you need more time to read any of the signs or anything, just pause it lol. But anyways, let me know what you guys think. This is like my first actually finished creation and I'd like to know what other people think of this.

    By the way, the only stuff that I can think of that was left out was:
    A dance floor
    A mini armory under the outer wall
    Secret Tunnels
    Storage room in the Mountain part of the Outer wall (the path on top of the wall continues into the mountain)
    The narrow tunnel that runs inside some of the Outer wall.
    The corral
    A closer look at our underground minecart station that runs to other parts of the map.
    One of the numerous cave system entrances in the foresty area.
    A closer look at that mysterious blue tower in the distance?
    An in depth look at the dark creepy underground labyrinth inside the dungeon (I didn't want to get lost in the video lol).
    Maybe a few other things?

    I considered making another video of everything else utilizing flying mode, but I don't know if it'd be worth it or not.
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    posted a message on where's our SPIKE BLOCK!!!
    The only issue I'd see with making spikes would be getting them to be rotated correctly when placed on a certain block face. Depending on how the code is currently set up in minecraft,it could be simple, or it could require a crapload of code. But I'd still like to see them.
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    posted a message on Long forgotten attributes
    This is actually quite brilliant. I'd love to see this in the game. Running around with gold tools could finally serve more of a purpose than just for the style factor lol.
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    posted a message on Wait... Thats not a minecraft.jar.....
    Firefox is much better than IE anyways. And it's free, so might as well just get it.
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    posted a message on Hardcore mode is going to win.
    Quote from renadi

    lmao I'm sorry, when people in this forum say unbalanced it usually means 'it's too hard!' Personally I see no problem with the mobs balance, I think zombies should spawn more and in groups, but skeletons are fairly easy to deal with, creepers that fall off ledges behind you are the most annoying to me.
    most of my deaths are creeper/falls, most of them were not in anyway caused by skeletons or zombies, so maybe they could be buffed a little, but I don't think they need to be, zombies and skeletons serve different roles, they're not equal in any sense and they really couldn't be.

    Yeah, I don't see anything really wrong with zombies and skeletons. If anything they are a bit too dumb and could use a buffin'. The only things that really kill me are the occasional creeper (if I'm being stupid and risky) or the shift button failing to sneak me on an edge (hardware issue most likely?).
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    posted a message on Hardcore mode is going to win.
    Quote from NienteFantasia

    Not until monsters are balanced.

    Hahaha xD I hope you're referring to how easy they are to defeat? Hardcore mode will only truly be for people that don't find default minecraft a challenge. It's actually a bit too easy right now.

    And to all the people who honestly think it's a waste of time: it's a challenge to see how far you can go. Creating a huge village and surviving in it would feel way more satisfying. Saying that hardcore mode is a waste of time is like saying any zombie survival game is a waste of time. Minecraft just has a creative aspect to it. It is SURVIVAL mode after all. Go play creative/peaceful if you don't want your precious buildings deleted just because you were a risky idiot and let yourself get killed. If you take all the necessary precautions then you would be fine anyways. Some people assume that they can just build in the dark and not expect to be killed... :rolleyes: What do you expect from kids anyways?
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    posted a message on My Minecraft Forum experience
    This is definitely one of the best posts I've ever read. It sums up just about everything I feel about this place. The only reason I still ever bother to visit here is to either find our more about new updates, or to find intelligent answers to questions that I may have that have already been asked. Sadly, the latter isn't normally something that's found here. Quite a frustrating forum to fish through, I've definitely experienced better. But I've just learned not to expect much decency from a forum that's full of children. Especially when the moderation isn't exactly up to par either...

    Your characters are definitely realistic though because I tend to judge people based on the intelligence that they've shown in their posts and place them into similar categories accordingly, lol. That's why I loved this post.
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    posted a message on Nether Fence?
    At first glance, I thought they could be iron bars, since that would fit the theme better than wooden fences, but I'm hoping for a new material altogether.
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    posted a message on Do you miss 1.7?
    If you don't want minecraft to be a sandbox rpg, then just go play creative mode. Complaining about all of the new mobs that actually add some sort of a challenge to the game just shows that survival mode isn't your thing.

    Oceans might be a tad too big at the moment, but the game is still in beta... so you really shouldn't be expecting finalized game quality here.
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    posted a message on 1.8 activating creative mode in servers?
    Quote from Eviltwinlink

    I need help figuring out how to turn on creative mode while on a server. Is it just simply a button press while in the server or something else?

    It's a console command.
    You type:
    /gamemode "yourname" 1

    Having a 1 at the end sets it to creative mode, and having a 0 sets it to survival mode. Just replace "yourname" with your in-game name. It doesn't change the whole server's mode, but just the individual player's.
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    posted a message on Why we got a pre release
    Quote from puppergens

    As jeb made an update to the pre release I can't help but feel that this is the actual 1.8 that they were going to release, but then decided to call it a pre release so people use that as an excuse instead of blaming them for releasing a buggy as crap 1.8 that they have been waiting for for months. Does anyone else feel this way?

    No. It's because actual 1.8 testers leaked it when they weren't supposed to, so Jeb just put out a link himself and let people test it and report bugs, since a lot of people would be playing the leak anyways. Might as well take advantage and make the actual 1.8 release more solid than it would have been by having more people test it.

    That's what I'd assume at least.
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    posted a message on Black Wool
    Yeah, you can use any dye on actual living sheep and they will sometimes drop 1-3 wool of that color. So start by collecting the inc sacs first and don't kill any sheep. Then light up a farm area around your house or where ever and you should have plenty animals spawning day and night. Sheep should spawn often.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 6000+ TNT: Blowing the World in Half
    Quote from zdepthcharge »

    That was... beautiful. Looking foward to more.

    Looking down into the scar through the world reminds me of some 3D I did some years ago. I was trying to use simple lighting, but reduced color to make it appear as if I had used a form of global illumination:

    Thanks :smile.gif: and yeah I totally see what you mean. I love that whole scar feeling just in general, it's kinda why I made the video. But I like the lighting that your image had. I found myself gazing into it hypnotically lol, 3d is definitely fun stuff to tinker with. You should make a larger version and set it as a desktop background, that would be pretty sick.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 6000+ TNT: Blowing the World in Half
    I've never really used cartographer before, but here's what I got.
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