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    posted a message on WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!
    Quote from warpig21497

    Really dude? Shut the hell up. I'm most likely getting another infraction for this.

    I see infractions as badges of honesty. Some times the truth hurts and it ruffle's people's panties.
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    posted a message on Problems on setting up a server
    Sharing your IP and forwarded ports isn't in the best interest of your server.
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    I would love to be able to stand in one biome (large biomes) and see across many other biomes. Mojang really needs to up the highest render distance.
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    posted a message on Looking for a survival server!
    Hello, I am server search helper bot! I will identify red flags for you:

    - Newly Spawned with 1 posts

    - (I view cursing as a waste of time)

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Looking for a vanilla survival server I can join
    Mmm... robots.
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    posted a message on |RageCity|New Mindcrack Like Server|Whitelist|Accepting|
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    posted a message on Looking for LP'rs for a Small Survival Vanilla Server
    Quote from 91wow

    do you need the people to be making LP's right now? im making a computer to start with since my laptop cant record over 5FPS but if it can wait i would love to join the server and help out with things till my computer is built i ahve a skype that i can talk on i live in PST time zone i am also very good with redstone (doors, clocks, contraptions, i am also a very big fan of mndcrack i am subed to all of them (who have youtubes) on youtube and even tho i am not 21 i am 16 and act very mature for my age im to stupid but like to joke around i love the prank part of mindcrack but if you sont like that type of stuff on a server i will completely understand and i am a solitary type of person on servers but that is because i liek to work with mobs and dont want to destroy peoples stuff when it comes to creepers and explosions

    thank you for your time hope to here back from you soon

    IGN: d3athgat0r

    youtube: 91wow (making a new one soon)

    I've been in that same boat, waiting endlessly to build a computer. Good luck with that!
    We have an explicit rule that pranks are not destructive. So as long as your idea of a prank is TNT'ing someone's build we're good. You say you're more of a solo player, but would you be comfortable joining us for events on weekends? Or at least open a shop in the capital city?

    I'm a 30 year old happily married, gainfully employed super nerd. I play a lot of videogames as my job involves too much socialisation for a person to need anymore. I live in the midwest, so my lag issues are rather universal (got good internet, good new pc) as far as everything else, I have a mic and skype, and I've been a bartender for a while so I'm pretty comedic. I'm not that experienced as a minecraft player (only bought it about a month ago) though I've been hella excited to play it forever and a day. I'm good to take a joke and/or play the noob, as long as no ones griefin my personal zone too much(or being obnoxious, if your gonna grief, at least be clever)

    We have a player from Minnesota with a solid connection so hopefully lag won't be an issue. And nobody on our server has destroyed a structure, it's co-op survival.
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    posted a message on Looking for LP'rs for a Small Survival Vanilla Server
    We enjoy a 10 slot (4 temporarily) server where everyone knows everyone and works well together. Users are active on Youtube and use VoIP hosted on the side to talk so it's best that you have a mic! We're very redstone oriented and like to use automation to make things easier around the cities. Building standards are pretty high in the main build realms but it's fine if players want to go off on their own. We have a growing Emerald economy and player-run shops that have worked very well as a replacement to the community warehouse. We do weekend events, many of which are recorded (because of the influence of Mindcrack). It's a really neat place and the average user age is ~21 years old.

    I know that applications are never fun so instead, post something that will make us want to see you join us!
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    posted a message on Looking for a sever to play on or help build
    What kind of server are you looking for?
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    posted a message on [1.3.2][10 Slot][Vanilla][Survival]
    Quote from NarniaWhales

    Age = 15
    Years played = 6 (Minecraft has only been out for 3 years now 0_0 )
    Talented builder = I would say so ;)
    Youtuber = Yes! "2duhmaxx" (No Minecraft activity though...)
    Respectful = Yes
    Redstone literate = Not my strong suit :(
    Plays on desktop/high end PC = Mac (So you're not stuck lagging on tiny render?)
    Has microphone/talks = Yes!
    Cooperative/team player = Yes
    Male = No
    Female = Heck yes!
    I would love to join because I feel like I have really been searching for an opportunity as awesome as this one! I've been playing for quite a while...But there is always room for improvement! I promise to be dedicated, respectful, and of course, a team player! Thanks for the opportunity!

    68! Just about enough to make the whitelist. Italics are some things I added.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2][10 Slot][Vanilla][Survival]
    Quote from TheNinja140

    Age= 15
    Years Played=1 and a bit [4 Months]
    Talented Builder= lost a great photo of something extremely epic
    Youtuber= True!(Fixed for ya http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0 ;) )
    Respectful= Why wouldn't I be!
    Redstone= Very well [Medium]
    Good CPU= Can record full screen full graphics!
    Mic= Yep [Skype]
    Team= Lets do this!
    I would like to join because it looks like a very high established server in which I can showcase my creations!

    You total at 100, I can't really verify the epic build without the pic. Perhaps in one of your videos? Anyways, you set the bar for the other guys. Please keep yourself posted.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2][10 Slot][Vanilla][Survival]

    This is a snapshot of the capital city of Asengard. Our small survival server is looking to grow and we need those who meet a certain criteria. We want to conduct our search on a point-based system. The highest scoring applicants will be the first ones considered.

    Please list the following aspects that you match in an application with your in-game name, age (counts toward score) and gender.

    Age = +#
    Years played = +#
    Talented builder = +12
    Youtuber = +18
    Respectful = +5
    Redstone literate = +10
    Plays on desktop/high end PC = +8
    Has microphone/talks = +16
    Cooperative/team player = +5
    Male = +2
    Female = +3 (sorry, guys :/ )

    And tell us about yourself! Show us the things you've done and built! Why do you want to join? = +20

    Some of our own material is showcased on Youtube; http://www.youtube.c...eature=CAQQwRs=

    Please note that this is usually a 10-slot server, however, in an effort to sanely accommodate new players we have temporarily bumped it down to 4-slots for the time being. We will soon return to 10 slots.
    We hope you're interested and that you have something to bring to the table! -Anxious
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    posted a message on Looking for a serious Building server
    It looks like you posted this same mansion to Reddit today!
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    posted a message on Pirate Ship Battle Server
    That's very specific to be looking for. Maybe you can try finding a server that's willing to change maps according to player requests? Good luck in your search.
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