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    posted a message on Minecraft Server -- The Haven Network [1.6.4][GUNZ!][Many games!]
    Hello everyone, this is a dedicated server called the Haven Network. The information and I.P address is below.

    So, we all know every server has rules, so here they are!
    -[1]- Please keep swearing at minimum.
    -[2]- No constantly shouting in all capitals.
    -[3]- No advertising servers. Websites are allowed.
    -[4]- Do not ask for staff.
    -[5]- No spamming.
    -[6]- Do not disrespect staff members.
    -[7]- No hacked items
    -[8]- No cheat-crap mods. Radars are allowed. X-ray is not permitted.
    -[9]- Do not spawn-kill, teleport-kill, or pvp-log.

    Ip: Play-Haven.No-Ip.Org
    Further information is posted here.

    Contact Stuff
    You can visit our server website and sign up. Staff applications, ban appeals, and ban requests can be posted there.

    Staff Applications
    To obtain a staff member rank you must have these requirements: (A You must play on the server for atleast 1 year. (B You need to be trusted. (C You need to be a member on the server website.

    About the server
    Guess what? There's guns! You can get the texture pack to make the guns render better. You get money for killing mobs. Guns can be purchased at /warp market. Do not ask staff for guns, because only owners can give them. There are 2 owners.

    NOTICE: This is not all the information. I will post some more and maybe post a few screenshots.
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    posted a message on All-U-Want - Create and edit items, entities, spawners, and more!
    This does not seem to work with optifine... When I get it alone it works fine with 'r' but once I install optifine 1.6.2 and your mod 1.6.2 'r' doesn't execute.
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    posted a message on [ 1.6.2 ] Mc-Sg | Hunger Games | SuperCraftBros | Survival | Creative | Spleef | Parkour | Skyblock | 2222+ players | 24-7 | 21
    Quote from iMalo

    This server runs Automated "Hunger Games" 24-7 with 12+ custom maps and is among the top Survival Games servers with usually 100-400 players online. We created our own plugin, which is released to the public on bukkit for others to use. We run multiple servers, not just Survival Games, but we have Hardcore Survival, Factions Survival, Creative, Spleef, Parkour and more!. We strive for the lowest lag possible, although we do get lag time to time do to various reasons.

    Ip: play.mc-sg.org

    • Do not Spam
    • Do not ask for ranks or permissions
    • Don't fight with other players or be rude
    • Don't Hack/Grief/Glitch
    • No Mods
    • Refrain from bad language
    • Respect and listen to staff
    Survival Games:
    • You can only break Leaves, vines, mushrooms, tall grass, flowers.
    • You can only place blocks found in chests
    • Only one player can win the game
    • Don't hold up a match (ie... go afk with your friend so game doesn't end)
    Server Specs
    Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 (2x 2.5GHz, Hex-Core + HT)
    64 GB REG ECC DDR3
    1 TB Enterprise Grade SATA II
    64GB Samsung 830 Series SSD
    20 TB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink)

    See you online!

    Ip: play.mc-sg.org

    For Member rank, please comment you in game name below, then wait for a staff member to promote you! This shouldn't take no more then a few hours, but from time to time it may take up to a few days due to any reason.

    Ign: DaEpicTroller
    (Hope you read my post :/)
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    posted a message on Superior-Gaming {Looking for Co-Owners}
    Age(Minimum of age 14):18
    Why do you want this position?: This server is a very good minigame server and I would be willing to help the server and it's people.
    How will you help the server?:
    Skills(GFX, Developing, etc.): Moderating and developing too :P
    Maturity (Good, Awesome, HORRIBLE):Good
    Skype Name (SKYPE IS REQUIRED!!!):AquaBladeMC

    -----Scenario Questions----
    What do you do if you see someone spamming? Ban, Kick or Mute? Mute
    What if someone griefs your house? Ban, Temp-Ban, Or Warn Them? Warn them then kick. If constantly griefing, Temp-Ban. Haven't learned the lesson? Permaban
    What if someone uses a nuke on our tekkit server? Ban, Temp-ban, or IP-Ban? Temp-Ban (For a long long long time.)
    What if you see a staff member abusing powers? Advise the Owners, Ban Them, or Demote Them? Advise the ownersOops. I would help the server's remodeling and I would moderate the server for any rule-breakers.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Can you please fix the command block for the /time and /give? I'm trying to make a map, but those commands don't work on command blocks.
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    posted a message on /Give command on command block not working
    Quote from Angelesk

    I have seen other people have spc and still get the /give command to work. I'm not entirely sure about it though. If I can;t have spc then making the map will be quite hard.

    Why don't you just add the mod back in when your done using command blocks?
    Quote from Sypher40

    I have a solution, I used this method to make the Voltz Warz map. Build the main part of the map or large things as needed with SPC/WorldEdit. Once you get to a part that needs Command Blocks, just make a small server and add them then. SPC doesn't work on servers so all the normal command block commands work perfectly.

    How do you make a server though?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Forge and Magic Launcher
    Quote from TechnoSam

    Hey guys. Has anyone else had issues in using Forge through Magic Launcher?

    For one, Forge mods are incredibly difficult to install. How do you even create the zip? I've used the zip of the entire download file, and the zip of just the class files, and in both cases I get "no mods found." How can this be resolved?

    Also, it take forever to open. I am the only one who has this problem?

    Finally, compatibility with Modloader. I was told by a user on this forum that Forge can run Modloader mods, but I can't get that to work. Minecraft either crashes or never starts every time I load in a Modloader mod.

    Is there anyone out there with some experience in this realm? I'd really appreciate some help.

    I use magic launcher too. but I guess I use a different forge or something because instead of saying, no mods found, it says not compatible. When I put optifine under it, it says 1 error! >:( It still crashes too
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    posted a message on [Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01
    Can you please add something that lets you see players?
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Can you please add back the maxstack command? I'm trying to make a map with unstackable stacks. . :/
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    posted a message on x-ray mod not working?
    I have optifine and xray and it also doesn't work
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Optifine does not work with X-ray! When I press X, it's works fine, but then when I try to go back to normal, It just shows caves!!! When I removed Optifine, it worked Perfecto! :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [solved] where is the texture of the fireworks particles ?
    I have optifine, but I can't see the FIRE WORK go in the sky! P.S, I can't even hear the "boom" or the "woosh"
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    posted a message on Xray mod 1.4.6 from craftminer?
    Hello, I would like to know when xray is released. I saw on craftminer's forums that it said on the 21st, but I waited and waited and it's still not out yet. So you should be more specific. What TIME will it be released?
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    posted a message on Command List
    Quote from JP585

    New Shorthand Targets

    Use: Would allow targeting of NPCs as well as players.
    Useful if you want to kill all hostile mobs within a certain radius of a command block.
    Creatures (Passive, Hostile, Player):
    @nc Nearest
    @ac All
    @rc Random
    @fc Farthest

    Passive (Animals, Villagers, etc)
    @np Nearest
    @ap All
    @rp Random
    @fp Farthest

    Hostile (Skeletons, Zombies, Etc)
    @nh Nearest
    @ah All
    @rh Random
    @fh Farthest

    EntityNames (Specify an Entity name, or comma delimited list of entity names. Eg. 'Cow,Sheep,Chicken')
    @n'EntityNames' Nearest
    @a'EntityNames' All
    @r'EntityNames' Random
    @f'EntityNames' Farthest

    /equip [target] <item>

    Use: If the item is equipment, it attempts to equip it on the target in its logical spot, causing whatever is equipped in that slot to go into inventory if it has one and dropped if it doesn't or doesn't have a free spot.
    This would be a useful tool to equip players and mobs with items on the fly in adventure maps.

    Extra Info: If item is not specified, it will choosethe first valid item from an adjacent container and apply it to all specified targets without consuming it.

    Silly Use: Creeper heads for everyone!

    /apply [target] <item>

    Use: If the item is a consumable item (food, potion), it applies the effects of it instantly to the targets.
    Useful if you want to apply a potion effect to a large number of targets.

    Extra Info: If item is not specified, it will choose the first valid item from an adjacent container and apply it to all specified targets without consuming it.
    If it is a splash potion, the splash is not generated.
    Consumable Items which are not valid: Thrown Items, Spawner Eggs

    /give [target] <item>

    Use: Gives an item to the target. If the target is a NPC, it will attempt to put it in its hand

    Extra Info: If item is not specified, it will choose the first valid item from an adjacent container and apply it to all specified targets without consuming it.

    /togglespawner < on off 1 0 >

    Use: toggles all adjacent spawners. Toggling enables/disables automatic spawning.

    Extra Info: If state is not specified, it reverses the state.


    Use: Triggers all adjacent spawners to spawn. Useful for map makers who modify mobs and want only a specific number of the mob to spawn.

    Uh... What does the "[target]" thing mean?
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    posted a message on Silverfish Outside Stronghold?
    The exact thing happended to me. I was playing on the seed, Emeralds. It had a extreme hills biome.
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