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    posted a message on (MARVEL AND DC ROLEPLAY) In need of some future members to help build City.

    I am the current owner of a under construction Marvel and DC roleplay server. Right now my staff and I need some help building our city. The server in the future is going to be a whitelisted roleplay holding a good number of people. We hope to have fun and make some friends!

    Apply now to get into the server before its official released to help us build. You will be able to claim a character before anyone else! Thanks in advance.

    [To Apply fill out the forum]



    Reason for wanting to help:

    Have you used World Edit?:

    Do you have a Skype?:

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    posted a message on CELLBLOCKMC | 24/7 | ULTRA UNIQUE PRISON | $1500 Budget! | NEEDING STAFF
    AntiVorta's Helper Application.

    Name: Madison (AntiVorta In Game)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Skype (Mandatory): I will send a message if I am accepted.

    What can you bring to the server?: First off, I will make all players feel welcomed and acknowledged when they enter the server. I can also bring a good and nice community by controlling the players. Second off, I can dispose of the hackers/glitchers in an appropriate way. Finally, I can make sure everyone is having a fun time, if not I will try to get them to have fun.

    How can you handle stressful situations?: I assess the situation and think about my possible choices. Then I remain calm and do what I think would be the way to fix the situation. If I need to I will get help from other staff members to see what they would do.

    How do you keep yourself from getting frustrated and lashing out on players?: I keep my anger from coming out. If I do happen to get angry I will not take it out on other players, I will keep it to myself until I get calm again. However I will almost never get angry at other players unless they are harmful to me or anyone else.

    Rate your maturity on a scale of 1-10 (10 being a lawyer and 1 being a 3 year old): 8

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