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    What You Are Good At:Building i am amazing at it

    What You Will Do To help The Server:I will build a good a amazing spawn and im a good helper aswell

    Pictures of builds (Optional)<---

    Position You are applying for: Head Builder

    Can You Use Plugins To Build A Prison Server?:Nope

    Experiance:i have built many spawns

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    1. Ign:Apqle35
    2. Age:12
    3. Time Zone:Eastern Standard time
    4. Time available to be online daily:1-6
    5. Have you been staff on a larger server before? If so witch?No but i am builder on a few and helper on a couple
    6. Specifically what unique qualities can you bring to Ethos Economy?i like puns i am a very good helper and builder^^^ i am not a rule breaker unless the rule is being cool B) <---Are you ready for bad jokes because i have tons unless you dont like puns i can be good at being quiet :P

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    posted a message on ExoticMC Looking For Devs With Command Experience Feel Free to Contact me

    what is the server ip

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